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astrology learn astrology astrology chart
Learning astrology is an endeavor that can bring you tremendous fulfillment and rewards.
It is important to keep in mind that the end result is to be able to look at a chart and capture the essence of the persons being, what they are here to do and what obstacles could be in their way.

You will first need to memorize the backbone of astrology, the planets, the signs, the houses, and aspects. Do not fall into the trap of limiting a person by a single element of their chart, you must see the chart as a whole.

The most efficient way to learn astrology is to have the charts of 12 people (Aries - Pisces) memorized and observe their interaction and what happens to them as the current planets pass over different parts of their chart, ( Transits: where the planets are in the sky in relationship to their chart)..
The best way to learn astrology is to gain a deep understanding of the core concepts. There are many places where you will see "cookbook" astrology, Sun in Aries means this, Venus in Taurus means that. Although this can be a one way to learn astrology it is not the most efficient and can create many bad habits and hold you back from being a good astrologer. That said it is true that uou will need to memorize the signs, glyphs, aspects, and basic meanings, just don't fall into the trap of thinking that is how you will be able to read a chart or know what is going to happen.
However to really learn astrology it is important to emerse yourself deep into the story of each planet and sign. From there you will be able to understand experientially what the chart is saying.
In order to do this you must learn symbology and ancient story telling. Read about the myths of the planets, Apollo, Aphrod, Aries, Kronos, Hermes
Think about the archetypes as you watch movies. Who is embodying which archetype?
Ultimately you want to have the chart speak to you, not you place the meanings on the chart. When you can listen to what the chart is saying you will have tapped into a line of communication that you will then be able to share with others and understand for your own growth and development.
A few core text books to get you started are
  1. ) Ephemeris
  2. ) Planets in Aspect - Pelletier
  3. ) Planets in Transit - Hand
  4. ) The Rulership Book - Rex Bills

I would suggesting reading all books by Steven Forrest, Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas. These will give you a foundation of understanding the complexities within a chart and psychological understanding. Mythic Astrology by Guttamn and Johnson is a good place to start with Archetype astrology.