Astrology 2018 Predictions and Astrological Events

2018 Astrology Predictions2018 begins with a gorgeous super full moon in Cancer and the auspicious signal of all the planets moving direct. The 2018 astrology begins with positive anticipation that dreams are possible and the desire to begin the year at full speed. Uranus moves direct on the 2nd which always brings an exciting shift in energy of get up, get moving, and make the changes you want.  All of the planets are in a forward motion until March 8th there is tremendous support from the universe to get 2018 off with a burst of enthusiasm to make this year special.

eclipseThe first eclipse in the calendar is January 31st in Leo, this lunar eclipse is at a special degree in the zodiac that is connected to the planet Neptune. Your dreams, ideals, and creativity can open up in a huge way. Awareness of your spiritual growth and direction will also be highlighted. This energy also invites us to pay attention to what we may be ignoring in our lives that could come back around to bother us. It is saying that it is great to have big dreams and to think about what can be but realize what needs to be done to manifest it.  The solar eclipse two weeks later on February 15th in Aquarius is helping us to realize the value of connecting with others and what it means to be a true friend.

Key Highlights of Important astrological events for 2018.

  • Uranus moving into Taurus May 15th
  • Saturn in Capricorn all of 2018
  • The solar and lunar eclipses in Leo/Aquarius, January 31, February 15th and July 27th
  • Solar eclipse in Cancer connected with Pluto July 12th
  • Mars retrograde in Aquarius June 26th 2017
  • Venus retrograde in Scorpio October 5th . The same year as Mars and their station points square.

Moving into the New Year with a conscious understanding of how to incorporate these energies into your life (the combination of Uranus in Taurus, and Mars retrograde in Aquarius square the Venus retrograde station in Scorpio) will enable you to avoid problems with your work, relationships, money and/or property.

hope2018: the year begins with much hope and optimism then by the middle of the year security and safety issues can creep into the collective conscious. The main astrological indications of 2018 are those of releasing the past and preparing for new beginnings. There is a letting go of the old that will be taking place and emerging developments in new sectors. (Jupiter is in the balsamic phase of semi-square to Saturn).  However one of the main events will be a battle of the wills, Mars and Venus both will be retrograde at some point and the degrees from which they stop, pause and turn away are in a conflict aspect with each other. Mars as the archetype for male dominant energy, and Venus embodying the feminine principle both retrograde and having their station points square each other will result in disagreement of how and where to spend money and resources.  Mars in Aquarius will be fighting for humanitarian principles, no matter the gender, race, religion, country of origin or political affiliation. Venus in Scorpio will be extoling the need to take care of those who one is closely associated with, and can be motivated by mutual benefit or agendas. She will also be keen to protect those who have been sexually or financially exploited. Venus will also be promoting support for addiction, mentally unstable, and for personal control over end of life issues.   

Uranus will move into Taurus on May 15th, station on August 7th, and stay in Taurus until November 6th when it retrogrades back into Aries. In essence we will have half the year with the planet that likes to move thing around and shake things up in the earth sign of Taurus. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934 and 1942. It was a period of history that was recovering from worldwide depression and was thrown into WW2.  The new deal was taking place in the USA and much of the work given was to develop the land, national parks and roads.

law of attraction money abundanceWhat we can expect with Uranus in Taurus in 2018 will be the rise of new ways of spending money, block chain, bit coin, and other unknown startups that bypass banks and fees. It will also result in a new way of thinking of ownership and making money. Do you really want that second car or is Uber a better option? Are you ready to turn your recreational vehicle into income while you aren’t using it? Ditto with your house or apartment. Do you really want to spend your paycheck on a beautiful dress for your best friends daughter’s wedding or why not rent it for the weekend? Uranus in Taurus will help shake up stagnant ideas about money and prosperity and bring many possibilities to reach your financial goals to fruition. As fast as new ways of creating income come in, others will go out. That goes with the rollercoaster ride of Uranus. If you have tons of stuff hanging around in your house or apartment or storage shed, the urge to purge is will rear its head and could decide to sell what you no longer use on ebay, craigslist and a host of new apps that pop into our everyday culture. Part of the fun will be new found freedom of clutter and the other joy is creating space for new objects of affection to appreciate.

The main transits and aspects will be from Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Jupiter is in a dance with Pluto and Neptune in harmonious agreement and with Saturn Jupiter is making its last phase to Saturn before its new start in 2010. The last conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn was in May of 2000 in Taurus. The last cycle between Saturn (in Capricorn) and Jupiter (in Scorpio) before the next new phase is a time that can bring up financial issues due to debt and investments. It is important to have a watchful eye on your personal identity so as not to be scammed, and consider what it will take to pay off student loans, mortgages, and car loans. The dates to be extra vigil around your financial funds will be mid march and early September.

neptune poseidonAnother major planetary aspect is Jupiter trine Neptune. This will reveal digital companies expanding their reach and people expansion of relationships in the cyber world. An opening of conscious awareness of elitism, sexism, and the push to include and accept people who do not fit into what conventional society says is the norm. From more acceptance of the LGBT community to down syndrome babies and all previous ostracized people. The shadow side of the acceptance is the resistance of this movement and the bullying and cruelty that goes with it. Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces will bring an expansion of awareness and a draw towards healing with the mind, beliefs, and other mystical methods. Shamanism will become more main stream as people will be drawn towards going into ancient methods that include plant medicine to alter conscious and bring more awareness. An upswing in hypnosis is also evident, as help for those with opioid addictions.

In spite of the fact that Jupiter and Saturn are in a bit of a spat, Jupiter is in agreement with Pluto and Neptune. Jupiter in Scorpio with Pluto in Capricorn are compatible buddies that are working together to ease a situation that has to do with student loan debt and refugee crises. This is because the conjunction (from which this phase reflects back to) was in Sagittarius, which brought to the planet the focus on university education and expanding enrollment, along with cost and loans. This energy is also responsible for the break down of international borders and the movement of people migrating to other countries that offer more optimism and opportunity for a better life.

Individuals born in 1992, 1993, and 1994 can feel the impact quite profoundly that it is their time to shed the old and take on new jobs, relationships and relocate.

2018 retrogradesThe big slow down, 2018 Planets in Retrograde and Cosmic Constipation

In July and August we will experience a huge slow down of progress. First at the last week of June we will experience 5 planets retrograde, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Not to miss out Mercury joins the retrograde party at the end of July (and BTW will be in its shadow most of July also). July 12th the cancer solar eclipse magnifies the push pause button. This solar eclipse will give you a preview of where you will be in 2020 and how you can get there if you take the time to listen. August steps up to the plate and serves us 6 planets retrograde for a period of 10 days, just in case we don’t get the hint to stop, catch up, figure out the next steps and think clearly. Definitely a traffic jam. You may be maneuvering in finding a better route to get to your life’s destination. In a perfect world, taking 2 months off to chill and reassess your life would be ideal.

The last third of the year, September, October, November and December are months that that involve untangling wherever you may have felt trapped, stuck, unsure, or blocked that the Mars retrograde and eclipses from the previous three months. In September Saturn moves direct September 6th at 2 degrees of Capricorn. Work gets some clarity and projects that were stalled move forward. This is helped by the fact that Mars moved direct August 27th, and even though it is still in the shadow, the effort and motivation to make progress is there. Venus moves into her shadow on September 2nd bringing clues to what changes you will decide to make in the area of love, romance, social activities that are enjoyable, and how to have the finances to spend doing the things you love.

venus retroOctober brings Venus retrograde in sexy Scorpio on the 5th, and Mars moving past its shadow point. Tension between what you want and how motivated you are to put the time and effort into achieving what you desire reaches a peak between October 11th and the 18th.

November is a busy month with a lot of changes, Venus moves direct, relationship snags are resolved one way or another. Mercury moves retrograde November 16th in Sagittarius connected to Neptune, travel plans are apt to be unrealistic in the sense of wanting to be in several places at the same time, wanting to go and see and do it all when planning trips. Jupiter moves into its homeland, its place of rulership Sagittarius on November 8th. Jupiter in fiery optimistic Sagittarius is a good place to fan the flames of hope and opportunity. It takes nearly a year for Jupiter to move through the sign, November is just the beginning of planting the seeds of hope for good things to come. In addition November has Uranus slipping back into the fire sign Aries for its final 4 months, (it will be another 84 years before Uranus visits Aries). A reflective time to assess how well you have done in self discovery and living your life as authentically. Neptune moves direct on November 24th , the power day for visualization and mystical connections. In addition to the major movements that November brings, the nodes of the moon shift into Capricorn/Cancer and will stay in those signs for the next 18 months. A flow towards security, home, work, and good life work balance are now the gifts to incorporate into our lives.

December has Mercury moving direct on the 6th and Venus moving out of her shadow. With only one planet retrograde, Uranus in Aries our intentions can be clear and the actions that we take to forward our visions will not be subjected to much revisions. When the Capricorn solstice begins on the 21st and the full moon in Cancer the next day of the 22nd, the shift of consciousness towards the nodes of the moon pulling us towards safety, comfort, nurturing, and emotional contentment are deeply felt.


The 2018 astrology forecast for each sign

2018 Astrology Aries Forecast

dr ariesAries: Settling into a comfortable relationship can be foremost on your mind in 2018, even if that comfy relationship is with yourself or a four legged furry friend. The last years have been quite a journey of self-discovery and spiritual illumination. 2018 is the year to take a deep breath and let the light and wisdom that has entered into your consciousness the last 7 years extend to your day to day life style. Putting down roots to a place that feels like home will come to pass, however if the need arises to transplant yourself again it won’t be a problem. Mercury will be moving retrograde in all the fire signs, beginning with Mercury retrograde in Aries March 22 to April 15th. This can be great news for you when you are willing to sit and listen to your inner wisdom and follow the directions from your higher self. Uranus moving out of your sign and into Taurus in May can bring more stability to your financial situation. However if you are over extended with credit cards or loans a rethink on getting financial freedom can come with a new attitude on just what you feel you need to buy. Your financial situation also can improve from the support and help of a partner, lover or friend. Even though Uranus is only dipping into Taurus, and therefore your house of money for a few months this year before it comes retrogrades back to your sign, it is a signal that the years ahead can bring more stability to your finances. Saturn is spending the year in your solar 10th house of career, if you are happy with your work and dedicated, all will be well. If you have been unsatisfied and desiring something different, this can finally be the year you make a serious effort to change. Both Mars and Venus going retrograde this year are very significant, especially as Mars rules Aries and retrograde in Aquarius will bring old friends back to your life, even a lover from the past, and bring to light friends that are superficial and you decide that you would rather spend your time and effort with others who you connect with on a deeper level.

Speaking of connecting on a deeper level, that will be all the message as Venus moves into her shadow periods and retrograde which will be from September 3rd through December 18th.  If you are single and want to be with someone, this is a strong time of finding the right partner for you. The universe will give you lots of hints about who will be right for you, it isn’t always aligned with who you want or think will be a good match. It will include a good measure of everyday compatibility, such as liking the same things, and sexual intimacy and mutual expectations of what you can do for each other.  

2018 Astrology Taurus Forecast

Tarus GlyphTaurus: The big news of the year for you Taurus is the planet Uranus will be moving into your sign on May 15th and spending 6 months testing the waters and the whispers of “is this all there is” start to rumble. Before you know, ideas of a new career or different life begin to take shape. Jupiter will be spending most of the year, until November 8th, in Scorpio shining its rays from across the zodiac back to you. Along with the help of Jupiter to open doors of opportunity to work with others and a whirlwind of people coming and going in and out of your life, Venus, your ruling planet will be retrograde in Scorpio across from you from September 10 til November 1, then again in the month of December. Venus in Scorpio is known as the wild woman who will go after what she wants and while she is hanging out in your house of other people you can meet individuals that will reflect to you the traits of courage and stamina to do whatever it takes to accomplish your dreams and goals. Mars retro and hanging out in Aquarius in your house of career from May 16th to August 12th then again from September 10th until November 15th can either be great, collaborating with others to achieve important goals, or frustrating, competing with others at work. The best way to utilize this vibe is to focus your efforts in a way that when you lift your career forward others benefit also. All in all 2018 promises to be an interesting year for Taurus.

2018 Astrology Gemini Forecast

Gemini GlyphGemini: 2018 is a great year for you to put into motion new ideas and training that you already have explored, or if you have been thinking of going back to school- fabulous support from the universe for just that. The eclipses along with Mars retrograde are activating learning and traveling. You may decide to splurge on a convention or retreat that pops in and out of contemplation for the last year or so. Jupiter and Venus retrograde are happening in your 6th house of routines, work, and your health. Exploring and discovering ways to be and stay healthy are on the docket. Also getting your schedule to function in such a way that you create your ideal day to day life is part of the trick to mastering having what you want. Out with the time wasters and in with more time to rejuvenate. The Segway of the nodes and eclipses into the cancer Capricorn sector will have you anticipating how to clear out debt and create a cash cushion. It all ties together with learning more about what you want to know that connects with better employment opportunities. Uranus dipping into Taurus for 6 months will bring thoughts and ideas that come from the unconscious. Dream time can get very interesting.

2018 Astrology Cancer Forecast

Cancer GlyphCancer: 2018 begins with the full moon in Cancer, an auspicious beginning to your New Year. Making the most of the 2018 astrological events include understanding Saturn in Capricorn opposite your sign. In a nutshell it is about being choosy in who you spend your time with and releasing relationships that don’t feel right. Uranus moving into Taurus for 6 months of 2018 will begin its 7 year sojourn in your house of friendships. Don’t be shy about opening your heart to meeting new people. They just might be what your heart has been longing for even if they do appear strange or foreign. The eclipses have been rattling security issues for you, do I have enough? What if this? What if that? Now that you have figured it out, hint, you are your best security there is, the shift of the moons nodes into your sign will embolden you to stand front and center. Jupiter, and Venus retrograde will be happening in your 5th house of hobbies, love affairs and children. Taking time to revel in the luxury of a hobby you are passionate about is on the calendar this year. If you have kids, don’t be too surprised if they are more secretive than usual. They may be waiting for the right moment to let you know their big news. Dot all your I’s and cross your t’s when it comes to your taxes and insurance, with Mars retro in that sector of your chart could indicate a conflict of interest. The main influences of the year are in your favor, just be true to your self, release negative situation and have fun is your message from the universe.

2018 Astrology Leo Forecast

Leo GlyphLeo: The universe still has some surprises coming your way as the eclipses will continue to bounce between Leo and Aquarius. Open your heart and clean out the cobwebs that have been strangling your self expression. The last 6 years have included a rethink of life and direction. Exploring what you know, what you want to know, and how to share it with others. It has been preparing you to step into a new direction if not with your job then with your life in general. Jupiter and Venus will be spending a lot of time in your solar fourth house of home, family, endings and beginnings, and your subconscious. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio hanging out with Jupiter there, illumination of unconscious relationship patterns emerge. It is a time for a redo with who does what for who when it comes to your living situation. Whether a room mate, spouse, or other family member renegotiations are up for discussion. At the end of the cycle you may find joint ventures into sharing that benefit everyone involved.  If you are single it is a good year to revamp your living situation as you may be inviting others to share life with you by the end of the year. Mars in Aquarius for 5 months this year opposite your sign can be a little tricky if you feel the need for approval from others. Once you give that up in a healthy way Mars opposite your Sun can attract people into your life that are different and a lot of fun. Just be sure you know how to open that parachute when your new friend entices you to skydive. Saturn moving into Capricorn will help you get it together for your daily routines, diet, exercise and getting done things you know need to be attended to but aren’t normally how you would like to spend your time. Your inner voice can urge you to take better care of your health and kick habits that could catch up with you later.  Uranus moving into Taurus for 6 months this year is hinting at a big job change. You may not make the move immediately but the whispers of doing something different and that life is moving on are calling.

2018 Astrology Virgo Forecast

Virgo GlyphVirgo: Great shift of planetary events in 2018 for you Virgo, Saturn in the earth sign Capricorn, (where Pluto has been hanging out), Uranus moving into sister sign Taurus, Jupiter in your compatible water sign Scorpio where Venus will move retro, all bodes well for a better 2018. Saturn is occupying your solar fifth house of love affairs, granted can cause some hiccups on the dating scene. However be super focused on knowing what works for you and what doesn’t, and take into consideration whether or not the person you might think is good for you, if they are showing their true form. Your intuition will let you know. Jupiter in Scorpio in your house of communication will enable you to listen between the words if what is being said is the truth or a manipulation to hide another’s agenda. No worries, you will sort it out quickly if that is the case. Saturn trine your Sun is a good thing, time that your work and career can flow. Uranus trine your Sun is another bonus, changes that you want to make can be easier with the help of these two heavy hitters gently guiding you to a better life. How is your health? The eclipse patterns have been see sawing back and forth between your house of health, and reminding you that the body/mind/spirit are all connected. You already know what you need to do, but just in case you have been procrastinating Mars is coming along to retrograde in Aquarius in your 6th house of routines for five months giving you a jolt to get on with it. The cosmic traffic slow down in July and August is moving you to seek deeper connection with your spiritual guides and path. Listen to what your higher self has to say and it will guide you smoothly towards 2020.

2018 Astrology Libra Forecast

dr libraLibra: Hey Libra, your ruling planet Scorpio is taking a turn this year, retrograding from Scorpio back into Libra and moving direct from your sign. This event happens in October in the middle of your birthday cycle. Moving in the same sign as Jupiter is occupying in 2018 and in the sector of your chart for money, you may be inclined to open up the wallet more than usual this year. The only caution is to balance the budget and be mindful of interest and debt. You will not want to be trapped into big payments as Uranus moving into your house of money owed wants freedom. Saturn will be in your solar 4th house of your chart, which is all about the home, family and your subconscious. It could stir up feelings and questions of whether or not you want to continue to live in the same place or if there is a better place to live that will suit more of who you are now. Mars will retrograde in Aquarius and be spending 5 fun months in your house of children, hobbies and dating. Have fun, mars wants you to put effort into doing things that bring you joy. This is the sector that the eclipses have been dancing in, along with the house of friendships. If you haven’t made different choices around friends and lovers in 2017, 2018 will give you another chance to bring into your circle fun happy people that get you. Not to be ignored is the group of planets going on cosmic coffee break in July and August when up to 6 planets will all be retrograde. This is a big deal and the impact for you will mostly be felt from your intuition about home and family issues as the cancer solar eclipse in July is connected with Pluto stirring up whatever wants to change.

2018 Astrology Scorpio Forecast

Scorpio GlyphScorpio: Big news is Jupiter, the sugar daddy of the zodiac, is in your sign for most of the year. Along with sexy Venus moving retrograde in your sign in October through your birthday month, (except for dipping back into Libra for a bit) this can be a year to help make your dreams come true. Mars your ruling sign, will be turning retrograde in June and will be spending 5 months in your solar forth house, the place that coincides with your home, family, and perhaps more important stirring memories from the past that have impacted your life. You may be inviting more friends than usual to hang out at your home. Getting cooperation with your roomies, or family members is not always the easiest with Mars, whose purpose is to get ones way and defend you. With 2 of the outer planets, Saturn and Uranus in or moving into earth signs Capricorn and Taurus the cosmic vibration are setting a tone for harmony albeit with change. Saturn in Capricorn in your house of communication can set the tone for being more selective in who you share your deepest concerns with. Time management with phone, online browsing, texting, and other black holes will be scrutinized as you will be freeing up your time to spend your energy on activities that are focused on what you love to do. Uranus moving into Taurus in May will stir up your relationships. If you have been stuck in a relationship that has lost its luster, May can be a time that you decide to cut the cord. If you are happy with your S.O. then Uranus will bring ideas to spice up the romance. The eclipse patterns that have been going on in 2017 continue into 2018 in Leo/Aquarius sparking the home and work areas of your life. Do you love where you live? DO you love what you do? If not the universe can be sending you signals to figure out what is missing. The big stall in July and August with 6 planets retrograde will be pulling you to dream of getting away from drama and immersing yourself into an environment of learning, travel, and spiritual quest. In fact this year you can have phenomenal spiritual breakthroughs just by following your intuition and trusting your path.  

2018 Astrology Sagittarius Forecast

Sagittarius GlyphSagittarius: Hi Sagi, with two of the major planets, Saturn and Uranus, moving into earth signs for 2018 and Jupiter your ruling planet in deep brooding water Scorpio, your spirit can rebel against the heavy nay-sayers be practical earth dwellers and carry the torch that lights the road of adventure and happiness. You may not relish this role 24/7 yet all of the Mercury retrogrades this year in fire signs will bring you back to your core self of freedom and expression. The eclipse pattern of 2017 of Leo/Aquarius is finishing up its cycle continuing to inspire you to learn more, share your knowledge, and travel to new and exciting destinations. Saturn is out of your sign, yeah, and has moved into your financial district. It isn’t all a bummer though. Saturn just wants you to get real about spending on what you value most. And with Uranus moving into your solar sixth house of work, routines, and health you can find new ways to bring in the extra cash needed. That said, if you have been overspending or got caught up in debt, now is a time to pay up. Both Mars and Venus will go retrograde this year. Mars the I want it now planet will retro in Aquarius in your house of communication. Strong opinions can clash with others in June, July, August, and September. You may be inclined to find new ways of transportation, your Uber driver can be you new buddy, or a new set of wheels, four or two can be in the cards. Venus retrograde in October in your 12 house of retreat is a perfect time to whisk away a spiritual quest. As for relationships, be clear on whether it is love or lust, as that 12th house can show up where we walk into a trap we cannot see. The planetary slowdown in July and August will open up ideas of working with other people who have the wisdom and money to propel a venture forward. 2018 finishes with Jupiter moving into Sagittarius on November 7th, which just happens to be the place of Jupiter’s glory (in rulership) and will bring you opportunities to succeed. 

2018 Astrology Capricorn Forecast

2018 Astrology Capricorn ForecastCapricorn: The big news for Capricorn is Saturn has moved into your sign December 20th 2017 and will be traveling through Capricorn for all of 2018. This is a make it happen time when you can listen to your inner voice and do what you know needs to get done. It may come with a few bumps in the road, and will be felt deeper by those born in the first 10 days of the Capricorn cycle, (don’t worry, your time will come too). Uranus moving into your sister earth sign Taurus in May is a blessing as the vibration pouring down from the cosmos is more akin to your down to earth practical nature. Uranus moving into your solar fifth house of children, hobbies, and romance brings a boost of new ideas in having fun. Depending on where you are in your life cycle, a child may enter or leave the nest, new romantic partners appear, and the feeling that it is time to dust off the camera or paint supplies, (or whatever) to get your creative juices flowing is happening. The eclipse pattern of 2017 in Leo/Aquarius continues in Jan/Feb and Aug and if you have done your astrological homework of getting your money and banking in order all will be about where to put the surplus. If for some reason you were not able to make the income match the outflow this is another year to bring it into balance. Mars going retrograde in Aquarius in June has some say in this as it will retro in your second house of money. Mars, remember is the fighting planet, therefore if you are in a fiscally committed relationship with someone there may be disagreements about the financial aspect. Most likely the frustration that mars can bring is with yourself to put effort and energy into getting your money handled in a way that feels good for your future benefit. While Mars does move retrograde from Aquarius, it sits at late degrees of Capricorn before it moves direct in August 27th giving you plenty of action energy to do what you want. Sexy Venus in Scorpio moves retrograde in October in your house of friendship. If you are single, and even if you are not, a friend can come on to you and do their best to seduce you into their charms. Boundaries and always part of Capricorns fate; just be clear of what you want and don’t want to happen to side step a possible obsessive behavior. The planetary pattern in July and August with the retrogrades, creating a massive slowdown of movement will also be the month that the eclipse pattern shifts to the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The solar eclipse in Cancer is intimately involved with Pluto in Capricorn. This eclipse will be felt more keenly by you and your cancer friends than the other zodiac companions. Connecting with others that get you emotionally without the drama will feel important. Taking time to reassess the relationships you have spent time, money and effort developing is part of the take a break slowdown that occurs during these 2 months of eclipses and massive retrogrades.  2018 is a year of realigning with your true nature and shedding outdated responsibilities and goals that were adopted and never felt like your own.

2018 Astrology Aquarius Forecast

Aquarius Glyph SymbolAquarius: Big news for you Aquarius, Mars, the warrior and guardian planet, will be retrograde in your sign this year. This retrograde sojourn that Mars takes every couple of years in various signs has decided to gift you its blessings of motivation and courage. Coupled with three of the four eclipses in the Aquarius/Leo axis the time to make changes is now. Jupiter in Scorpio will also be prodding you to get moving, in the metaphorical sense. Have relationships been what you expected? If so moving forward is on the mark. Have situations bound you to people or places where you feel you are being controlled by others? Breaking free of the ties is in store. Two of the big hitters Saturn and Uranus will be joining Pluto in the earth element. A shift of practical measures falls across the human race and getting ahead financially could be on the minds of many. Saturn is your traditional ruler and Uranus is your modern ruler, Saturn shifts into Capricorn December 20th 2017 and remains for 2 ½ years, while Uranus moves into Taurus May 15th 2018 and will hang out in 2018 for 6 months before its finally retrograde passage back to Aries for the last months of 2018. Uranus spends seven years in any one sign. These ingresses of your ruling planets into earth elements the same year is a big deal. Settling into a lifestyle that fits your vision will be what the earth element can bring to you. Spending more time in nature, or taking a treasured trip to see some of the earths wonders will bring rest and rejuvenation. Last but not least is the anticipated Venus retrograde in sexy Scorpio in October 2018. Granted she will be retrograde in the sector of your chart that is about work and career. On one hand don’t be shy to look your sexy best, and on the other your work environment may bring you someone to explore a relationship with. Venus will be moving direct from Libra in your house of travel and education. A work trip may be in the plans, and a reassessing your skills to keep the edge on your career is up. If new skills are deemed appropriate the way will open to find the time and money to get advanced credentials.

2018 Astrology Pisces Forecast

dr piscesPisces: Neptune, your modern ruling planet, continues to float through your sign. At one point during Neptunes travels you may feel the old you slipping away with out the form of the New Year totally ready to emerge. Jupiter your traditional ruler will be spending most of 2018 in Scorpio and waltz into Sagittarius November 7th. Jupiter will be moving through your 9th house of education, beliefs, and travel. This is a great year to challenge your thoughts and feelings. With the insight and no BS that Jupiter in Scorpio brings you will be able, if you choose to, distinguish when your thoughts are negatively impacting your emotional well being and change the pattern. This is also a year to intuit just what else you need to know in order to get a step ahead in your career path. Venus will move retrograde in Scorpio spending quite a bit of time in the same house as Jupiter this will nudge you to take action. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius in November you will be ready to present yourself with confidence to get a great new job. The eclipse patterns of 2017 continue in three of the four eclipses, that is between the axis of Aquarius/Leo that have been bouncing back and forth between the sectors of your chart of your everyday work, routine and habits and the house that represents retreats, and the place of life that is hardest for us to see our own vulnerabilities and self-sabotage. Wow, getting this handled is huge and can lead to a state of grace in your life that brings more love and joy.  Mars will be spending 5 months in Aquarius due to a retrograde and be rummaging through that sensitive psychic 12th house of retreat looking to clear the cobwebs that have contributed to reoccurring issues in your life. Two major planets Saturn and Uranus will be in earth signs, Saturn moves into Capricorn December 20th 2017 and Uranus ingresses into Taurus May 15th 2018 and test the comfortable land of Taurus for 6 months before its last revisit to Aries for 84 years. Saturn will be occupying your 11th house of friends for the next 2 ½ years. Your time with your best buds can become more precious as other obligations take the front seat. Friends that no longer resonate with you, or don’t respect your time might be put aside and you delegate your free time to those you cherish most. Uranus moving into your solar 3rd house shakes up the areas of your life that have to do with the neighborhood you live in, new neighbors, changes in codes, and such. This area of your chart that Uranus will be spending the next 7 years has to do with new knowledge in areas that make your day to day life function easier, especially with gadgets and computers. New phones, computers, and vehicles are part of the pattern. The next few years will bring plenty of openings to learn new skills such as computer programs, software, and discovering the best apps to help make your life function smoother.  There is a planetary traffic slowdown in July and August, at any one time 5 or 6 planets will be retrograde. Considering that these are out of the 10 main planets used, and 2 never are retrograde, (Sun and Moon) that leaves only a couple of them to be moving forward the various aspects of our life. In a perfect world a couple of months off of the normal routine would be granted. However the main place in your chart where you can feel the impact of the time warp will be focused on the Cancer solar eclipse July 12th. This eclipse is intimately connected with Pluto and in the sector of your chart of children, romance, and creativity. This is a time of deep inspiration to return to your creative roots.