Virgo Full Moon February 2021

The essence of Virgo is service, the sun from which the light of the full moon is reflecting is in Pisces whose essence is compassion. Jeff Green speaks of the Virgo Pisces opposition in terms of the martyrdom sadistic duality. Certainly we don’t want to fall into that vortex. Yet helping and being in service to others (Virgo) to an extreme can collapse into martyrdom. If you feel a calling to help others take a few moments to check within that it is from a place of selfless service, known as Karma Yoga, selfless action and from Bhakti Yoga, yoga of devotion all is well.


full moonThe Virgo Full moon has both elements of karma yoga and Bhakti yoga.


The Sabian symbol from M.E. Jones for the degree of the moon is “A man making a futuristic drawing. Keyword: Experiment”. Uranus is connected in a hidden yet intimately with the full moon. Uranus is the planet that awakens us to a better future. Moon in Pisces is referred to as a dreamy, head in the clouds, imagination moon. What is the future you are dreaming of? How comfortable are you with experimenting with living life different?


The 2021 Virgo full moon is vibrating closely with the Saturn Uranus square. The battle is between the old paradigm of our old life and way of thinking and the new paradigm that doesn’t exist quite yet.


Your intuition is the key in understanding the ‘what’ and ‘whys’ of the present situations. Intuition, along with and having faith in your inner guidance reveals what is next for you.


carry sweet dogEven though Compassion and service are the underlying message being shared with this full moon it is with a detached logical understanding. You instinctively know that the pain of the world carried in your heart from the atrocities and tragedies against the unfortunate will only keep you frozen from being able to contribute. Blessings come with the courage to think clearly with faith that doing your best is enough. That even a little help adds up.


There is no need for a crisis to crop up to challenge you. Any situation in your personal circle that touches your heart that needs support is game. Through simple yoga breath work and focused attention your intuition will guide you to how you can contribute to uplift and bring useful help with compassion to a person or cause that needs help.


Uranus and Neptune are in a crescent phase, semi square to each other, it is the last of 8 these aspects that have occurred since August of 2017.  This is a world event that represents the unfolding of the conjunction that happened in October of 1993. The Uranus Neptune conjunction happens once every 170-172 years and this one in Capricorn will push for ideal governments and the dissolution of old institutions. Pluto has been obliging with helping it along. The crescent phase shows us how well or not we are doing. Neptune can bring a sense of deep disappointment and Uranus the revolutionary is ready to chuck it all out and start over.


The last of the 8 Neptune Uranus semi squares are happening on the day of the full Virgo moon. This brings into consciousness what is working and what isn’t in the global world. Struggles with refugees, starvation, illness, and mismanagement of resources resound loud and clear. Disappointment of disillusionment in governing bodies across the world towards the common everyday person linger.


On a personal level the urge to do, have, and be is urgent. Breaking free of the bondage of personal and collective suffering, big or little is strong. This full moon is stirring the desire to contribute your gifts to the world. The Moon in work and duty oriented Virgo in opposition to the artistic dreamy Pisces sun creates the awareness of the polarization between time to chill and our daily work routine. Being able to have the balance of retreating and rejuvenation with a work that has meaning and purpose is calling.