april astrologyApril 2021


April will have all of the planets moving in direct motion until Pluto moves retrograde April 27th. Covid or not this is time to move forward in life, metaphorically speaking or in creating new projects, relationships, and other outer manifestations in your life.

April begins with Venus with the Sun, under the Suns beams therefore not visible in the sky. Mythological this is when Venus is in the underworld, dying and releasing until she reappears as an evening star May 3 at 24 degrees of Taurus. The sun is considered the source of life, this is a purification time. Venus in Aries wants what she wants when she wants it, yet this is a time that we reevaluate what is important and release or burn away that which no longer serves our purpose.

Mercury is moving fast, starting the month in Pisces, moving into Aries on the 3rd then quickly into Taurus on the 19th. It is a time that we bring your creative ideas (Mercury mind/thoughts) into action oriented Aries, (and sharp tongued). Mercury then moves into contemplative Taurus which is a time to ‘chew over’ what we are contemplating.

april astrology 2021Venus spends the first half of April in Aries then moves into Taurus on the 14th where she loves to be. Venus in Taurus reminds us to enjoy life. Enjoy your favorite deserts, wear the clothes you feel great in, take time to relish the beauty of nature, appreciate art and indulge in a little something you consider luxurious.

Mars spends most of the month in versatile, don’t sit still, let’s talk about it Gemini. On April 23 Mars enters watery Cancer where if he couldn’t convince his way through communicating his point in Gemini, he will find the back door to maneuver into getting what he wants in Cancer. Mars in Cancer is about putting your energy into your home, focusing on your body, and being conscious of the emotional stuff from the past that still gets to you.

The intention of the April new moon is about taking action in learning useful skills that can be utilized in multiple arenas. However it is not just about signing up for a new program on impulse, with Venus exactly square Pluto it wants you to really want to learn that, have a passion for it. Inspiration comes from Eris which is in between the new moon and Venus. Being pssed off over a circumstance not necessarily of your making gives the kick in the butt to take make changes.

The Aries new moon April 11th is sextile (harmonious connection) with Mars in Gemini. Mars is the ruler of Aries and is supporting the intention of the new moon of Aries. Mars is now out of bounds which create a wild card aspect to the role of Mars, being our foot soldier to defend us and the planet that is responsible for motivation.  Mars being the maverick at this time is unpredictable, as if Mars is making choices on his own. If you do something then second guess why, look to your subconscious to seek what the underlying intention is about.

Mercury and Mars working together will help you in manifesting your intentions from this new moon, purity in mind and action is the key.

The Sun moves out of Aries and into Taurus on the 19th of April following Mercury, Venus, and Uranus who are already there. Having 4 of the traditional 10 planets in one sign puts a strong emphasis on cultivating those qualities. Granted with the maverick planet of Uranus changing the rules of the game it may not be the same type of enjoyment in earlier years. Gone may be the spring neighborhood art festivals with heavy crowds or the crowd at the buffet bar at a packed restaurant yet a walk in a flowering garden or park with a charming picnic basket will do.

Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd giving motivation to nurture self, home, and garden. Perhaps starting a few vegetable or flower plants from seed, or bringing home a house plant, kitten or puppy.

full moon scorpio 2021April ends with a pink super full moon in Scorpio on the 26th/ 27th (depending where you are of course) and with secretive powerful and intensely charged Pluto shifting to go retrograde. The full moon will appear very large b/c it is closer to the earth, tides will be higher and emotions will run stronger.

Every year when we get the Scorpio full moon it is a time when secrets can come to light. And it is a time when that which was hidden is revealed. On a personal level it is a moment when we see or acknowledge something about ourselves that we repressed or ignored and now can embrace.

It is also a time of deep passion, intuition, and carries a sexy vibe of desire.

This year all from the past holds true for this Scorpio full moon yet there is extra emphasis with Pluto (the modern ruler of Scorpio) so incredibly strong, and with Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio out of bounds which makes Mars unruly. In addition Mars is in Cancer a sensitive sign stirring up emotions and bringing old emotional trauma or baggage to the surface.

In addition the full moon is vibrating by opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the awakener and doesn’t care too much how we feel about being woken up. Think of a rushed parent yelling at you to wake up you are late for school while you are comfy in bed having sweet pleasant dreams. It is a jolt. Or a mischievous brother sneaking up behind you while you are happy talking to your girlfriends sunning yourself on a pleasant warm day on a dock of a lake then pushing you into the cold water.

Both circumstances pull you to move forward, one to go to school and learn the other to swim or survive. This full moon can have that effect. We are in the school of life and we discover that it is time to awaken from the dream we are in and evolve. Or something pushes out of our comfort zone and we utilize the skills we have to get out of an environment that is not conducive to our long term wellbeing.

To bring even more complexity the full moon has Saturn on the heliocentric node of Neptune at the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto. ??? What does that mean? Well Neptune obscures, it puts a cloud of confusion, delusion, or unknowing around whatever it touches. On Saturn which wants to accomplish and bring success the node of Neptune will make it difficult unless you are in tune with your psychic intuitive side.  Jupiter Pluto wants do something big and meaningful, the Saturn influence there on a worldly level indicates those in authority (Saturn) will hide or have hidden agendas in what they are promoting.

In your world how to work with this vibration is to listen to your intuition and be clear about the intention and consequences of what you desire.

The help to understand and manifest with the Scorpio full moon is with Mercury and Venus in Taurus. This is a signature for steady friends that know who they are, that you can count on, that are slow to make decisions or judgements but once they do the decision or view have been well thought out and hold deep meaning and value.

The last day of April, Friday the 30th, closes out the month with the moon in freedom seeking, knowledge loving Sagittarius. We rush into May with enthusiasm and plans for our future. This is the eve of Beltane, one of four cross corner days of the year that mark the halfway point between the equinoxes and the solstices. Enjoy this remarkable time to feel a youthful energy pulsating through the ethers and rushing through your veins.

May Monthly Astro Next

April Astrology Forecast 2020

April begins with the planet Mars together with Saturn in Aquarius, where they both recently entered that sign. Mars wants to go forward and make things happen and Saturn is the restrictive planet that puts the breaks on. Many of us whether in Europe, Canada, or the States have been restricted in our movements. You may be feeling this vibe either b/c it is in the ethers or perhaps stronger b/c it is connected with your personal chart.

All of the planets and the combination have a positive and a problem side. In traditional astrology the Mars/Saturn combination gets a bad rap as these 2 planets are considered the trouble makers of the zodiacal pantheon. Whenever there is a new cycle, (two planets coming together) it’s the seed energy of the potential of the planets. Saturn and Mars in Aquarius positive potential is about making serious scientific breakthroughs. (Saturn = serious, Aquarius = scientific, Mars = breakthroughs especially motivated by competitive vibe to be first.) This can be helpful for the crises and the planet.

For those of us who aren’t scientist or working on humanitarian causes, although each of us can do it in our own way, we can use this combo for developing strong friendships and connections. Mars is action, Aquarius is connections and friendships, and Saturn is strength in commitments. This is highlighted even more so as Venus moves into Gemini, the sign of communicating and friendships.

Another significant new cycle is Jupiter with Pluto, which is a 13 year cycle and in Capricorn reflects the need for companies, governments and countries to work together for the larger good. It is a subset of another major cycle that started this year with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Significant Events for April

  • Mars/Saturn conjunction (3/31- 4/3) Commit to creating solid meaningful friendship- expand your knowledge, detach from negative emotions.
  • Venus in Gemini Friday the 3rd, friendships get a boost.
  • Jupiter/Pluto Capricorn conjunction- empowering grounding beliefs, New ideas for career.
  • Libra full moon 4/7 Seeking peace and harmony amidst conflict and rage.
  • New Moon in Taurus 4/22 Earth day. Changes in the structure of life, finding comfort in unusual ways.


When the Libra full moon shines her light on the 7th ideals of partnerships and companionship is illuminated. BTW, with Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius both the same air element and in a harmonious aspect to each other it is a fabulous time to take a chance with on line dating if you are desiring to find a friend and potential partner. The full moon does carry some tricky energy as the luminaries are square Jupiter and Pluto and the sun is with Eris the planet of discord. What this implies is a deep inner change happening and the courage to make a fuss (internally or externally) in order to shift to a place of inner peace and harmony.

The Sun moves into Taurus 10: 45 am on the 19th/ 20th (depending where on the planet you are) and the new moon follows a few days later on the 22nd at 10:26 pm EDT. The new moon in Taurus coincided with earth day, and symbolically significant to understand the impact that humans are having on the planet that sustains us.

This is a kick in the butt new moon connected with Uranus and Saturn. An image of this earthy Taurus new moon energy which is caught up with Uranus and Saturn in conflict, (square) is a precious rock that is in a quarry and people are blasting the raw rock out of the mountain. Ultimately the stone can find its way to be cut and polished to beauty and be useful and admired but the process is disconcerting to say the least. Staying the same is not the option, mining your innate talents and gifts and polishing them to share with the world are what this new moon potential holds.

My heart goes out to all that are struggling, with illness, fear, loss, frustration, or any combination of complicated emotions as we travel through the month of April.

May we collectively do our best to transform and transmute the fear and grief in the emotions circulating.

April Astrology

April is one of the busiest months of the year with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto going retrograde and an energized new and full moon with a definite push and pull between independence and compromise.

One reason this month is tumultuous is because Mars the planet of action has just moved into the sign of Gemini and will remain in Gemini for the month of April and half of May.  When Mars is in Gemini it can indicate intense conversations, bantering back and forth with friends and colleagues over different ways of looking at circumstances, yet since Gemini is a sign of multiplicity and Mars is the concept of action it is suggesting that this month we will be putting much of our energy into several different areas of life.


Venus is in romantic Pisces desiring time to relax, listen to music, go to the movies, and in general to have more romance in your life. Even if what is romantic to you (such as along the bubble bath with your favorite magazine) is not attractive to anyone else.


Venus in Pisces also longs for love that is unconditional and compassionate. There is a spiritual component of Venus in Pisces. Getting in touch with a sweet essence of universal love may come through meditation, perhaps yoga, the quiet walk in nature, or through a puppy that looks to you as the most divine thing it has ever known.

Aries New Moon 2019

The new moon on April 5th is at 15° of Aries at 4:50 AM EDT. The new moon is still carrying some of the feelings from January, February and March when a race to do it all went overboard. This new moon in Aries is about taking a risk in something that you want to try or do.


This new moon is making what is called a first-quarter square to both the planets of Saturn and Pluto. These two planets have a heavy reputation of pushing through obstacles and demanding that we let go of what no longer serves us. What this means is you may find that April is very busy in your world and in order to be productive choose what is most important to do with the time and energy that you have.

One of the traditional rules of interpreting new and full moons is to analyze the ruler of the sun in the new moon or the moon in the full moon. For the Aries new moon first we go to the ruler of Aries which is mars in Gemini. Multi-tasking is the first key to success. Then we look to Mercury, as Mars is in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Pisces; therefore bring your imagination when pondering the how to of any situation. Last we look towards Jupiter in Sagittarius. (The traditional ruler of Pisces is Sagittarius.) Confidence and faith along with moving outside of your comfort zone and expanding your knowledge are the other components to manifesting this new moon cycle.


Jupiter is retrograde on April 10th at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a good time to launch your plans for travel and education. Is there a course, seminar or training that appeals to you? Is it something that will expand your view of the world? Pay attention to what shows up for you the week that Jupiter moves retrograde; something will reveal itself as an opportunity in this direction. Mercury moves into Aries Wednesday the 17th and conversations that are quick and get to the point are appreciated.

April Full Moon in Libra

The full moon in Libra is Friday the 19th at 7:12am EDT at 29 degrees. The saying once in a blue moon refers to 2 full moons in the same month, astrologically this can be considered a blue moon as it is the second full moon in the same sign as there was a Libra full moon in March. The universe is giving us a second chance this year to get our relationship life together. Since the full moon is connected with the planet Uranus breaking free of old patterns is essential. There will be urgency with this full phase, as if one has the sense that moments are precious and to immerse oneself in the now as the experience may not repeat anytime soon.


The sun enters Taurus the day after the full moon on the 20th with Venus moving into Aries hours later. The sun in Taurus is a time of slowing down to appreciate life, and Venus is pushing to do just that. In spite of the fact that April is filled with a bucket of activities, the desire to make time to go within and delve into the deeper meaning of one’s life journey is waiting in moments of peace and solitude.


Pluto makes its yearly retrograde station on Wednesday the 24th at 23 degrees of Capricorn (on the heliocentric node of Saturn). This is one of the 2 most powerful days of the year to discover anything that has been hidden or obscured from you. Any type of shamanic work, psychological introspection or research will yield results.


The month ends with Saturn at 20 degrees of Capricorn shifting retrograde on Monday the 29th. There is a reciprocal pattern happening between Pluto and Capricorn, doubling up their vibration and contributing the new cycle we are coming into with the Saturn Pluto conjunction. Saturn at 20 degrees is on the node of Pluto bringing in transformative ability to change something in your life that no longer serves you. Looking at your long term vision is powerful during this time. Bring out your vision board, your journal, or whatever else you use to put down on paper an image, whether in pictures or words of the life you want has a lot of planetary mojo during the three days prior and after Saturn station

April 2018 Astrology

April Astrology with Saturn and Pluto retrograde, Mercury direct, Aries New Moon Scorpio Full Moon Action time.


Aries April Astrology winding road

    (Find out about the Blue Moon Libra Full Moon here  )


The planetary influence for April astrology goes wide and deep. There are many twists and turns to navigate as we travel our individual paths while negotiating with others who are journeying along the same road. The month begins reeling from the after effects of the Libra Full moon the night before ( Saturday March 31st)   The light of the full moon opens our month with awareness of how well, or poorly, our relationships are doing. The Libra full moon wants to bring harmony and balance into our world, yet Saturn and Mars are complicating matters with a demand of realism of just exactly what the relationship does or does not bring to the table. As we enter into April, the weekend can be filled with the duality of the desires that everyone gets along and is happy versus desiring to be someplace else doing your own thing. Sometimes it is nothing more than the beautiful diversity of human nature and an eclectic mix of the diner table being filled with scrumptious dishes that some family members love and others find revolting. (Think brussel sprouts or anchovies.)

 This is the opening line of which the weeks of April to follow.

What do you want to pick and choose from the banquet of life? And who do you want to take along with you?


Mercury is retrograde the first two weeks of April, moving direct the day of the Aries new moon on the 15th. For those in the USA working on getting your taxes in by the due date, remember that with Mercury retrograde it is easy to make a mistake or have receipts or papers gone MIA that could save you money. A little extra time and patience will help the process. 

Aries New Moon April 2018

The Aries New Moon is at 26 degrees and connected with Uranus in Aries at 28 degrees. This will be the last Aries new moon conjunct Uranus in Aries for 84 years! Certainly a time to celebrate and reflect on the changes you have made since 2011. The universe has been sending messages of the power and purpose of standing up for self, to break free from restrictive social structures and be courageous enough to live your life how you want and not from the expectations from others. Do you feel free to express your own divine nature and are not controlled by fears? Any place where you feel your fears are dominating your will and action, this month is giving us the opportunity to change.


Two days after the Aries New moon when we are ready to take a risk and challenge our self defeating patterns, Saturn steps in moving retrograde bringing a realistic plan of what is needed to make our desires happen. In fact with Mars, the ruler of Aries in its exaltation in Capricorn, the ability to focus our will and plow through resistance that challenges our motivation is excellent. The key to success is connected with the willingness to make changes quickly and efficiently. In fact the Sun conjunct Uranus demands that. Being in tune with your inner reflexes, the intuition that acts first and tells you why later (like moving out of the way of a semi truck on the highway that is about to slam into you, if you think about the situation it is too late).

The sun moves into Taurus late in the evening on the 19th. The weekend of the 21st and 22nd has the moon in Cancer, this combination is wonderful for a weekend of relaxation, good food, planting spring flowers, or simply being out in nature in a park. With Venus still floating through Taurus treating yourself to a massage or an evening out at a fine restaurant will feel well deserved.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, empowerment and transformation is moving retrograde on the 22nd, earth day. The voices for the day will be doing their best to motivate people to realize that there is a life and death situation with mother earth. If we don’t change our habits we will go through a major crisis that Pluto promises when we are resisting change.

Venus moves into fun loving, friendly and happy go lucky, lets get together and chat sign of Gemini on the 24th. It is an excellent time to reach out to friends and make plans of a carefree nature.



The month end with the sexy, intense, and deeply intuitive Scorpio Full moon looming over the weekend. Finding time to do intense trans-formative work, ceremony, or intimate weekend with your significant other are great ways to get in sync with the vibrational flow.

astrology loving light

April Astrology 2017

April is a month of major changes. Venus makes her big statement on the second of April when she moves back into Pisces, one of her favorite territories to inhabit. Rest assured she is only a wee bit more comfortable as she continues retracing her steps in Pisces during her retrograde.  Saturn is stationed retrograde on the 6th.  Saturn is at a very special degree in Sagittarius called the galactic center. This is a truth signature, lies are exposed. The galactic center is the center of our galaxy; symbolically it is about aligning ourselves with our center. Saturn, the planet of seriousness being at the galactic center is an internal feeling that it is time to make changes to get a move on in life and accomplish that which our heart calls out for.

April 6th, 7th, 8th are major days of big changes. Jupiter makes its yearly opposition to the sun on the 7th giving a big push to take a chance and believe in ones dreams. The 8th Venus is square Saturn while the Sun is square Pluto; anyone who is in your way of what is most important to you will either incur your wrath or no longer be part of your inner circle of confidants.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 9th, at 4 degrees of Taurus, reexamining your beliefs around money and self-worth rise to the surface. A financial rethink is in store, as well as how much you feel you need in order to live a life of luxury. You may be surprised in finding out that you can feel like a queen by other means than spending a lot of money.

The full moon of Libra on the 10th/11th (depending where in the world you live) has the sun aligned with the fixed star Baten Kaitos, which is part of the constellation of Cetus, the whale. This star is represents moving, emigration, and the sign of a ship wreck. Symbolically this can mean a part of life can no longer sustain us, and it is time to move on.  On a lighter side, the full moon in Libra is about bringing balance, love, and peace into the world and individual relationships.

As this full moon configuration creates a t square in the chart, with Pluto, the power of transformation, and Jupiter the essence of hope and optimism, a new vehicle of expression is available to take us on our journey towards wholeness and completion. The point of release if you feel too hurt or frustrated is in Cancer, the sign that requires us to let go, release negative emotions in order to bring more joy and feel safe.

Venus moves direct on the 15th of April, although she is square Saturn, and has been for the month, she is ready to experience compassion and love that is beyond personal and encroaches on spiritual. If you are happy with your love life, then it is a desire for universal love, a spiritual connection with all that is. If you are not in a romantic relationship it can be a longing for a soul mate type partnership as well as a search for unconditional love that is spiritually based.

The sun moves into Taurus on the 19th with a luscious shift into a time of slowing down a little, and enjoying life with every step, every meal, and every touch. The day after the Sun goes into Taurus, Pluto is at one of the 2 strongest days of the year, stationed retrograde. The ability to tap into deep meanings, the undercurrent of life, and reach within to access your inner strength and power is palpable.

The energy keeps shifting with Mercury moving back to Aries, thinking a little quicker and perhaps speaking one’s mind more direct or on impulse. Mars moves out of Taurus and into Gemini, being on the go and putting effort into trips, communications, and learning takes off. Students in the university who put off papers and study find major cram energy happening.  The new moon in Taurus on April 26th is the true beginning for the Taurus cycle, it is the time of year to set forth your vision for earthly delights, abundance, prosperity, appreciation, and gratitude for the earth and the bounty that comes from living off of our goldilocks planet.

The month concludes with Venus moving back into Aries on the 28th. She is picking up speed and showing us the ways and means to achieve the longings or desires that appeared to be missing or absent in a few weeks before. In Aries, Venus has a way of taunting us when we are afraid of taking a risk for something we want and encourages us to try, even if we fall down, or are rejected, she knows we have the ability to pick ourselves back up and be conscious of the other opportunities that surround us.

Moon Ingresses Where is the Moon? Calculated for time zone 0 hours London UK

Apr  2, 2017     6:27 PM                     Moon enters Cancer
Apr  4, 2017    10:13 PM                   Moon enters Leo
Apr  7, 2017     4:20 AM                   Moon enters Virgo
Apr  9, 2017    12:34 PM                   Moon enters Libra
Apr 11, 2017    10:41 PM                     Moon enters Scorpio
Apr 14, 2017    10:27 AM                   Moon enters Sagittarius
Apr 16, 2017    11:04 PM                   Moon enters Capricorn
Apr 19, 2017    10:52 AM                   Moon enters Aquarius
Apr 21, 2017     7:43 PM                     Moon enters Pisces
Apr 24, 2017    12:32 AM                     Moon enters Aries
Apr 26, 2017     1:56 AM                   Moon enters Taurus
Apr 28, 2017     1:39 AM                   Moon enters Gemini
Apr 30, 2017     1:48 AM                   Moon enters Cancer

Transit-to-Transit ListingCalculated for time zone 0 hours

Apr  3, 2017    12:25 AM                     Venus Rx enters Pisces
Apr 19, 2017     9:27 PM                     Sun enters Taurus
Apr 20, 2017     5:37 PM                     Mercury Rx enters Aries
Apr 21, 2017    10:32 AM                     Mars  enters Gemini
Apr 28, 2017     1:13 PM                     Venus enters Aries


Calculated for time zone 0 hours London England

Apr  6, 2017     5:06 AM                          Saturn Rx
Apr  9, 2017    11:14 PM                          Mercury Rx
Apr 15, 2017    10:18 AM                      Venus Direct
Apr 20, 2017    12:48 PM                          Pluto Rx






2016 April arrives with a plethora of messages for us to juggle.

In essence a theme that has been weaving in and out of the collective psyche since March of 2011 is once again strong. Stand up for your principles, be strong in your beliefs, be proud of who you are, celebrate your own individuality and be fearless in offering your unique gifts to the world.

Venus is moving quickly through the signs, infusing the first few days of April with her loving compassion, then spending the majority of her stay in Aries- igniting the flame of courage and independence within.

The new moon on the 7th brings to consciousness where one has wimped out and opens the door to step out on a new path taking you to a better destination.

Mars and Pluto station and move retrograde on the 17th and 18th respectively. This is a traffic jam for the 2 archetypes that want to plow through obstacles to accomplish whatever they have set their mind towards. Fighting can get heated up on the global stage. Personally you may decide to step away from projects that you dived into and give it a break.

The sun moves into Taurus on the 19th and the desire to take time to smell the roses beckons at every corner. Friday the 22nd the Scorpio full moon introduces the weekend with a lustful urge to embrace life with gusto and passion.

  • Be you- shine your light to the world.
  • Slow down; enjoy every sandwich.
  • Go within to rediscover your inner riches.
  • Create beauty all around you.

Have a enriching fabulous month!

April 5th Venus- Aries

April 5th Mercury- Taurus

April 7th New Moon Aries April 7th 7:24am EDT

April 9th Sun conjunct Uranus

April 17th Mars retrograde

April 18th Pluto retrograde

April 19th Sun in Taurus

April 21st Full Moon Scorpio

April 28th Mercury retrograde

April 28th Venus in Taurus

April New Moon

To work with the energies of the new moon is to see where the new moon is falling in your chart. From there merge together what you want to manifest that the house the moon is in is about. For example, if the new moon is in your 5th house of romance and hobbies, what do you want in your life in regards to those areas.

As you listen to the Aries new moon video and learn about the aspects of this new moon see how the symbols have meaning in your personal life.

Aries is ruled by Mars, where is Mars in your chart? Mars is the motivation factor of life. Where and when does your motivation get left behind and what areas of your life would benefit if you were more motivated to do what needs to get done to attract and manifest what you say is important to you?

These are some of the questions that the Aries cycle bring up to ponder.

April Astrology Full Moon