April Astrology 2017

April is a month of major changes. Venus makes her big statement on the second of April when she moves back into Pisces, one of her favorite territories to inhabit. Rest assured she is only a wee bit more comfortable as she continues retracing her steps in Pisces during her retrograde.  Saturn is stationed retrograde on the 6th.  Saturn is at a very special degree in Sagittarius called the galactic center. This is a truth signature, lies are exposed. The galactic center is the center of our galaxy; symbolically it is about aligning ourselves with our center. Saturn, the planet of seriousness being at the galactic center is an internal feeling that it is time to make changes to get a move on in life and accomplish that which our heart calls out for.

April 6th, 7th, 8th are major days of big changes. Jupiter makes its yearly opposition to the sun on the 7th giving a big push to take a chance and believe in ones dreams. The 8th Venus is square Saturn while the Sun is square Pluto; anyone who is in your way of what is most important to you will either incur your wrath or no longer be part of your inner circle of confidants.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 9th, at 4 degrees of Taurus, reexamining your beliefs around money and self-worth rise to the surface. A financial rethink is in store, as well as how much you feel you need in order to live a life of luxury. You may be surprised in finding out that you can feel like a queen by other means than spending a lot of money.

The full moon of Libra on the 10th/11th (depending where in the world you live) has the sun aligned with the fixed star Baten Kaitos, which is part of the constellation of Cetus, the whale. This star is represents moving, emigration, and the sign of a ship wreck. Symbolically this can mean a part of life can no longer sustain us, and it is time to move on.  On a lighter side, the full moon in Libra is about bringing balance, love, and peace into the world and individual relationships.

As this full moon configuration creates a t square in the chart, with Pluto, the power of transformation, and Jupiter the essence of hope and optimism, a new vehicle of expression is available to take us on our journey towards wholeness and completion. The point of release if you feel too hurt or frustrated is in Cancer, the sign that requires us to let go, release negative emotions in order to bring more joy and feel safe.

Venus moves direct on the 15th of April, although she is square Saturn, and has been for the month, she is ready to experience compassion and love that is beyond personal and encroaches on spiritual. If you are happy with your love life, then it is a desire for universal love, a spiritual connection with all that is. If you are not in a romantic relationship it can be a longing for a soul mate type partnership as well as a search for unconditional love that is spiritually based.

The sun moves into Taurus on the 19th with a luscious shift into a time of slowing down a little, and enjoying life with every step, every meal, and every touch. The day after the Sun goes into Taurus, Pluto is at one of the 2 strongest days of the year, stationed retrograde. The ability to tap into deep meanings, the undercurrent of life, and reach within to access your inner strength and power is palpable.

The energy keeps shifting with Mercury moving back to Aries, thinking a little quicker and perhaps speaking one’s mind more direct or on impulse. Mars moves out of Taurus and into Gemini, being on the go and putting effort into trips, communications, and learning takes off. Students in the university who put off papers and study find major cram energy happening.  The new moon in Taurus on April 26th is the true beginning for the Taurus cycle, it is the time of year to set forth your vision for earthly delights, abundance, prosperity, appreciation, and gratitude for the earth and the bounty that comes from living off of our goldilocks planet.

The month concludes with Venus moving back into Aries on the 28th. She is picking up speed and showing us the ways and means to achieve the longings or desires that appeared to be missing or absent in a few weeks before. In Aries, Venus has a way of taunting us when we are afraid of taking a risk for something we want and encourages us to try, even if we fall down, or are rejected, she knows we have the ability to pick ourselves back up and be conscious of the other opportunities that surround us.

Moon Ingresses Where is the Moon? Calculated for time zone 0 hours London UK

Apr  2, 2017     6:27 PM                     Moon enters Cancer
Apr  4, 2017    10:13 PM                   Moon enters Leo
Apr  7, 2017     4:20 AM                   Moon enters Virgo
Apr  9, 2017    12:34 PM                   Moon enters Libra
Apr 11, 2017    10:41 PM                     Moon enters Scorpio
Apr 14, 2017    10:27 AM                   Moon enters Sagittarius
Apr 16, 2017    11:04 PM                   Moon enters Capricorn
Apr 19, 2017    10:52 AM                   Moon enters Aquarius
Apr 21, 2017     7:43 PM                     Moon enters Pisces
Apr 24, 2017    12:32 AM                     Moon enters Aries
Apr 26, 2017     1:56 AM                   Moon enters Taurus
Apr 28, 2017     1:39 AM                   Moon enters Gemini
Apr 30, 2017     1:48 AM                   Moon enters Cancer

Transit-to-Transit ListingCalculated for time zone 0 hours

Apr  3, 2017    12:25 AM                     Venus Rx enters Pisces
Apr 19, 2017     9:27 PM                     Sun enters Taurus
Apr 20, 2017     5:37 PM                     Mercury Rx enters Aries
Apr 21, 2017    10:32 AM                     Mars  enters Gemini
Apr 28, 2017     1:13 PM                     Venus enters Aries


Calculated for time zone 0 hours London England

Apr  6, 2017     5:06 AM                          Saturn Rx
Apr  9, 2017    11:14 PM                          Mercury Rx
Apr 15, 2017    10:18 AM                      Venus Direct
Apr 20, 2017    12:48 PM                          Pluto Rx






2016 April arrives with a plethora of messages for us to juggle.

In essence a theme that has been weaving in and out of the collective psyche since March of 2011 is once again strong. Stand up for your principles, be strong in your beliefs, be proud of who you are, celebrate your own individuality and be fearless in offering your unique gifts to the world.

Venus is moving quickly through the signs, infusing the first few days of April with her loving compassion, then spending the majority of her stay in Aries- igniting the flame of courage and independence within.

The new moon on the 7th brings to consciousness where one has wimped out and opens the door to step out on a new path taking you to a better destination.

Mars and Pluto station and move retrograde on the 17th and 18th respectively. This is a traffic jam for the 2 archetypes that want to plow through obstacles to accomplish whatever they have set their mind towards. Fighting can get heated up on the global stage. Personally you may decide to step away from projects that you dived into and give it a break.

The sun moves into Taurus on the 19th and the desire to take time to smell the roses beckons at every corner. Friday the 22nd the Scorpio full moon introduces the weekend with a lustful urge to embrace life with gusto and passion.

  • Be you- shine your light to the world.
  • Slow down; enjoy every sandwich.
  • Go within to rediscover your inner riches.
  • Create beauty all around you.

Have a enriching fabulous month!

April 5th Venus- Aries

April 5th Mercury- Taurus

April 7th New Moon Aries April 7th 7:24am EDT

April 9th Sun conjunct Uranus

April 17th Mars retrograde

April 18th Pluto retrograde

April 19th Sun in Taurus

April 21st Full Moon Scorpio

April 28th Mercury retrograde

April 28th Venus in Taurus

April New Moon

To work with the energies of the new moon is to see where the new moon is falling in your chart. From there merge together what you want to manifest that the house the moon is in is about. For example, if the new moon is in your 5th house of romance and hobbies, what do you want in your life in regards to those areas.

As you listen to the Aries new moon video and learn about the aspects of this new moon see how the symbols have meaning in your personal life.

Aries is ruled by Mars, where is Mars in your chart? Mars is the motivation factor of life. Where and when does your motivation get left behind and what areas of your life would benefit if you were more motivated to do what needs to get done to attract and manifest what you say is important to you?

These are some of the questions that the Aries cycle bring up to ponder.

April Astrology Full Moon