April Astrology 2023



Spring Goddess April AstrologyAll planets are moving direct until Mercury shifts retrograde on the 21st. The few short weeks during the year when all of the planets are in direct motion is a time of great movement forward in life. In addition this is the first full month that Pluto is in Aquarius and reveals just a taste of the future that is to come. Coupled with the courageous Aries energy to begin anew and afresh this is a great time to go full speed ahead in your dreams and desires.

Speaking of dreams and desires, Neptune, the planet of illusion and visualization continues to vibrate strongly during the month of April. Dreams and visions are powerful now. The downside of Neptune is not being able to see something clearly while making important life decisions. The message is to go deep into your intuition and sense what is right for you and not to rely solely on the words of other people.

Libra Full Moon

spring full moonThe full moon in Libra is on Thursday the 6th of April at 12:34 am EST. You will feel the pull of the full moon from Tuesday throughout the weekend. Every year this full moon asks us to reevaluate our relationships with others and how they impact the relationship we have with ourselves. Do the people you associate with lift you up? Or do you feel not so enlivened after spending time with them?

This year there is a lovely vibe to share deep inspiring conversations with people we feel very close to, friends that feel like siblings, and our brothers and sisters.

If obligations have you spending time with people that are not as pleasant, shore up your psychic boundaries as energy depletion is very palpable this full moon. On a physical level over doing it is an issue as the moon is connected with Mars and Neptune which is not the best energy for health but is great for yoga, past life recall, and meditation.

Venus in Gemini

spring lady goddess butterful lightVenus moves into fun loving, conversational Gemini on the 11th. Venus wants us to have fun, a life we love, and to be happy. When she travels through Gemini she reminds us of the value of good friendly conversations. She appreciates learning new information, and loves to be with people that know a little about a lot of things. She reminds us that getting away if only for a day or two is rewarding. This is a time to reconnect with people of varying interest, to go a place you haven’t been for a while, and to dabble with a new interest. The energy is good for reestablishing communication and friendship with your S/O if you have drifted apart or haven’t seen eye to eye over something.

Aries Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees

spring cherry treesThis is the second Aries new moon; the first was at 0 degrees on March 21st. The years that we have two new moons in the same sign is the universes way of knowing we need extra push to “do” Aries. Where can you speak your truth and live your version of your authentic life? What aspects of your life could use more action? Where have you been procrastinating waiting for a better time? The fact that this second Aries new moon is an eclipse makes all these questions more powerful. Realizing what it will take to make your vision into reality might be a bit overwhelming at this time, yet getting real with what needs to happen and inspired to take action is the key to stay away from discouragement.

The moon shifts into Taurus soon after the solar eclipse and the Sun moves into Taurus just a few hours later. This is an immediate relief from the fiery nature of gotta do it now Aries into slow down and take your time Taurus. In addition the Sun will be in a hard angle with Pluto amplifying the energy to do what you are passionate about and not simply to go after a fleeting impulse.

Mercury Retrograde

snow monkey hot springsMercury is retrograde at 15 degrees of Taurus on the 21st. The 15 degree is a reoccurring pattern in 2023, if you were born in the middle of a sign, then your sun will be at 15 degrees and this Mercury retrograde will speak to you more than others. Mercury and Venus are in what is called mutual reception, where Mercury and Venus are in each other’s signs. This is a harmonious and compatible arrangement for them. This energy reflects back to the full moon earlier this month of connecting with friends. This Mercury retro combination is about sharing with friends in a mutually beneficial way in pairs. Taking turns to visit each other, trying out each other’s favorite restaurant, lending each other something that helps the other person. You get the idea. On a professional level it is also about mutual arrangements that help each other.


The last weekend of the month the moon is splitting her time for the weekend between Leo on Friday and part of Saturday, relaxing and having fun, and Virgo, getting a few projects completed. Pluto is intensifying his focused compulsive vibe as he is standing still preparing for his retrograde in the days ahead. Whenever a planet stations before moving direction, forward or retrograde, the energy of that planet becomes very strong. If there is anything that you want to accomplish that needs determination and deep focus this is one of two times in the year that this energy is easier to capture.