April Astrology 2024


April AstrologyThe winds in April will bring many changes as we navigate nearly the whole month with Mercury retrograde and the powerful Aries solar eclipse and the 13 yr cycle of Jupiter with Uranus. Staying on your toes and the ability to quickly shift directions when need be will guide you through any potential rocky roads.

Mercury Retrograde

April begins with Mercury retrograde at 27 degrees of Aries and retracing its path back to interact with Eris, the dwarf planet that is known for keen observation of inequities and blunt truth. Telling it like we see it is part of the vibe even when what we say shakes up the comfort zone or status quo. Yet true to Mercury retrograde we might once again retrace our steps and have a conversation to reclaim relationships that we don’t want to fall by the wayside.

In normal Mercury retrograde fashion it will be extremely easy to shoot off an email too quickly, after all Mercury in Aries wants speed. This is where thinking fast and sharing your thoughts without considering how your message will be taken can be twisted out of context. It is also very easy to make silly mistakes, so double check important communications and if you are required to sign documents take the time to read the fine print.

Aries Solar Eclipse

solar eclipseThe solar eclipse on April 8th is at 19 degrees of Aries and exactly together with the dwarf planet or centaur Chiron, known as the wounded healer. This eclipse can be a wonderful opening to get to the heart of a matter that has been troublesome for many years. The power of the eclipse with Chiron can suddenly illuminate the roots of discord over a situation that has caused you physical or emotional distress. This is a time to reassess what it means to be true to yourself. Being authentic feeds our soul and anything less than that diminishes our light within.

The solar eclipse in Aries is also a time to take action towards something challenging and perhaps totally outside of your normal wheelhouse. The gift that Aries brings us is to move forward even when we are fearful. Confronting that which makes you nervous and doing it anyway is the power behind Aries accomplishments. The new moon Aries eclipse will stir up where you are bored and restless. Aries is a fire sign and needs fuel to stay alive. What inspires you? What have you been putting off for whatever reasons? The Aries new moon will be an in your face friend ready to push you forward.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the action planet. When interpreting the solar eclipse it is important to look at where Mars is and what he is doing. Mars is in dreamy Pisces, finding a way around obstacles in a more secretive way than normal. In addition he is next to Saturn, the planet that can slow everything down and reveal all the obstacles and downside of not taking action. When going after what you want realize that the Mars with Saturn energy shows what needs to be dealt with in order to have what you want. The caution is not to sabotage yourself when jumping into your new endeavor. Be conscious of where you can be your own worst enemy and all is well.

Sun in Taurus Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

sun in TaurusFriday the 19th of April the sun moves into Taurus slowing down the energy a bit reminding us to stop and smell the roses. However we won’t be sitting for too long as the next day Jupiter is conjunct Uranus (in Taurus also). Jupiter with Uranus is a power combination not to come around again until September of 2037, and will be in Cancer. So taking notice of the gift of Jupiter expansion and Uranus sudden opportunities happen in the domain of Taurus. This new cycle will include insights that lead to how to have more security, comfort, and time to focus on creating a beautiful and healthy environment around us. It is a blessing to have the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus happen during the Taurus season. The inner desire to bring together the elements needed to have a stable and lovely life is given an extra boost. Here in the USA it may include splurging on something you desire, in other parts of the ravaged war torn world people will cry out for the fundamental needs of safety, security, housing and food.


The Scorpio Full Moon

The intense Scorpio full moon is on the 23rd. It is connected with Pluto which always brings an interesting depth to the day. Psychic intuition is heightened and skepticism runs ramped. This is a day to listen to your higher self and trust that you can know who you can trust and who is iffy. Power plays at work can happen as the vibe of this full moon is to feel empowered. Similar to April 1st when Mercury went retrograde Eris is loud and clear. Venus is with Eris, who in mythology was enraged as she was not invited to a wedding that everyone else was. This full moon stirs up where we felt unjustly left out or left behind. It is possible that the jealousy monster within rears its head, in yourself or you see it in others. This full moon also symbolizes the anger among women who have been marginalized and/or have their rights taken away.



Mercury Direct


Mercury moves direct on the 25th conjunct the north node, the pathway to the future. Ideas and connections are incredibly strong for the next few days, find time to be with others of interesting concepts that will engage your mind.

Venus in Taurus Mars in Aries

The month ends with two planets moving into the signs that they rule; Venus is back in her comfortable home of Taurus helping us to relax and enjoy the abundance the earth give us, and Mars moves into his natural habitat of Aries ready to take care of any messes and obstacles and clear a path that leads us towards what we love to do.