Aquarius 2020 Astrology Forecast

aquarius 2020 astrology forecast and traditional ruling planet saturn moving into aquarius and the december conjunction of jupiter and saturn in aquarius big changes are on the horizon


The big event for you Aquarius is that your traditional ruler, Saturn, will be dipping its toes into your sign late March until July. It is a precursor for 2021 and 2022 when Saturn will be entrenched in Aquarius as it sojourns slowly past each degree. Great new beginnings are around the corner. In fact with your modern ruler, Uranus in Taurus making a 90 degree aspect to your sign the urge towards freedom rings powerful. Lots of fun is in store as Venus will go retrograde your sister sign Gemini spending longer dancing in your solar 5th house of romance and hobbies. Yes, with a retrograde you can change your mind about who or what you love and decide to either take up something new or go back to something that you have set aside. The year ends with a fabulous Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius heralding in the start of great new beginnings. The major conjunctions in 2020 are Saturn Pluto in January and three separate times that Jupiter will conjunct Pluto throughout the year. All will happen in Capricorn, the sign behind you in your 12th house of retreat and so called hidden enemies and self-sabotage. This is a time to uncover just who you can count on. The ultimate hidden enemy can be part of ourselves that sabotage our efforts. With the new beginnings that are represented by the conjunctions of these planets this is a year of tremendous personal growth and self-awareness that leads to liberation.


Career and Life Desires:

The three mercury retrogrades in 2020, February, June, and October all will occur in the houses of your chart that relate to work and the money that you earn. These will be the times you take a serious think about whether you want to change what you are doing and how it impacts your daily life and financial wellbeing. With Uranus squaring your Sun at one point or other while Uranus travels through Taurus a change of employment is pretty much guaranteed. However it isn’t just about the job you are doing, it is about your life and whether or not what you are doing is the path you want to be on.

Love and Romance:

Cheers to the Venus retrograde this year and she will be dancing in your solar 5th house of romance, creativity, and children. When this happens the pull to feel like a kid again is strong. It is a feeling that it is time to explore life with curiosity, freedom, and the gift of not being obligated to any one thing if you decide it isn’t for you. Take the art class, if you hate it, so what, try something else. As for dating? With Venus in Gemini getting to know someone as a friend and how they think will lead to whether or not you are interested in keeping them around.

Friendships and Connections:

There are a couple of strong indicators for connecting with others in 2020. First is the Venus retrograde in the house of romance and hobbies. Remember Venus is not just about romantic lovers; it is about what we love and value. And being in a sector of your chart for hobbies and fun and in Gemini, one of the signs of friendship it is a great year to meet new people that have similar interest as you. Also the north node of the moon will be moving into the same sign as Venus retrograde, Gemini in May with the south node in Sagittarius in your house of friendships. This indicates a focus on cultivating connections and renewing old aquantances.

Travel and Education:

Venus is your natural ruler of travel for your chart. With Venus retrograde in Gemini May – June it will be a great time to travel, especially if it is connected with seeing friends or a romantic getaway. Better yet you could combine the trips and have a getaway with your love and take a few days to visit pals.

With Chiron in one of the houses of learning in your chart, discovering the gaps in your knowledge is part of the message this year. Especially if you are working in an environment that is moving quickly, the need to keep up with the latest technical advances so you do not get left behind will be made very clearly as the year progresses. In addition Mars will be retrograde from July through December in your solar third house of short trips and useful knowledge. Mars is the action planet. Not only will the urge to get away on long and active weekends be on your calendar you will be motivated to catch up on information and tools that keep you ahead of the competition.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

Your drive to move forward and make changes will be in high gear in 2020. With Mars in Aries, a compatible sign with Aquarius, you can make great strides w/o getting burnt out. The First and sixth house are the houses in the chart that have to do with health and overall energy. One thing to take note of is whether or not you have buried emotions that you haven’t dealt with and whether or not they have impacted your body. It’s a body mind spirit thing for you and the last year and part of this year’s eclipses have been sending signals for you to check it out. When Saturn moves into the early degrees of Aquarius, if you were born the first few days of the sign, then you might feel more of a pressure to pay better attention to your overall state of wellbeing. In the long run it is about having a life that you want instead of one that you fell into and can’t see the way out.

Finances and Fortune:

Neptune has been making the ever slooowww passage through your money house. When Neptune is there it is what I call monopoly money… how real is money, what does it really signify? All kinds of questions around money pop up; especially around the beliefs you were taught around money. You know the ones I mean, was it money doesn’t grow on trees? Just as I catch up something comes up and I can’t get a head? You gotta have money to make money? Neptune wants a spiritual perspective around the money thing. Using visualization to increase abundance is super powerful while Neptune is here. The downside is not being realistic about finances or money constantly slipping away. In February Mercury will be retrograde in your financial house in Pisces. Tap into your intuition and many ideas will flow through you that will give you just what you need to make small changes that will lead to feeling wealthy and living an abundant and prosperous life.



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