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The Aquarius Full Moon at 22 degree Leo August 15th 8:29 am EDT

The full moon in Aquarius (August 15th at 8:29 am EDT) is reflecting her light back to beautiful loyal Leo and is a time to reflect on our connection with the world, our friends, and how we want to contribute to uplifting humanity.

Venus is with the sun, invisible in the night sky, yet the Aquarius full moon is shining her light back to the Goddess of love and beauty. Part of the message is where do you hide your beauty? Is the love within hidden from view? Are the gifts that you have being overshadowed by everyday life? What can you do to let your love and beauty be revealed?

This is a sacred time of Venus of going within and seeking the essential truth of how you want to be in the world, and who you want to spend your time with. When Venus emerges out from the beams of the sun in September and becomes visible in the evening sky, the inner reflection you do at this full moon can emerge into existence.

Every year of the Aquarius full moon the universe brings the message to once again take a glance around at the company you keep and reach out to connect with kindred spirits. It is a time when we realize we are all interconnected and we are part of something bigger. Aquarius is an intellectual air sign, the mad scientist in us will present plenty of wild and weird ideas to mull over. The detachment quality of the Aquarius full moon will support you in getting a higher perspective on any drama and chaos in your life. Taking an outsiders view of your current quandary puts the aha moment insights that bring a solution to your issue, especially if it revolves around relationship and matters of the heart.  

Bringing in the Aquarius Full Moon

  • Connect with like-minded humanitarians.
  • Try a new restaurant, with an authentic international menu.
  • Plan time with your friends, the more eccentric the better.
  • Allow your free spirit childlike wonder to dream.
  • Share ideas on how you can help the world to be better for all.
  • Contribute to a cause you feel passionate about.
  • Let the artist in you come out to play.
  • Be creative in your appearance, take a fashion risk.
  • Listen to your hearts calling, even if it appears in a wild and weird form.
  • Star gaze: feel the infinite universe and how we are a part of an   interconnected living earth and galaxy.
  • Add Sci-Fi flicks in the Netflix queue, stock up on fav snacks.
  • Join a house swapping club, or couch surfing, and explore a vacation overseas.

The August Aquarius full moon is a time to soak in the essence of being. For those of us in the northern hemisphere it is immersing in the vibe that the summer has. Appreciating the depth of color in the leaves, the sweet smell of grass freshly cut, the sounds of children playing outside, the warmth of a summers night is sensed at the full moon. Being in the moment, yet with an inkling that the world will be speeding up soon enough and it is the time to be create moments to remember.

Enjoy the essence of August

The August Aquarius full moon is a time to soak in the essence of being.