Aquarius New Moon February 11th 2021


Aquarius AstrologyThe Aquarius new moon at 23 degrees of Aquarius brings a deep longing to seek divine protection with loving friends and break away from treacherous and deceitful people.  February’s new moon on the 11th is with a fixed star called Deneb Algedi which is used in magical talismans for protection yet brings havoc for those who harm others or are engaged in criminal activities.

Sabian Symbols and the new moon in Aquarius

Each degree of the zodiac has been associated with a symbol for centuries. In the 20th century M.E. Jones work (a channeled work from psychic Elsie Wheeler) is the most accepted version of the 360 symbols. According to M. E. Jones he states the symbolic meaning of the new moon degree as: “A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from experience. The keyword for this symbol is Serenity.” Seeking serenity is paramount for this new moon as we navigate the Saturn square Uranus storm of divisiveness, exclusion, and chaos swirling on the planet. 


The symbol according to David Cochrane is “Charitable. Instinctive, intuitive, and idealistic. Mystical.” These keywords resonate very deeply with this new moon. Listening to your intuitive, instinctive inner voice leads you to your mystical ideal way of being.

Aquarius new moon stirs relationships

In the Aquarius new moon Venus is with Jupiter and vibrating on the south node of Neptune. This togetherness with jovial Jupiter and pleasure seeking Venus brings a dreamy wish for companionship and love. However the longing is for a love that is beyond normal human capacity yet is found in the awakening from cosmic consciousness.


The channeled flow of energy from this new moon is to connect with spirit guides, your higher self, personal totems or however you can connect to higher consciousness that guides you to an enlightened state of being.


On a day to day practical level Venus and Jupiter together with Neptune in this February Aquarius new moon represents a time to fantasize your ideal life. The vibration brings a surge of creativity and inspiration to write, be musical, dance, paint, or engage in whatever creative endeavors that bring you happiness and pleasure.


Aquarius is a fixed air sign that values intellectual pursuits, independence to pursue ones path, personal space, friendship without expectation or complicated attachment. Aquarius is interested in ideas and concepts from other cultures, inventions especially in electronics, conceptual ideas for ideal governing principles, and organizations gathered around like minded interest. These are a few of the principles that Aquarian culture is interested in.

Visualizations and Manifestations with the Aquarius New moon: 

  • Commit to a practice of mindfulness
  • Connect and reconnect with friends.
  • Use an air purifier and/or buy houseplants to the air in your space.
  • Find some cool socks to wear (Aquarius rules the ankles.)
  • Challenge any fixed preconceptions and thoughts.
  • Upgrade or discover what you electronic gadgets can do.
  • Explore different cultures.
  • Join a group that has similar interest.
  • Connect with a meet-up.