Aquarius New Moon January 2020

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A Wild and Bumpy Ride

The New Moon in Aquarius:  January 24th 2020 at 4:42pm EST

If you feel that you are running full speed and still not able to keep up, no wonder! All of the traditional planets are in direct motion, a tidal wave of energy pushing us forward whether we are comfortable in the direction life is taking us or not.

The new moon emphasizes this vibe with punctuation marks. The Aquarius new moon is at 4 degrees and is square its modern ruler Uranus which loves to create a little chaos in life for us to stay conscious and aware. Ultimately it is about being awake; seeing life from a perspective that is outside of the insular bubble of our home, work, and social circle. It urges us to step outside of what we believe is true, what we already think, and examine our actions and what we are doing to see if we have fallen into a pattern that really isn’t who we feel we truly are or want to be.

This can rock our world if you realize the job you have no longer fits what you want, or the relationship you stay in is for reasons that you have outgrown.

In many cases this energy opens up the possibility of moving. It whispers the questions:

Are you living where you belong? Do you feel connected to the particular earth coordinates you are living at? Is there another place you would rather be?

Venus, Mars, and Neptune are in a dance together. One where Venus, what we wish for or desire, and Mars, our motivation are vying for dominance. What this indicates is the struggle between what we imagine or visualize as the ideal that will bring us what we want and the struggle or effort of what we would need to be able to achieve it. The key is to access information, the Aquarius aspect. And not your ordinary what your mind or others say, but new and inventive avenues that allow for the possibility to manifest.

The universe is sending us a gift to be able to find stillness within as the constant of change unfolds.

Thanks for checking out the blog post.

With love, light, and gratitude, Donna