Aries Astrology for 2020

Hi Aries!

 2020 is a big year for you. Your ruling planet Mars, will be in your sign from the last couples of days in June all the   way until early 2021! More than 6 months due to the fact that Mars goes retrograde in September.

 This is huge. Whereas you can normally expect your ruling planet to hang out in your sign for 6 weeks every   couple of years, it will be there for more than 6 months. What does this mean? That it is your time to assert your   will and pave a new path forward for what you want. Granted it is tricky time, as others may view you as pushy.   Surround yourself with friends that understand you.

 There are several important astrological signals in 2020. Let’s take a quick peek.

  •   Aries 2020 Career and Life Desires: 

 The Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 12th and 3 Jupiter Pluto conjunctions in your solar 10th If you haven’t   made your mark in your career, or better yet, life ambitions this is the year that tremendous rewards for your   efforts unfold. If you are ready to chuck out the old and go after something completely new, then absolutely plant   the seeds, make plans, the jump into your new world full speed.


Aries 2020 Love and Romance:

Venus retrograde in friendly Gemini is sure to warm your heart this year. If you have been putting off getting involved then this can be the year that you decide to play in that sandbox. Venus in Gemini will be in your solar 3rd house of communication and in a complicated pattern with Neptune. Friendship and freedom will be where it is at. The third house also represents brothers and sisters. Expect more communication from them or you may reach out and find more time to hang out. Trips are plentiful this year; make sure your vehicle is ready to go when you are.


  • Aries 2020 Friendships and Connections:

With Venus moving retrograde this year in the friendly sign of Gemini May – June she will be spending nearly three times longer than usual in the part of your chart that has to do with chatting it up. The planet that is the natural modern ruler of the house of friendships in your chart is Uranus; which now is in Taurus. Friends might be slower than you to make plans quickly, but you will find the ones that you can count on most to be steady and reliable. New friends and connections will be found either because of the work you do, or something that you do outside of the day job that you are now getting recognition from.


    Aries 2020 Travel and Education:

 Curiously the eclipse patterns are shifting into the Gemini sign, where Venus will go retrograde, and the opposite sign in Sagittarius. The eclipse energy and with it the north and south node of the moon will be highlighting that learning and traveling will open the path for you that will bring benefits to you in the future, immediate and distant time frames.

  •  Aries 2020 Passion, Drive, and Health:

Mars in your sign for 6 months is a huge indicator that you will have the tenacity and will to go after what you want with gusto. If you have conflict in your personal relationship or within yourself between the pros and cons of making changes than this vibe can turn inward and cause frustration, anger, or even health challenges. Conflict is normal, there is almost always reason to do or not do something. Find the best course of action through taking time out, perhaps a retreat of sorts, to resolve any dilemma you might have.

  • Aries 2020 Finances and Fortune:

2020 is a year of big gains and big losses. (A Jupiter/Pluto thing.) You might be inspired to take a gamble in a venture of your own. Only you will know whether the risk is worth the reward that can come of it. As Uranus in Taurus continues its journey through your second house of money the urge to make a leap of faith to more abundance is strong.