The 12 signs of the astrological zodiac are akin to the road that the Heroine embarks on the Hero’s Journey, with Aries being the first chapter in opening the door and stepping on the path.
You can step into your Hero’s journey at any point of the road, (your sun sign) yet every year when the Aries New Moon comes around we get to once again begin a new part of our personal growth and evolution.
This year the Aries new moon is especially important as Venus has just started her new 584 day cycle and is in the process of birthing a new beginning. Gathering to your heart center the sensation of love, joy, peace, and fulfillment will enable you to feel this new birth cracking the egg shell and breaking free.
2017 is the year of experience; we are now 3 months complete into the year. The wave that flows around us, urging us to embrace the experiences of life is very powerful at this new moon. What do you feel would be great to have the experience of? Now is a time we can feel the urge to take action.
This is not necessarily about lack, or what is missing, although it can show up that way. It is about reaching beyond the safety of what is normal and comfortable for you and including something more.
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Aries New Moon 2017

The new moon in Aries and what you set into motion will unfold for many months to come. A week after the New Moon 4 planets will be retrograde, including Venus and Mercury. The new experience you may decide to include in your life can well be something that you have done before, want to get back to, or have thought and dreamed about it in the past but never felt you had the time, energy, or money to make it happen.
The message is that you will be able to find a way to have what you are wanting but it can take a new way of thinking in order to manifest it. There is quite a bit of tension mixed in with the new moon chart, since Jupiter in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn for the second of 3 times. This is signifying a pull to get clear about passion and purpose. What you declare as important In your life in general terms and more specifically between your desires of what you want to accomplish in your professional life versus the importance of kind, loving relationships in your personal life, both friendship and romantic.
As always, there can be a dual pull within, and this new moon is no different. Yet the gift of this new moon is spread before us on the banquet table of life. Grab a big plate and help yourself to the experiences in life that not only bring excitement into your world but also allow you to push the boundaries of your perceived (but false) limitations of what you believe you can or can’t do.

Aries New Moon 2017

Suggestions for this time:
What can you do that is a little on the scary side but excites you all the same?
What have you been procrastinating getting done that needs an urge to zip though something and clear things out?
What do you enjoy doing that you are putting off b/c of other people’s wants and desires but if you allowed yourself to have it or do it you know you would come back to your friends, lover, and family happier and more engaged?
Let’s get physical, Aries and Mars, the action planet, is ready to get off the couch. What is your favorite activity that involves movement?
Where in your world are you not being true to your essential, core, or higher self? What is in your way and how can you clear it out?

Happy New Moon in Aries.

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