Aries New Moon March 24th 5:28 am EDT


Aries zodiac Aries

Here we are with the Coronavirus and the new moon in Aries, the astrological new year for embracing something new. What a kick in the butt Aries new moon we have. All of the planets are in direct motion and are concentrated in one sector of the zodiac within an earth trine between Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Capricorn. What does it mean? A concentration in specific areas of life signifies a confinement in certain areas of life.

Every year when the new moon is in Aries it is a collective message to light a fire of inspiration and get into motion. Symbolically for those of us above the equator it is a coming out of hibernation from the quiet of winter and waking up to new life and new cycle. However the newly discovered and named centaur Chariklo (1999) has been observed as the quality of stillness or of being frozen in place if fearful is prominent in these times.

Astrology, Coronavirus and the Aries New Moon

For those whose regular life has been put on hold due to the coronavirus it can signify getting to projects that have been on the proverbial shelf for years. Others can find their new role as the teacher in homeschooling their children or grandchildren. And even working from home can inspire the thoughts of finding a new way to earn money in the future, which btw is really strong in the planetary pictures for this year and beyond.


Every year there is a new twist on the message as seen with the planetary patterns in the new moon chart. The 2020 Aries new moon has an extremely strong Mars, which is significant as Mars is the planet that rules Aries, and hence the new moon. Mars in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, on one hand being in Capricorn there is a steady emphasis on being productive, making a plan and sticking to it, and dogged determination to overcome any obstacle no matter how hard or difficult.


On the other hand Mars with Pluto is an extremist of deep rage and frustration along with controlling through authority. With many across the nations in a shelter in place order it may not be a comfortable feeling. For some it will be anger against being controlled or anger against authority that could have made a difference in the global outbreak of the virus.


Across the globe you will see the division of the downtrodden and oppressed making an effort to overcome regimes that use force and imprisonment to control people. The people of Hong Kong who once had autonomy and now struggle with the censorship from the Chinese government comes to mind.  Basically rage against authoritarian rulership that has abused and oppressed people in any capacity  will be extreme during the two weeks that follow the new moon.


On a personal level this can be rage against oneself. If you have loved ones that have self harmed in the past keep an eye out for their mood swings. If you feel frustrated in your own life take a hard look within to see where you have been your own dictator and setting up rules and expectation for your life that are not supportive or helpful in the long run.


capricorn new moonThe positive way to harness the power of this new moon is to ponder on what you want your personal ‘mission’ to be in life and then put into motion a plan to conquer and create that world. Getting physical can help keep the momentum going. The Aries new moon by itself is about being active and then you add the kick ass Mars Pluto combo with it, which is the signature of the athlete and competition this absolutely puts fuel in the engine to get the body moving. Further the Capricorn component of the Mars/Pluto will help not only with motivation but also with the discipline needed to carry it through.


The new moon is comfortably placed within the trine between Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Taurus. If you are experiencing angst or anxiety over the state of the world or situations in your life the key for resolution lies in connecting with Venus in Taurus, what you love and value that have Taurus attributes, such as nature, good food, a decadent treat, your most comfortable shoes and sweats, and in general finding appreciation for the physical comforts that are so easy to take for granted.

Saturn in Aquarius 

This is the first time in 28 years that Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius in a new moon chart. This is a shift that will lighten up some of the heavy earth energy we have been experiencing and shift the consciousness away from seeing what the problems are to formulating solutions to the problems.


Finally the Aries new moon is at 4 degrees and is conjunct Chiron and exactly 30 degrees (a semi-sextile) away from Uranus in Taurus. On a personal level this is about getting in touch with the wise woman/man within. An understanding of the broken road you have taken; the break-downs and break-ups, the crashes along the time line of life and the gift of experience and wisdom you have gained from it. Coupled with Uranus the understanding that change and growth are inevitable and that you are stronger in spite of what didn’t go the way you expected or planned.