Astrology for Aries 2019


 January begins with a very strong kick ass get out there make it happen movement. Use this time to gather your inspiration together, to believe in yourself, and to take action to forward your desires in a straightforward no nonsense way. Mars your ruling planet is in your sign its rulership for six weeks at the beginning of the year. What do you want? This truly is a here that can help you with any New Year’s resolutions focus and drive to go after your dreams. You may decide that more knowledge will be important to you in order for you to fulfill your larger destiny. Jupiter is Sagittarius will inspire you to expand your wisdom, to expand your experiences, to expand your knowledge and that may mean you find a class a course a workshop that resonates with what you want. Saturn in Capricorn however is in your 10th house of career. You may be reaping the rewards of hard work from the past or reassessing or even being discouraged that you have not achieved or are not the level of recognition you desire or want for your life. If that is the case then the Jupiter and Sagittarius in your house of higher learning knowledge, may be very helpful in gaining new credentials for you to have a different or more fulfilling job.


Another task for you in 2019 is to find the right balance between your personal or home life and your professional life. There may be times that you feel deeply that to fulfill the expectations of your job may take up too much time away from your personal life home family rejuvenation. It may also stir a desire to change your residence. If you do not have the freedom that you want living where you are then a move is quite likely. Especially around June or July when the solar eclipse in cancer occurs. The weeks before your birthday Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces, this will bring dreams and visions accentuating your intuitive and psychic abilities. It is an excellent time to take a deep breath and rediscover an aspect of yourself that has gone missing. The time that you spend in your imagination and daydreaming before your birthday will be the seeds of germination for your next cycle and birthday year. During the month of Aries Uranus will have gone back into Taurus moving through your second house of finance. New ideas and ways of creating more abundance can flood your mind and inspire you to action. Jupiter and Sagittarius will move retrograde on 9 April. This is a very strong time for travel if you have the chance. If it is not possible to take a trip, this is an excellent time to plan for trips and holidays and adventures that you want in the future.


Saturn and Pluto are very close together in Capricorn and will both be going retrograde at the end of April in your solar 10th house of career and recognition. This means the ideas of new beginnings and new starts are percolating even if they are not ready to launch. Take your time in preparation as the year 2020 is stronger for success in a new business or completely new path. However preparation you’re taking now is needed for the success that you desire.


There is a strong Neptune in June as Neptune will go retrograde and square Jupiter. This can create a deep desire to escape from the responsibilities and the burdens of life. You may find solace and rejuvenation for your faith from retreating from the world a little bit at a time to have fun and express yourself. Dreams of leaving it all behind with not much more than a backpacker suitcase to experience a new life can emerge. It may not be such a bad idea however pay close attention to your intuition if whether or not you are moving towards something or running away from something. Life gets busy again in the month of August with Jupiter moving direct offering new opportunities of more self-expression and freedom to be you. Romance is more probable and certainly more lively in the month of August. It is not that it is void and the other months however August offers more opportunities for excitement.


What ever you decided to start in January you will see how it unfolded by the end of September. If you have thoughts of a new job a new education new ideas in anything a new potential business or career, they begin to take stronger form by the end of September. October is a lively month for you to hang out with friends and have fun. If you are in a committed relationship it is a month to get out in spice it up a bit.


The year ends as it began with a solar eclipse in Capricorn yet this solar eclipse is with the planet Jupiter. It is highlighting your career house. If you had not yet made changes you spring into 2020 with the enthusiasm and experience that 2019 brought you.