Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology

Finding The Best Places To Live, Love and Prosper with Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology

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What is astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a technique to know how different areas, cities, states, countries or continents will change the luck or fate of the person. Astrocartography gives the big picture and re-location astrology will show you the details in the chart. The lines on the map show where the planets rays according to the time of birth are over different regions of the world.  Think of Astrocartography or relocation astrology as a astro form of fung shui. Your fate and chart is what it is, but there are things you can move and relocate, (you) to help the chi and flow of life. Relocation astrology indicates how your life will improve or get worst depending upon where you live. Astrocartography can show you how different places can allow for transformation, growth and change as the planetary influences vibrate your energy within to draw out another part of who you are.

You can also use Astrocartography for visiting different places in the world by seeing the current planetary transits and putting them over your re-location astrology map, this is great for temporary changes, travel and extended vacations or trips. Your astrocartography gives you information on how being in other places on the planets will bring out different sides latent within you. Astrocartography is used to help you find the best places for career, love, and success in the world.

An astrologer uses this astrological method to find a location to live that will bring you more success and happiness. Your chart represents your fate or destiny, however moving from where you were born to a place that emphasis the planets in your chart that are in stronger positions to help you get what you want will support you in making the most of your potential.

How best to understand why this is possible is to imagine your spirit ready to incarnate, and breathe your first breath on the planet. You may be about to be born in Miami Beach, for example, at sunrise the sun would be at an angle in the chart showing the sun rising (ascending) over the horizon. This interpretation is different than if you were born, the exact same time, but in Europe, Hawaii, or Japan when the sky was in a different position.

Obviously the sky would look different on the other side of the planet, hence your chart would be the same, but the planets would be in a different position. This means that certain areas of life will be more important or highlighted living in one area compared to another.

Relocation, moving to a new location, is about emphasizing the planets that govern something that you want to make happen in life. It is simple, move to another location and a different side of you will be able to shine more. Have you ever went someplace and you felt different? Either happier, more carefree, at peace? Or perhaps more serious, down, or depressed for no apparent reason although you could find excuses what you didn’t feel so great there? Or that when you traveled one place everything seemed to fall into place, but in a different location everything went wrong, blocked, travel delays, reservation snafus? This is astrocartography in action.

jan 6 moon in sagIn a relocation reading that focuses on your astrocartography it is important to clarify what you value most. Then we can go about finding the location where you will resonate best to allow that part of your life to expand.

Ideally a place that has several key aspects intersecting that are high on your wish list and what is most important to you. Freedom, career, love, finances, play time, family, education, travel, you get the idea.

Finding a place not only takes into consideration the relocated chart- it is ideal to look for the best timing for you to move. A place may be really good for you however if your transits, (current influences) do not support the flow then it is best to wait until a more fortuitous time.

I interpret 3 places that you are considering moving to;  the interpretation of your relocated charts for each place gives you the pro’s and con’s of area, city or town. In addition your relocation reading includes a search for other places that are symbolic of the life that you want to create, and where the planetary lines fall across the country and what they mean, why you might like to live there or why you might want to avoid those areas. In addition by looking at the place you are currently living at, whether your birth town or where you moved to, will also glean insight into what might be stopping or blocking you from a life that you want to live. 

A relocation session is $135, is an hour and can be ordered as a MP3 recording or as a phone session.  An exact time of birth is required for this reading. Order your session here

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Astrocartography Reading $135