About Professional Astrologer Donna Page

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Loving Light LogoI am a professional astrologer who has studied astrology extensively to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to your astrology reading.

Astrology is a complex subject and a tool that you can use to grow spiritually and personally. A good astrologer needs to have a strong foundation to provide deep and meaningful astrology consultations. The best astrologer for you will be a combination of finding a well qualified professional astrologer along with someone that you intuitively feel is right for you.

An astrological reading moves beyond the planets symbols and meanings: additional insight from an extensive metaphysical background that includes training from many masters in personal development and spiritual disciplines help support you in your path.

Professional Astrologer Qualifications

Training and Certifications:

Completed qualifying 7 hour astrology exam created and proctored by astrological peers and committee in 1992.

Masters of Science in Professional Counseling Georgia State University MS.

BA from the State University of New York @ Binghamton.

EMDR Certification.

NLP certification Practitioner license.


Astrology Presentations

Lectured and presented weekend workshops for astrology groups and organizations:

Lectured at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) New Orleans 2012 one of the lecturers chosen from the top astrologers around the world.

Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, (http://atlantaastrology.com/

South Florida Astrology Association (https://www.southfloridaastrology.com/)

  • Astrology Association of St. Petersburg (http://aaspfl.com/)
  • Orlando Astrology
  • Asheville Friends of Astrology (http://www.ashevillefriendsofastrology.org/)
  • NCGR 25 Year Conference, Orlando FL (http://geocosmic.org/)
The metaphysical journey on the path of being an astrologer

My metaphysical journey began in my teens, with reading metaphysically based books, going to yoga classes and meditation classes and moving to an Ashram after graduating from the University. During the university, at 19, I was introduced to Jose Silva Method and found an affinity with the intuitive development, especially long distance healing and hypnotherapy. I had the honor of meeting Jose Silva in Laredo TX for his advanced courses who was a humble man with much to share. My time in meditation and exploring various metaphysical courses gave me support in understanding the intuitive and psychic experiences I had since I was a young child.

In my 20’s I continued the spiritual quest, after living on the Yoga retreat moving to upstate NY and being introduced to many spiritual seekers in that area, including the kind and generous people at Wisdoms Golden Rod and having my first astrology reading. When I first saw what one could know from looking at a piece of paper with a bunch of symbols on it, I immediately wanted to know how that could be.

My journey in life took me to South America to live for nearly 2 years during my Saturn return, where I had the good fortune to be able to study texts and meditate.

Upon returning to the States I begin in earnest to study astrology and within a few years began a full-time professional astrology practice. I have since have had the privilege of providing professional astrology consultations with thousands of individuals from all over the world. I am behind the scenes professional astrologer with a low profile, although many of my clients are famous in their respective fields, confidentiality is respected.

Additional metaphysical Studies: Many people and courses have been my teachers and guides along theway, here are a few:

  • Buz Meyers On Time group and 7 day Intensives
  • Hawk wind retreats – Sweat lodge work
  • Stan Groff Holotropic Breath Work
  • Lazarus Personal Development
  • Abraham Material, Jerry and Ester Hicks
  • Sedona Method
  • Landmark Education, Forum, Advanced 6 day, Communication 1 and 2 SLP
  • Silva Method with Jose Silva graduate
  • Reiki Transmission level 1, 2, and 3
  • Swami Janakananda intensive yoga retreat