About Professional Astrologer Donna Page

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My intention in every session is to provide you with the insight and information you want and need to make the best choices for your happy and fulfilled future. Helpful, useful knowledge is available from your natal chart and the current planetary influences around it.

There are many techniques and schools of astrology and I believe in continuing education to stay informed of the evolving knowledge brought to surface in order to best serve.

I have studied astrology extensively to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to your astrology reading. In addition to extensive studies in astrology through many of the astrological branches, (classical, psychological, traditional, Hellenistic, fixed stars, Uranian) my education includes a Masters Degree in Counselling.

I served for 4 years on the board of AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking) was Vice President of MAAS. (Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society)

My focus is in providing the most accurate and helpful information that serves you. Using the unique combination of education and training brings to the consultation the ability to provide insights and answers for your life.

I have had the privilege of providing professional astrology consultations with thousands of individuals from all over the world. Many of my clients are well known in their respective fields and confidentiality is always respected.

Certifications and Degrees:

  • Passed City of Atlanta Professional Astrology licensing exam 1994
  • Masters of Science in Professional Counseling Georgia State University MS.
  • BA from the State University of New York @ Binghamton.
  • EMDR Certification.
  • NLP certification Practitioner license.
Loving Light Astrologer

Astrology Presentations

Lectured and presented weekend workshops for astrology groups and organizations:
⦁ Lectured at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) New Orleans 2012
⦁ Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society,
⦁ South Florida Astrology Association (https://www.southfloridaastrology.com/)
⦁ Astrology Association of St. Petersburg (http://aaspfl.com/)
⦁ Orlando Astrology
⦁ Asheville Friends of Astrology (http://www.ashevillefriendsofastrology.org/)
⦁ NCGR 25 Year Conference, Orlando FL (http://geocosmic.org/)

Astrological Studies

  • Gary Christian: Symmetrical Astrology
  • Linda Berry: Vibrational Astrology
  • Bernadette Brady – The Star School Fixed Stars
  • Lee Lehman Classical Studies
  • Robert Schmidt: Project Hindsight The conclave
  • Buz Meyers On-Time group and 7-day Intensives

Additional Metaphysical Studies

Hawk wind retreats – Sweat lodge work

Stan Groff Holotropic Breath Work

Lazarus Personal Development

Abraham Material, Jerry and Ester Hicks

Sedona Method

Landmark Education, Forum, Advanced 6 day, Communication 1 and 2

Silva Method with Jose Silva graduate

Reiki Transmission level 1, 2, and 3

Swami Janakananda intensive yoga retreat