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Astrology Forecast for 2019 Jupiter in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Cause Concern

2019 brings great enthusiasm along with caution. The New Year comes in with a bang. We start the New Year off with a solar eclipse in Capricorn the day that the planet Uranus moves direct. This solar eclipse is dancing with the planet Saturn pushing for us to accomplish much this year. Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius offering great enthusiasm and belief that all we have to do is dream and we will be able to do and have what we dream of. The year begins with Mars the planet of motivation, in its own sign of Aries. This will support us in going after what we want with great gusto.


There will be several times during this year that Jupiter along with Ceres will be the only planets in fire signs. Jupiter is Sagittarius’s unbridled enthusiasm. Ceres is a goddess mother she has significance over food crops nourishment of body mind and soul. When something is taken away depression and anger can scorch even the good around in order to seek that which has been taken away. Jupiter wants us to believe. Believe in ourselves, believe in what is possible, believe in the future, believe that you can do more and be more than you possibly know. However we Jupiter that unbridled confidence of I can do anything can take one to a place beyond one’s capabilities.


Saturn on the other hand in Capricorn, which also is in its rulership, is very pragmatic in laying out the plan and taking everything step-by-step in order to achieve results. Jupiter and Saturn are in a relationship with each other where they cannot see or understand each other’s position. Therefore it is very easy to either adopt Jupiter’s way of living life, which can be fake it until you make it, take a risk and see what happens, along with an attitude that everything is going to be okay no matter what. Or embrace the Saturn viewpoint that life is hard, one must work for everything you get, there are no breaks in life, and it will probably take a long time before you achieve any results. The ideal is to embrace a little bit of both as you move towards your life in this New Year.


Nodes of the Moon and Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn

The North node of the moon will be in cancer for the whole year of 2019. This contributes to a very emotional year. The North node of the moon is asking us to listen to our emotions and understand our emotional body.

Cancer is ruled by the moon the moon is the fastest moving object from one sign to the other signed that is why there will be this great flocks of enthusiasm caution wanting one thing not sure about the other thing that can undulate over the whole year. The full moons during this year will a fact one were deeply than normal and you can see results on the news of people’s emotions and reactions to events even stronger.


For the most part the three Mercury retrogrades will occur in water. The first Mercury retrograde in March will be in the sign of Pisces. Again this adds to the emotional element of one’s thinking as the water signs are connected to our emotions and feelings. The second Mercury retrograde in July begins in the fire sign of Leo then dips back into the water sign of cancer before it moves direct on 1 August. This Mercury retrograde from Leo cancer will bring inspiration and ideas of having fun and dive back into our feelings of whether or not really want to do what we think we want to do. The final Mercury retrograde of the here begins October 31 in Scorpio until it moves direct November 20 in the deep water re-emotional intense thinking inside of the Scorpio realm. These three Mercury retrogrades will give us the opportunity to not only figure out what we don’t want and go over things that we have left, it will also include our personal and emotional life. Because there is so much emphasis with Saturn in Capricorn Pluto in Capricorn to accomplish what we may feel we need to do for security on this earth plane, the Mercury retrograde in water will give us a pause to reassess if the path we are on will bring emotional fulfillment.


Jupiter will be square Neptune three times during 2019. Jupiter is Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces both in their rulership, contribute to imagination, creativity, and unbridled enthusiasm. However Jupiter is Sagittarius can be a very huge party energy, Neptune in Pisces is symbolic of the opioid crisis in our country, and these two square can result in massive abuse of controlled or not controlled substances. This can also be a sign where one is putting faith in spiritual leaders who can promise much but may not be living up to the pedestal that one puts them on. Still it is an excellent year to pursue spiritual discipline, yoga, retreats that expand one’s awareness, and to develop one’s personal philosophy along with artistic and creative pursuits.


The planet Uranus will move back into the sign of Taurus on March 6 for the next several years. The continuing change of banks institutions brick-and-mortar stores will be evident. In fact over the next several years until 2026 only the strongest and healthiest of the retail industry will survive. This includes major changes in banking, banking regulations, and crypto currencies. Uranus in Taurus will also bring about a change in property and how we view ownership of property. In fact with Jupiter is Sagittarius, and Saturn in Capricorn, there is a clash between wanting freedom to roam and live wherever on the planet and the Saturn’s restrictions for borders and security. Ownership, a Taurus conception, of the lands and property may go through a fundamental change in perception as it did 84 years ago. Some individuals will seek more freedom in not having ownership of property to travel around the world around the country without being committed to a mortgage or a long-term lease. Others will seek the security that owning an abode can conceivably bring them.


The eclipse patterns are going between Capricorn and cancer. There will be one lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21. It is the last eclipse in Leo for another nine years. One last nudge to remind us to follow our heart which has been the message in 2018. The message of the eclipse patterns of Capricorn in cancer are out being true to our feelings in any given situation. The difference between Capricorn, which wants responsibility to one’s life and cancer which wants safety, family, nurturing, may at first appear on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Yet the astrology is pointing towards if we understand what our gut, our emotional well-being needs then we will be able to be responsible to ourselves and to others. That are true Capricorn responsibility is not following the dictates of what one should do but the structure of what we know and have learned will support us in building a life that fulfills one’s higher purpose.


The year ends as it began with a solar eclipse in Capricorn and Mars in its ruling sign. In January the solar eclipse in Capricorn was with the planet Saturn, a very serious signature to make some plans to do your life according to what will be true to you, and Mars and its rulership in the sign of Aries. The end of 2019 on December 26 the solar eclipse in Capricorn is with Jupiter, suggesting that if you follow the messages throughout the previous months then the opportunity that Jupiter brings will fulfill your wishes.

Check out the dates below to see when the planets change direction.

2019 Planets Retrograde and Direct


March  5, 2019    Mercury  Retrograde  @ 29 Pisces 
March 28, 2019    Mercury Direct  @ 16 Pisces

July  7, 2019    Mercury  Retrograde @ 4 Leo
Aug  1, 2019     Mercury Direct @ 24 Cancer

Oct 31, 2019    Mercury  Retrograde  @27 Scorpio  
Nov 20, 2019     Mercury Direct  @ 11 Scorpio


Apr 10, 2019     Jupiter retrograde @ 24 Sagittarius    
Aug 11, 2019     Jupiter Direct @ 14 Sagittarius

Jan  6, 2019  Uranus direct @ 28 Aries

August 12 Uranus retrograde @ 6 Taurus


Apr 30, 2019    Saturn   retrograde @ 20 Capricorn

Sep 18, 2019     Saturn  direct @ 13 Capricorn       


Jun 21, 2019     Neptune retrograde @ 18 Pisces  

Nov 27, 2019    Neptune   direct @ 15 Pisces                   l

April 24, 2019   Pluto   retrograde @ 23 Capricorn     

Oct  3, 2019     Pluto     direct @ 20 Capricorn   

July  8, 2019 Chiron  retrograde @ 6 Aries 

Dec 13, 2019     Chiron Direct @ 1 Aries