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I am so grateful to astrology and the answers it brings. Just knowing that there are answers to why and what is happening is soothing and healing. Perhaps you have experienced anxiety, stress, or depression because things in your life are not going right. Maybe you are fascinated with astrology and want to learn more.
The website is filled with many articles that share valuable information in what is going on in the world, called mundane astrology, and fundamentals in how to interpret your chart. I invite you to explore the different topics to use the wisdom of astrology to embrace opportunities.

What do you look for in a chart to see addiction or alcoholism?

Many astrologers will look to Neptune as the culprit, as Neptune is given the rulership over alcohol and drugs yet Neptune is not the only mischief maker when it comes to addiction problems.
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How to see depression or suicide in the chart?

Suicide is a tragedy, and as the saying goes, it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Yet pain and depression are real, and how does one find answers to live a life that is not only void of suffering but is one of deep contentment.
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How to I know if someone is compatible with me?

When you understand your natal chart, what your soul or higher self wants for you, then you can avoid relationships that will not provide what you want and choose partners that will support you in your life path.
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Will my relationship last?

All relationships, even caring and loving marriages, experience challenging times. Whether these difficult times will end up with the couple staying together or splitting up can be discovered through analyzing their astrology charts. In a natal chart if it’s inherent that the life path of a person will include having multiple relationships, this could result in the difficult times causing enough stress that the couple splits up.
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Compatibility between You and Your Love

When a professional astrologer interprets your astrology chart, especially if you are asking about relationships, then he or she will focus on Venus, the fifth house (which is the house of romance) and the seventh house (the house for partnership and marriage). When you want to understand chart compatibility, or whether or not your relationship will be strong in the future, you must understand what each of your Venus desires.
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When will I get a new job?

Looking for a new job? Wondering if there is any chance of getting a new job or are you setting yourself up for disappointment and rejections?
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How to find out when money will be abundant

Money or lack of it can be the cause of tremendous tension and stress in life. Our lives can become overly occupied by the pursuit of money to help sustain us in our existence.
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On Becoming More of Who You Are

Personal growth demands introspection, the willingness to look at the shadow, or not so pretty side of oneself and be brutally honest and accept that there is something within you that is co creating the life you have. When it is difficult to accept that you have a say in how your life goes you become a victim of circumstances in life.
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What are the important fixed stars to use in astrology?

The fixed star needs to be within one degree and in conjunction to one of your personal planets to have impact. Also realize that these intense meanings are not to be taken literally, such as for Caput Algol, the fixed star of beheading. If you have Algol on your Venus, for example, then you could be prone to “lose your head” when it comes to love affairs.
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What are the Dwarf planets in the chart?

To discover if and when and how these new planets will be significant for you they must connect with another personal planet, such as your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or Mercury. Then the symbols that represent these planets will alter and change the perception and influence how your life will be
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What degrees are the nodes of the planets?

TEach planets node when connected to a personal planet, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant Mid-Heaven, will bring the nature of the planets node to combine with the planet that it is conjunct with. This brings a whole new level of interpretation to chart analysis.
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Jupiter Returns Happy Days Ahead

Jupiter in astrology is considered the planet of blessings and opportunity. Jupiter is also considered a teacher. Events that enter into your life during a Jupiter transit can bring you new awareness and ideas that expand your view. There is much to learn under Jupiter. Jupiter gifts are the can do attitude.
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Saturn return and Saturn Transit

When you are experiencing a Saturn transit the world can seem a bit heavier, you may feel oppressed or depressed. When you are having a Saturn return it is time to reevaluate your life.
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The Transforming Times of a Pluto Transit

A Pluto transit is one of the most difficult and trying times of your life. The cycles of life are clearly seen in astrology. A Pluto transit is generational or personal. A generational Pluto transit is when a group of people are experiencing the transit at the same time. A personal transit of Pluto is when Pluto is aspecting one of your personal planets such as your Sun, Moon or Venus.
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What is Mercury Retrograde about?

On a deeper level when Mercury moves retrograde it is the symbolic time to retreat, go back to your source, retrieve divine messages from within and when Mercury moves direct you can implement fresh ideas and thoughts into your life.
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current Events

Mundane astrology is all about how the cosmos, the astrology of current times is reflecting in world events. Some examples that are well documented are the corona virus, crypto currencies, major changes in work and career, and major shifts scene in relocating and the real estate maket.

Big Changes Ahead

There are major shifts and changes happening all across the world. Being centered in the core of who you are will help you ride the wave into the evolving future. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is on the solstice December 21st at 0 degrees of Aquarius.
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When Saturn and Uranus square off it is uncomfortable; which will prevail?

Will it be the cautious route of step by step towards security or walking away from what one has and stepping into an unknown territory?
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Corona Virus Pandemic What Does the Astrology Say?

Let’s look at the astrological symbolism and the dance in the cosmos that is playing out and showing us a path during the unfolding of the coronavirus pandemic.

Are you Ready for Major Change in Career and Finances?

Uranus is the planet of awakening, the rebel, the change agent is moving into Taurus, the sign that encourages us to appreciate the earth, art, food, sensuality, material possessions and craves financial security.
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When is the next Solar Eclipse?

For When the solar eclipse is the same degree as your Sun, Moon or Venus you can expect something significant to happen, depending on what house that planet rules.

How to Learn Astrology

Learning astrology is a fascinating discovery into our inner psyche and key to self-awareness. It is a way to integrate the different parts and pieces of our self and understand why we do what we do. When you learn astrology you will be able to understand yourself and the people around you better.