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Finding Your Soul Connection with Astrology

Love Compatibility and Astrology

Astrology compatibility is a priceless tool to help you avoid heartbreak and have a happy love life.

When you understand your natal chart, what your soul or higher self wants for you, then you can avoid relationships that will not provide what you want and choose partners that will support you in your life path. How astrology reveals the insights into your love life is through your chart by what type of relationship you will attract. Understand that just because you attract a certain type of person it doesn’t mean that person is the one that will make you happy. If you want to find your perfect match with astrology, first know that there is no perfect match, just one who can be perfect for you. And second realize that using chart compatibility and synastry between your charts will help you determine how well you will get along together.

A soul mate or soul connection in the eyes of astrology would be a person whose chart matches up with yours in such a way as there is a deep feeling of belonging together that extends beyond time. In fact there is a symbol in your chart that will show your past lives together, suggesting that you got back together this life, whether because there is unfinished business or as a contract or promise made from a previous life. When you are comparing your chart with your lovers and want to see the factors of soul mate, or past life connections look to the nodes of the moon. The south node connecting to a planet will show what type of relationship you will remember most from that past life. If your south node is connected to your partners Venus, then the side of the romantic relationship in the previous life is most recalled. When your south node is connected to his Moon then the family side of the previous life is resonating most. Having your south node connecting to a planet in your loves chart, but not visa versa, then you may feel the stronger pull that you are meant to be together than he does.

Chart Compatibility Reading

Astrology has been used to help arranged marriages for centuries. The secrets of a happy marriage seen in the astrology charts are quite complex, but here are a few pointers. One, have a Sun and Moon conjunction, which is the Sun in one person’s chart in the same sign and close to the same degree connected to the moon in the other chart. Also have Saturn minimized, although the planet Saturn can help with commitment, Saturn also brings the feeling of nothing being quite good enough or suppressing the joy of the other person. Certainly understanding your marriage partner with astrology is a necessity for anyone that has studied even the minimum of how powerful astrology is in chart compatibility.

There are times when one contacts an astrologer because there are difficulties happening in an ongoing relationship or a person’s marriage and they want to know if the marriage will last or if they will get divorced. Or they are at a critical turning point in a relationship and want to know if the astrology indicates if they will break up or stay together. If you are wondering if a relationship will split up or if it is temporary look to your transits to your Venus, the ruler of your 7th house, and your 7th house. Also do the same for the chart of your partner. If your Venus, ruler of your 7th house is being influenced with extremely stressful planets then a break up energy is dealt with unless there are other circumstances that are putting stress in the relationship, (like illness or job separation).

You can predict your love life with astrology, but that is not its real purpose.

If you want to know if the person you are dating is someone that you will stay with or if it is a short term relationship, look to your upcoming transits. Know what the upcoming planetary influences are; will they bring a change of heart or mind, such as Uranus to your Venus? In those circumstances chances are (unless other indicators in your chart take up this vibe)  after your Uranus transit you decide that the relationship wasn’t what you wanted after all.

To know if a relationship has the qualities for a long term romance that never turns into a serious commitment compatibility is one factor, but the nature of the person is even more so. If a person’s birth chart reflects someone that is reluctant to make commitments but prefers romance instead then this can be a great love affair. A chart that can show this would be one that has several factors, including a Sun, Moon or Mercury in a sign that has a hard time deciding between choices, (Gemini or Libra) or a Venus in Pisces with Uranus, Or Venus in hard aspect with Neptune always looking for the ideal and would rather wait and see what happens.

Where astrology can truly help you avoid heart break is analyzing the compatibility between two charts. There are several astrology techniques to use for this, in essence most involve matching your lovers’ astrology chart with yours. When you are in a relationship and not 100 percent sure it is only normal to want to know if he is the right one for you or if you will meet someone else that will be better.

For these questions you want to do a traditional compatibility analysis using astrology for success in love and your relationship. Obviously a good romantic match between two people is more that matching your Sun signs, in fact Sun signs are way down on the list to think about. A good relationship includes physical attraction but it is more than being attracted to each other. To see how your sex life will be look at the connections between the Mars and Venus in the charts. Conjunctions, oppositions and squares are the most dynamic and will create the electric vibe between you. This is usually the first factor one starts a relationship with and if you only have this factor then moving this into a happy long term relationship can be problematic.

One also need to have the moons in harmonious sign, this ensures you can understand each others emotional needs and feel understood in that deep heart connected way.
Next look to your Mercury. If the mercury in the charts are in compatible harmonious connections then even when you disagree you and talk it out.
Next you can move to more advanced systems, such as harmonics and composite charts.

As you can see matching your sun sign (some refer to as zodiac sign) for love and romance will never be enough to have a clue if you will be happy together. Any Sun sign can be attracted to another and get along depending on the rest of the chart. Take the time you need to avoid relationship pitfalls by first understanding your own chart, especially what the emotional and romantic needs are, then look at your lovers and whether or not it is an innate characteristic within to provide that. Every relationship comes into our lives to help us learn and grow. If you are having difficulties being happy in love then there is something within your chart that can pin point what is going on. The sooner you come to the truth within or why you are attracting what you attract, then shift happens and you can be more at peace with what is. When this happens you begin to attract a relationship that resonates more with the authentic you and brings you towards the best possible manifestation of your life living in your highest and greatest good.

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