Astrology Consultation

Think of your personal astrology chart as a secret code manual that once deciphered reveals hidden messages that have personal meaning. Your natal chart has an encoded blueprint, somewhat like DNA in our cells, which show the various possibilities of what your future will be. When we took our first breath the resonance of the universe was encoded into our being. The universe is a vibrating system and we are a microcosm of that moment in time. When you use astrology as a guide to acknowledge and develop your gifts you make choices that are in sync with your higher self. With this knowledge you contribute to the world and feel a deep sense of purpose and accomplishment. Personal astrology consultations analyze and interpret your natal chart and speaks about your life, present needs and your future. A professional astrology reading provides insight for you to best channel your gifts and use the planetary energy around you in the best possible way. In knowing all aspects of your chart you gain awareness to how to best utilize your strengths and support you in obtaining your life goals. An astrology reading is especially valuable when life is chaotic or if your are experiences major change or in a time of crises. Your personal astrology session is a soulful journey of who you are through the gift from the cosmos, your unique vibration as seen in your chart. 

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Astrology Offerings

This is where to start natal chart plus forecast

General Consultation

Natal Chart Interpretation

Natal Chart Interpretation with Forecast- 90 minutes. The place to begin if you never had your chart read or need to understand certain aspects better. $210.
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Return Consults for update

Standard Session

Update returning check in: 60 minutes. Covers the current themes and addresses your questions and concerns, including upcoming planetary cycles for the next one to two years. $150.
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Relationship Reading:

Synastry reveals how each person approaches the relationship and composite chart looks at the relationship itself. Includes the standard session. 90 minutes. $210.
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Please email for availability, I will send a link to a calendar to choose a time and date, along with payment information (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle) 

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Personal astrology consultations are tailored to your needs. The session includes many aspects of your life or concentrates on what is most important for you at this time. Consultations are by phone, zoom, or you can email me your questions and concerns and I will create a MP3 recording for you to listen to at your convenience. Email me @ donnazpage @gmail. com for more information or how soon you can expect your session or recording. Usually a phone consultation is set up within 2-3 weeks  or if you choose the MP3 service it well be emailed within 7-10 days. Please always check if your situation is time sensitive. Phone consultations appointment times are available Monday – Friday 9am-4pm Eastern Time Zone.

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What do you want to inquire about in your astrology consultation?


Feeling stuck in your professional life? Are you looking to change your job? Are you considering a different professional careers that will bring you more satisfaction and success?


Dive deep into the core of relating. Compatibility and synastry for romantic, family, partnerships and friendships.


Do you struggle financially? Or does making money come easy for you? Do you sabotage your best interest financially? Indications in your astrology chart help unravel financial conundrums to reveal how to have more prosperity in your life.

Spiritual Growth

There are certain times in life that will pull you to develop your spiritual life. Do you feel a need for deep change? Are you in a transitional phase of life?

Astrocartography & Relocation

Are you thinking about moving? Your chart will indicate timing for changing where you live, whether it is a smooth transition or if there could be hidden situations that are good to know about. When you relocate your chart, it sheds new light on your success and happiness probabilities for your new place of residence.