Did you ever want to study astrology but didn’t know where to begin or not sure if you wanted to commit to an expensive astrology class? This is a course designed for novices and long time astrologers alike.


This course is for anyone who understands or wants to learn the power of creative visualization by using the planetary energies to manifest the life you want.

You learn astrology without the routine memorization, but instead by listening to the audios and picking up the meaning of the planets, signs, aspects intuitively as the energies of the month are explained.

Bonus #1

When you join the monthly workshop you will receive a personalized calendar with not only the daily transits that are happening but include your personal transits printed on the calendar.

See example below.

Bonus #2

In addition you will receive a transit report that will give you explanations of your daily transits, this report is through the rest of the year. See pdf example here

Bonus #3

Your personal lunar phases report, the cycles of the planets go through phases, the new moon and full moon you are aware of. It is important to know your personal lunar phase as not only will you understand your chart better but why and how the energies of the planets manifest at different phases.

See example here

With these bonus reports you will be able to learn how the planetary influences impact you as you are following along with the monthly audios.

The method I teach to learn astrology is a system that will help you understand the astrological transits and be able to use the energy of the universe have a hand in creating your future. This is where the understanding of the law of attraction meets with astrological principles of the blueprint that you came into the world with as seen in your astrology chart.

Every month on the first day that the Sun moves into a new sign you will receive two one hour Mp3 recordings of astrology insights.

• Understand mythological and astrological archetypes and the spiritual forces they wield.
• Consciously co create with the universe.
• Develop personal power and the ability to manifest.
• Analysis of current astrological transits, what they mean, how to work with the planetary energy and how to know when they have personal meaning for you.
• World events as related to astrological symbols, learn how to predict mundane events.

Every month we take the theme of the month and apply the natural movements and gifts of that month to our lives. Each month we follow the messages and power of the planets to eliminate problems and create solution. For example Aries Creating fearlessness approach and having time for our inner desires and dreams. Taurus: mastering finances and abundance.

When you sign up I will send you the workshop for the cycle we are in and you will automatically be signed up to receive the next workshop. You can cancel at any time.

Why Join? Learn the secret meanings from astrology that very few people on the planet have access to.
Improve your life with monthly insights, motivation and Ideas.
Commit to re-inventing your life. Your monthly Astrology package is your tool to transform your life. Every month and every year a new theme of self-development emerges. Be the light in the world as conscious light workers.