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Essential Meanings about Monthly Astrology

The importance of astrology and knowing the monthly messages from the universe.

New Moon manifestations.

Why it is important to follow the monthly astrology forecast?

When you follow the astrological indicators each month  you will be able to harness the positive influence of the planets and minimize any difficult energies that may be happening.

Every month there will be a new moon and a full moon which are the times to set into motion what you want to have in your life. Each month, every sign, has its own dominion over what the gifts of those areas of life will be.

Some people who have dabbled in new moon rituals and have not witnessed any change in their life from their visualizations miss the point that each month, with the new moon in the sign of that month,

They are ignoring the domain of what is possible to manifest.

For example, you wouldn’t go into a hardware store and order to buy a wedding dress,  or go into a Bridal store and look for plywood and paint, the same holds true for manifesting with the monthly new moons and reflecting with the full moons.

January :  Capricorn new moon happens sometime between  December 21 January 20th  Career, the goals of your life, long term items that require effort and planning.

February: Aquarius New Moon happens sometime between Jan 20th– Feb 18th    Anything that supports you in feeling connected in life, expanding your horizons and learning about different ways of doing things, other cultures, Friends, connections, innovative gadgets.

March : Pisces New Moon happens sometime between Feb 19th March 20th  : Everything that allows you to merge with a higher purpose and connect with your spirituality. Putting Music, film, water features, swimming pools, meditation time, and retreats into your life.

April :  Aries New Moon happens sometime between March 20th – April 20th  Sports, fast cars, areas of life that you want to be first and whatever allows you to life your life authentically yours.

May : Taurus New Moon happens sometime between April 20th– May 21st :  Luxury items, art, relationships, land, Everything that has to do with what we acquire in life that makes life comfortable and secure, including financial goals.

June : Gemini new moon -happens sometime between May 21st– June 20th – Vehicles, computers, books, air planes, travel plans, especially short travels. Everything that supports your life in learning the little things in life that make it easier (how to work phones/computers/programs) and ability to get from one place to another, and support in communication.

July: Cancer New Moon happens sometime between June 20th – July 21st –  Home goods, kitchen stuff, collectables, children toys. Anything that has to do with home and family, along with taking care of your emotional needs.

August: Leo new moon: happens sometime between July 21 – Aug 21st : Leo- Special items, jewelry, hair stuff,  party stuff, art, hobbies, anything that opens you to follow your heart, and be self expressed in life.

September: Virgo New Moon  happens sometime between August 20 -Sept 20:  Virgo- Exercise clothes and equipment, office furniture, office supplies, health food and vitamins. Everything that makes your work and daily rituals, self improvement, and anything that helps you get healthy.

October Libra New Moon happens sometime between Sept 20- Oct 20- : Beauty and Love and relationship- clothes, make-up and everything else that makes you look and feel beautiful, concert tickets, museum passes, theater tickets, focus on personal and professional relationships.

November Scorpio New Moon happens sometime between Oct 20 – Nov 20 : , (known as death, sex, and taxes sign) long term financial goals, tools for divination, anything that has to do with diving deep into knowledge that is hidden or obscured, connecting with others who can share with you their knowledge, or join with someone to be stronger together in achieving your goals.

December Sagittarius New Moon  happens sometime between Nov 20 – Dec 20 – (known as the teacher, preacher, travel sign) Everything to do with Travel, your travel dreams, expanding horizons, future knowledge desired, education, positive beliefs, affirmations, confidence and anything that allows  you to be and feel free in life.