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2017 Astrology Predictions   


Astrology 2017

There will be harmonious energy this year to help manifest your vision, Uranus Jupiter and Saturn in supporting roles.

The Year for Seeking Stability


2017 astrology predictions

2017 looks like a good year for everyday ordinary people living their lives seeking happiness and better times. (Granted the chart of USA, Dow Jones and NASDAQ have big challenges.) The key words for 2017 are excitement, breaking away, moving towards freedom and spiritual wisdom. Jupiter will be the planet that has the strongest voice in 2017. Jupiter is the great benefic, the planet that gives us the extra push to take a risk and confidence to in order to make something happen. Jupiter in Libra until October 10th is spreading its message across the solar system media to spend time cultivating relationships, and social connections.

There are four  Mercury retrogrades this year, (Dec 18, 2016- Jan 8, Apr 9 – May 3, Aug 12 – Sept 5, Dec 3- Dec 22)  the first three beginning in earth signs dipping back into fire for inspiration then moving ahead to create. During the times of Mercury cycles think about what you want to have, then seek the inspiration and will to follow through. The first one is from Capricorn, so what do you want for your career? The second is from Taurus, what do you want for pleasure and luxury? The third is from Virgo, what do you want for your wellbeing? The last is all in fiery Sagittarius, what do you want for knowledge, education and travel?

 Venus retrograde in Aries (March 3 – April 14) focusing on personal love, and concerns near and dear to your heart. Relationships can have a tough time during a Venus retrograde cycle, and especially the relationships that began around 2014. Realize the reason relationships have a trying time during Venus retro as it is a time to rethink what makes you happy, and in Aries especially so as it is about the me factor. If you are not happy in your life how can you be happy in a relationship, it begins from within. This is part of the spiritual growth phase that is apparent between Neptune in Pisces and Venus retrograde in Aries. Do I sacrifice what I want so others are taken care of or happy or let go and trust that if I am true to my highest and greatest good it will be for the betterment of all?


Eclipses in February and August with one solar eclipse in Pisces finishing up the series of the last year and one half exposing more problems with water concerns on the earth and the heroin epidemic, the lunar eclipse in February is prescient to a shift in what is the buzz on different topics, away from health care and workers’ rights towards centering on enjoying life in the moment, arts and time off.  The resounding message of the upcoming eclipse pattern focuses on love, romance, creativity, and feeling connected; this will be a major theme of 2017.  Large number of people can be retiring whether early retirement from successes made early in their career to baby boomers feeling that their nest egg has recovered enough from the 2008 great recession to be able to live off of the income they set aside. This will open up the doors for the generation born around 1992 1993 as they will be experiencing a freedom from being trapped in situations they couldn’t see around as Uranus makes its crescent phase pulling away from Neptune in August 2017.  

The north node moving into Leo, and hence the eclipse pattern for the next 18 months in Leo Aquarius supports the overall them of following your hearts path to enjoy life, take risks, and break away from old patterns that are no longer a reflection of who you are or what you want. There will be a waning of interest in the news channels to highlight medical news or workers’ rights, except more and more companies will be adding on extra Leo benefits such as child care and more time off for employees to pursue their avocational interest.

It will become fashionable to live large, a Leo like display of if you got it why not show it. Hair Nail salons will be busy, as well as clinics for aesthetic beauty treatments. Fashion will trend towards the unusual with hues of silver, electric blues, reds and golds making its way into wardrobes and home fashions. Getting a little nip and tuck will be fashionable for those with the budgets to splurge. Heart disease can be in the news and on the rise as well as Alzheimer’s.

In the 2017 cosmic play Jupiter has the leading role. Jupiter as the leading character of 2017 will front and center during the whole year acquiescing briefly in May and November to Saturn and Uranus, and gives Uranus and Neptune their own act in Aug and October. This is a Jupiter year because out of the 13 major aspects between the outer planets Jupiter is involved in 9 of them. That does not mean that the other planets will not make their mark, they will indeed, especially Saturn but let’s back up a moment and see what it all means for you.

The year starts out on the winds from the Jupiter Uranus opposition in late December, sparking excitement to new and different possibilities in relationship and attending events for fun and pleasure. There will be 2 more of these oppositions with Jupiter and Uranus, in March and the last in the end of September. Putting plenty of engagements on your social calendar will feel like the thing to do.

Jupiter again takes the lead with a square to Pluto; the second event is at the end of March and again in Aug. The first Jupiter Pluto square occurred at the end of November 2016 and the Jupiter Uranus opposition in the last days of December. Astrological aspects come in threes, (usually) ever wonder where the saying came from things happen in 3’s? Yep, you got it, from astrology.  Jupiter Pluto wants to experience life in a large way, no small time for those 2. Big and significant, deep and passionate and nothing less is what Jupiter Pluto aspects want.  Finding what has meaning for you is the message this pair.

Jupiter keeps center stage but Pluto exits and Neptune joins the dialog in May with an inconjunct, which symbolizes finding a way to adjust the need for exuberance and a bit of bravado with compassion humility and spiritual acceptance that things happen for a higher purpose even though we can’t always know what that reason is. Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries fuels the flames of moving towards dreams of freedom and independence.

The Saturn station in April at the degree of the galactic center is a little troubling, as world events of a serious nature can explode across our media devises. On a personal note it is the cosmic reminder to do what is right and ethical, if not you will be called out on it.

The energy of the year has a big shift in October/November/December. First shift in energy is with Jupiter leaving Libra and then entering Scorpio. Insight therapy, programs and workshops will regenerate themselves and become popular. Concerns about end of life issues will be on the news. Debts will demand to be handled responsibly. And Scorpios will be happy; having Jupiter travel through ones sign is a welcome guest.

The end of the year you can tune in to the premonition given from the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn. We are entering into what is called the balsamic phase of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that happened in May of 2000 in Taurus. We are preparing for a new beginning that doesn’t occur for another 3 years, 2020 but that is an extremely important year as Saturn will conjoin with Pluto as well as Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

When we can connect with the cosmic messages and align with the energies life is easier. Hop on the cosmic train with Jupiter as the conductor for 2017 and you will be amazed at your personal growth. Jupiter is the challenge to do it (whatever that it is in your life) better than you know or think you can. Happy New Year 2017



If you are reading this, then most likely you are aware of the unseen forces that surround us. Perhaps when you were a child you felt or saw what adults could not see, whether they were called guardian angels, ghost, spirits or your imaginary friend.

The planetary vibrations are a higher octave of our personal spirit guides, sending messages that can help mankind evolve towards a state of freedom and enlightenment.

On a collective level, these vibrations allow for events on a global level. On a personal level when the energies connect with our chart, well, life changes.

However knowing the astrological prediction patterns we can catch the fast train, as it where, and take a ride towards a destination that can help us with more ease.

What are these astrology gifts that the beings from this higher octave sending to us?

chakra third eye - CopyThe ability to transform our lives in a deep meaningful way through empowering rituals and habits. One will be by taking greater responsibility for our health through changing our habits. Create your perfect morning ritual, follow it for 30 days to transform it into a habit that does not need help to keep it going. Create rituals for any part of your life that you want to transform, put it into place for 30 days and it turns into a habit. Just don’t take on too many at one time, one a month is good, especially by following the new moons and what they bring into our world.

This is the gift from Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo demands attention to details, the small stuff of life. It says “take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves”. What rituals do you have and do they support you in what you value most in life? Everyday do have a healthy routine, exercise, eat healthy, work without complaining, give of yourself in service and gifts will come your way.

Jupiter in Virgo Predictions

  • Expanded organic food availability, through more health oriented grocery stores to more organic produce in traditional grocery stores.
  • Increased care for global health initiative
  • Increase in wages for the poorest of the poor.
  • Expansion of jobs in the health industry, specialist as well as general practitioners.
  • Expansion of plant medicine, herbal treatments, holistic treatments.
  • Demands from the working class for greater benefits.

Jupiter moves in to Libra September 9th hoping we have taken and employed the powerful gifts of health and habits and moves into giving us support to strengthen our relationships.

Mercury retrogrades in Earth signs.

Perhaps one of the most telling messages we have in 2016 is the 4 Mercury retrogrades, (instead of the usual 3) all in earth signs. Yes the initial Mercury retro January 5th begins at 1 degree of Aquarius, the air sign, and retrogrades back to 15 degrees of Capricorn conjunct Pluto. The other Mercury retrogrades will also retrograde back in their earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, in a trine aspect to Pluto. This will focus our mental ability to know what to do in order to manifest in our earth existence, (our material world).

chakra heartMercury retrograde in Earth signs with Pluto predictions:

  • Rethinking our material needs.
  • Intuitive understanding of what to do to get a new job or increase wealth.
  • Eliminating unnecessary gadgets, toys, and unused objects.
  • Back to the drawing board for renewable energy sources
  • New arguments for initiatives for taking care of mother earth.

Saturn will be square Neptune, this happened in November 2015 and will have 2 more exact squares until September 2016. The tragedy in Paris and the global outpouring of support is symbolic of the shadow and higher side of Saturn/Neptune. In terrorism, Saturn square Neptune represents a delusional martyr following a dogmatic father authority figure to destruction.

Saturn can be a downer, always pointing out the hard work that is needed, or the obstacles that can be in the way of achieving any goal. Neptune is the dreamer, imagine it, and create the image in your mind’s eye. Neptune is not concerned with whether it is practical, only what is possible. When the 2 collide, either disappointment can ensue, that one’s dreams were only an illusion and life sucks, life is hard, and despair can follow now thinking nothing is will even come to pass. Or a quiet excitement begins to brew, knowing that with the willingness to work hard, dreams and the vision of the life you want will come to fruition.

chakra sacralSaturn square Neptune Predictions:

  • Slow disintegrating of centuries old dogmatic rules.
  • Attitude shift to do whatever it takes to create your dream life.
  • Changing beliefs in religious acceptance, more tolerances in differences. (Such as gay marriage, homosexuality, divorce, etc.)
  • Pressure on pharmaceutical companies to produce affordable drugs.
  • Exposing white collar criminal deceptions and false gurus.
  • Difficulties in oil business resulting in competition in price for gasoline.
  • Changing attitudes towards addiction, new addiction treatments available.
  • Awareness of major drug problems, especially heroin and other drugs that are Neptune inducing, which means total oblivion spaces out high.

Mars retrograde predictions.

chakra rootMars will be retrograde from April 17th at 9 degrees Sagittarius until June 29th where it will move direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio. Hang on, as Mars in Sagittarius can wield a mighty verbal sword, and Mars in Scorpio sword is swift blade of steel.

  • Verbal attacks galore, US presidential election year will be filled to the brim with attacks against opponents, not all truthful.
  • Retaliation of verbal assaults will come from Mars in Scorpio stealth and secretive.
  • Mars in Sagittarius, fighting for your personal rights, freedom, and beliefs.
  • Protect your personal identification, breach of identity theft will be on the rise.
  • On a happier side, putting effort and money into travel and educational pursuits increases as Mars is in Sagittarius.
  • Finding one’s personal truth and path is critically important and can take priority over social expectations from others.
  • Ability to find a way to manifest, using once secretive techniques expands while Mars is in Scorpio.
  • Being able to use information and resources from other people, expansion of home exchanges, ride shares, and more.

As we move past September which complete the Neptune Saturn square and Jupiter moving into Libra, a major shift in planetary messages happen. The energy lifts to greater ease and sudden awakenings. It is as if the first 9 months was nose to the grindstone developing healthy routines, spiritual practices, and a positive mindset in spite of what may be going or what the experts say.

As we move into November Jupiter will be connecting Pluto, (through a square) then opposite Uranus opening the vault that was holding all of the dedication and determination from the first part of the year. As the vault opens the treasures spill over. The understanding of cosmic timing becomes apparent and the wisdom of holding faith in your heart is revealed through the manifestations of prayers answered.


In a nutshell, this year brings the gift knowing that all things are in divine order and that your only job is to be the best person you can be, every day, little by little and keep the faith. This year brings the opportunity to create rituals in your life that turn into a way of being, second nature. There is the evolution towards more loving acceptance of self and others. A deeper appreciation of the blessings that surround you. The discipline to take better care of your health through little things, step by step. To let go of criticism (other people, world problems) and embrace doing what you can, however small to help the environment, serve others, and do the best you can in whatever work you are engaged in.

Perhaps the biggest message we are being sent this year in our evolution of spiritual understanding that will go hand in hand with living by the rules of what we say, along with the motivation to cut the ‘crap’ out of our lives that take us off our path.

Wishing you a very happy New Year and may it bring you love and joy.

Happy New Year