Life Coaching with Astrology

Astrology life coaching is a way to deeply explore your inner wisdom that resides in your heart and chart and discovers your highest potential to express and move your life in a powerful and meaningful way.  The astrology package is a way to dig deep into the meaning of your astrology chart and discover the tools you need to have the life you want.

astrology life coaching


4 one hour sessions are $495 Please email to find our if your schedule syncs up with my availability. I will send a calendar to choose from and payment options are PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. 

gifYour astrology chart is a deep well which contains much information.

Life coaching with astrology is for when you want to go deep into your life and need the extra support to figure out what is next for you.


4 astrology consultations over a course of a month give you support to focus and move out of a rut.

Use the 4 session package in a multitude of ways.

This give you an opportunity to explore your chart in depth and assimilate the depths and meanings over a 4 week period.

You may want to:

Explore the depths of relationship concerns, understanding your relationship through astrology compatibility readings.

Discover your astro map- how living and traveling to different places will help open up new possibilities.

Learn long term planetary transit patterns to best support your dreams and wishes.

Understand why you feel stuck or blocked and what you can do about it.

Sessions are spaced one week to 10 days apart. This is needed to keep the energy of change moving.

This is your best choice when you want it all; an indepth astrology session with an astrological update, lessons to learn how to work with the planets to use the energy of the universe wisely, and a life coach to support you in your commitments to what you want.

Move through the blocks and obstacles holding you back.
Set goals and overcome procrastination.
Learn to use the energy of the universe to accomplish more in less time.

Are you ready to make big changes in your life?


Life coaching with astrology gives you support to do it.


Are you willing to confront your personal wall that is holding you back from what you say you want?life coaching
Are you ready to take a good hard look at what is getting in your way, what is stopping you and make some serious changes?
Are you ready to make promises to yourself and keep them?

Then this is the program for you! Please email for current availability. 


We set up your 4 sessions, if you need to cancel and reschedule a 24 hour notice is needed.

You can design the program to what suits you best- one example is:

Session One: An overview of where you are in your life versus where you want to be with your astrology chart as a background. Assessment of your current transits and influences in relationship to what you want to change.

Sessions 2, 3, and 4 we concentrate on creating and executing a plan which is coordinated with the correct astrological and planetary timing. You will find yourself in action and aware of where and when and how you get stopped in life. This affords you the opportunity to do things differently and use the talents in your chart that have not yet been expressed.

Your astrology chart is a deep well from which you can dip into to find more and more insights.

There are many individuals who choose the life coaching astrology package to help them discover all the meanings revealed in the chart.


The life coaching with astrology 4 session package is the best choice when you want to learn why you can get stuck in life and use remedial measures to move beyond your karmic limitations.

always believe in yourself
let the adventure begin
live life in full bloom

Please realize that I am not a “fortune teller. I am very intuitive, as we all have an intuitive side which is heightened or developed more or less according to ones innate disposition and conscious training and meditative practices.

If you are in need of financial, legal, medical, psychological or other professional services, please contact those professionals.

My purpose is to transmit the information and meaning that your own individual astrology chart has and embodies. This information is fascinating as the symbolic messages have pertinent meaning that apply to our lives. It is your responsibility to use your own free will to make the best choices that help your life reach its greatest potential. There are times and cycles that show positive influences and others more challenging that can be seen through the astrological transits. This information is also available through the astrology symbols and influences that cycle around the chart at various times. As you become more aware of self, you are able to take conscious control of your own life to create your own destiny which is in your hands as you make more aware decisions to overcome problems, challenges and issues that life presents.

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