Natal Chart Consultation- 

Exploring your life path and souls journey through the beauty of your chart. 

astrology reading natal chartThis is the place to begin when you have not had an astrology reading in a while or never had a session or reading with me previously. There are many ways to describe what your astrology chart reveals. It is a map of your soul’s evolutionary process. It is a x-ray of your inner most sacred being. It is the DNA code of your gifts, talents, and potentials. When we embrace the whole of who we are and understand the different needs and desires, as seen through your planets and the interplay between them we are able to embrace our inner authentic self. Your chart is complex, just as we are as human beings, and the unfolding of our journey and when certain important turning points show up is seen through the current planetary movements. One can think of the forecast as an astrology weather report. 

There are times in life when our inner voice whispers (or shouts) that life is more than what we are experiencing. A knowing that there must be something more, that is the call of your higher self to go on an excursion to discover what you want to have as your Life Purpose. Life purpose is something each one of us can claim through deep seeking of our inner self and higher self. Your chart is a map that gives clues and meanings to the mystery of ones own individual being. 

The natal chart reading and forecast is the best option to choose when you are wanting to understand why your life is the way it is, what your strengths and talents are, what part of life needs a little extra care and attention, and want to know your transits and forecast for the year ahead.

$210 Natal Chart plus Forecast 90 minute session. Phone/Zoom or prerecorded MP3. This is the reading to choose to understand your life path and what to expect in the upcoming years. Complete In-depth chart analysis with current and future timings along with bonus reports.  You can choose a one on one phone reading or a recorded session prepared and emailed to you- whichever you prefer. The reading covers your life path destiny, what you will face, what you will encounter and what you can do to remedy a problem. Please email to find out current availability and wait time for your MP3 or session. Payment options are PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. 
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This is actually 2 readings in one package, (natal chart reading and forecast).

One is the interpretation of your natal chart- your souls destiny or life path that you came onto the planet with, and the second reading is about what is going on for you right now and in the upcoming years, the planetary influence around you that brings events and opportunities into your life.


Please email for availability, I will send a link to a calendar to choose a time and date, along with payment information (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle) 

Thanks donnazpage @ gmail. com

This is a 90 minute session. If you want a zoom session you will have the ability to record it on your end. (or you can ask that I record for you.) 

If your schedule does not allow a zoom or phone consultation you can order the MP3 option.

The audio MP3  package includes:

1) A MP3 recording (45 minutes) of your natal chart analysis. Your life path, the ‘mission’ that shows up in your chart, relationship indications,  career indications, financial indications, spiritual path growth, educational opportunities and if you are in a relationship that you want to ask about it can include an astrology compatibility reading for you and your partner.

2) A second MP3 recording (45minutes) recording or the current ‘transits’ which is the astrological weather forecast for you for the current year and next 12- 24 months. What is going on, what is coming up and how best to use the astrological influences around you for what you want to create in your life.

In depth life path and complete in-depth analysis reading of your natal horoscope and future transits.astrology reading NATAL FORECAST

Forecast and Transits  The Key to Your Future

Your reading also will include your progressed charts, (where you are in the here and now), the current astrology conditions, (what influences are around you and what you can expect to happen) and the times of major changes in your near and distant future.

This reading covers 2 – 3 years ahead.  This is good for you to refer to in the future and to understand the decisions you are making now and how it can impact your future and what you want.

The reading covers your life path or destiny, the fate for you for relationships, career, finances, family, education, health, creativity.
Your astrology will be sent as an MP3 audio file. If you prefer a phone session email me to let me know. Thanks.  

Please email for availability, I will send a link to a calendar to choose a time and date, along with payment information (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle) 

Thanks donnazpage @ gmail. com

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