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Personal astrology reading 

MP3 recording emailed to you to listen to at your convenience- email your questions and what is on your mind. This reading is for either one topic that you want to go deep into the details or you can ask about 2 – 3 topics and insight  on what is going on and what is coming up. You will receive an MP3 recording based from your astrology chart and the questions you email me with an in-depth astrology reading that covers your chart, progressed charts and transits. ($85. Paypal below.)  (if you are having trouble connecting to paypal please email me) 

You may also request this reading for an in-depth look at your current relationship, comparing your chart with the chart of your significant other to pinpoint ways to best develop and enhance your relationship and understand any concerns that may be happening in your relationship.
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This is a professional astrology consultation without the high price. It provides you with answers and information you can use. This is not a report or mini reading..  it is 30 minutes of detailed information, no filler: this is all about your life… what is going on and what is coming up. It takes a gifted professional astrologer to see the essence of your souls spirit and karmic destiny.

Astrology as it is meant to be, useful, informative and information that is pertinent to your life now and in the near future. Know what the universe is asking of you, where to put your effort to see the most rewards. Prepare and lay the ground work for what you want to achieve and accomplish. All this is possible with using astrology as a guide to help you.

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I look at your astrology chart, your progressed astrology charts, and if you are asking about a relationship then the chart of the other person. Depending on your personal astrology chart the forecast usually covers the next 9 – 12 months but sometimes the cycle you are in will take longer to complete and the forecast could go up to 18 months.

Looking at your astrology forecast you will be able to plan for what is ahead. If your astrology weather report is saying it looks that there is opportunity to move ahead in your career then you will know what you need to do in order to take advantage of the positive influence.

If your astrology forecast indicates opportunities to meet the love of your life then you will be more apt to not turn down invitations to go places and meet people.

What you get
A recorded Mp3 reading detailing with 30+ minutes of information

What is on you mind?

* Relationships?
* Your work? Vocational Astrology also known as astrology for your Career – as indicated by your 10th house in your astrology chart.
* Money? Financial astrology, your money house is the second house in your chart, and the ruler of your second house indicates the status and future prospects for finance.
* Health?  Well Being…. stress and health indicators
* Answering your specific questions that you have emailed.

How does it work?
Pay with secure Paypal order form,
You may add your birth date, birth time am or pm and birth place when you use pay pal. If you miss the tiny box they provide, don’t worry I will email you as soon as I get notice.


I will also ask if there is anything further you want to know for your reading or if there is anyone else in your life you want to ask about that I will need such as their birthday for chart compatibility or relationship analysis. You will receive your recording within 2-5 business days and many times sooner.




Personal Astrology MP3 $85

 Please email before or after your purchase as your birth data and info is required for your astrology consultation. Thanks donnazpage @ gmail. com

If you are from overseas and having trouble with paypal, please contact me and I can take your credit card directly. 


Cosmic Intelligence Astrology


You have different options for your astrology sessions.

All astrology readings have the same expertise and level of wisdom. The difference is the amount of time to be able to go into depth into more areas and parts of your astrology chart. If you have never had your astrology chart read before and money is not a concern then the full reading with your natal chart, and understanding your current chart with complete reports is your best option.

If you are in between a yearly update or just want info on what is going on in your life in specific areas of concerns, then the $85 recording is a great choice: Info

The $135 reading is a all around reading for an update and to be able to get a good look at everything that is happening around you.


The Solar return, or birthday reading is specific to the themes for you in your upcoming year. Info


The $195 astrology consultation is a perfect when you never experienced an astrology analysis before, and when you want another perspective of your chart along with the forecast for the next couple of years ahead. Info


The life coaching alternative is a package of 4 astrology sessions over a months time. Info

Choose the service that best fits your needs and budget. You can choose the $85 for 30 minute recording emailed to you, $135 one hour in depth reading, a birthday reading, the $195 life path package, or get a package of 4 astrology readings for $395.


$85. MP3 recording emailed to you to download and listen at your convenience of current Issues on a few areas of life, such as relationships, finances, career.

$135. One hour phone consultation for in-depth one on one personal astrology consultation covering your important concerns. This covers what is currently going on and what is coming up for you in the following year. Excellent choice a few weeks before and around your birthday, or any time you have an important decision to make. You may also choose this as a recorded session emailed to you if you prefer.

$135. Birthday Reading- Solar Return. This is a prepared recording that is emailed to you which will cover your birthday year. Email me all of your questions and concerns which will be covered in your recording, along with the Solar Return interpretation that covers the theme for your birthday year. This includes the planetary influences, how best to use the influences around you and what will show up for you in your year according to your personal astrology chart. It is basically a reading that covers what is most likely to occur for you around career, relationships, health, travel, family, education, finances. Some years there is more emphasis on one area of life and some years many areas of life are changing.

$195.   90 + minute Full Life Reading.  2 readings in one. This is the reading to choose to understand your life path and what to expect for years to come.

$395. Life coaching with Astrology package. 4- one hour astrology coaching sessions for in-depth support over a one month time period to support you in your life goals and challenges. This is an excellent choice if you feel stuck, are going through a difficult time, or looking to delve deep into what makes your life the way it is, what you can expect, and how you can help yourself to the life you want. As a bonus you receive one month of the Astrology workshop designed as a support for astrology as a life coaching tool. (reg. $19.95 month)

There are several options for you to choose which is best for you to help you as you move on your path in life to reach your greatest and best potential that you came onto the planet to express.

The recorded astrology reading is a good place to try astrology if you are on a budget but need insight.

Astrology Readings Options

Please realize that I am not a “fortune teller”, nor do I tell fortunes or give “psychic readings”. I am very intuitive, as we all have an intuitive side which is heightened or developed more or less according to ones innate disposition and conscious training and meditative practices.

If you are in need of financial, legal, medical, psychological or other professional services, please contact those professionals.

My purpose is to transmit the information and meaning that your own individual astrology chart has and embodies. This information is fascinating as the symbolic messages have pertinent meaning that apply to our lives. It is your responsibility to use your own free will to make the best choices that help your life reach its greatest potential. There are times and cycles that show positive influences and others more challenging that can be seen through the astrological transits. This information is also available through the astrology symbols and influences that cycle around the chart at various times. As you become more aware of self, you are able to take conscious control of your own life to create your own destiny which is in your hands as you make more aware decisions to overcome problems, challenges and issues that life presents.

For more information regarding the proper use and terms and limitations of the services I offer and of this website click the legal and privacy page links found at the bottom of the page.