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Are you looking for an astrologer for your relocation chart or astrocartography? Or thinking of moving to Atlanta? Astrocartography or relocation astrology is a great tool to access where you can be happy and fulfilled on the planet. The limitations of astrocartography can be that your ‘perfect’ place can be in the middle of the ocean. You may have a glorious time while on a cruise passing over those latitudes and longitudes but in reality it isn’t very helpful. What the astrologer looks at next is the relocated chart seeking harmonious aspects to the ascendant, decedent and mid heaven, and IC from the helpful planets that represent what you want to create in your life, your meaning for a happy and fulfilled life.

Since the ascendant and other important angles change when you move east or west, (more or less depending on other factors) you can begin to pinpoint closer to find a harmonious planet in a positive position.

However this is not always possible to move hundreds of miles (if not thousands) away from the location you are currently living. You may be restricted by visas, where you can live and work, or family situations not able to move too terrible far away from family members for various reasons.

If you find that you are limited to a region or your choice is more north and south versus east and west, then you can use chart compatibility to help you find a place that you will thrive.

Here is the chart of Atlanta GA and pointers on what to look for when interpreting the astrology chart for a potential match.

If you value work, career success, ambition, making alliances with individuals who have authority in areas of life you are interested in Atlanta is a place that has those values. The moon in the chart of Atlanta will bring plenty of opportunities for art and social gatherings. If what you enjoy is beauty, fashion, niceties, and the arts Atlanta will suffice. Yet the most important indications is whether or not your chart has favorable connections with the chart of Atlanta. 

Here are a few pointers for the chart compatibilities. If you have your Moon or Sun in Capricorn or in Libra, especially if they are in the early degrees of Libra or Capricorn, there will be a part of Atlanta that can appeal to you. Atlanta has a Capricorn sun, appearances and social ambition and standing are important. Finding a good career path and connections. Libra brings beauty and arts. It will attract individuals who admire pleasant social gatherings, flowers, music, art and beauty. Looking good and pleasant conversations are part of the social fabric in Atlanta.

If you have a Cancer Sun, Venus or Moon between 12 and 20 degrees then Atlanta can be a place where you feel good and have better luck.

If you are in education or seeking education and have your Sun, Moon or Mercury in the middle degrees of Sagittarius then Atlanta is a good place for you.

If you need more discipline in your life then look to Saturn to help, although in most circumstances highlight Saturn can bring more troubles.

If you have your Sun around 5-10 degrees Pisces of Virgo then the Saturn in the chart of Astrology may inhibit your luck and fortune. Most individuals do not favor living at a place when Saturn is conjunct or opposite your personal planets. The positive side of this would be a dogged determination to keep working and trying towards whatever it is you intend to accomplish.

Transits to the charts of the city you are considering also can show if the city is under a period of growth and expansion or if it will be hard to get a job due to economic downturn.

Of course your own astrology reading to your natal chart is the most important aspect when determining when to move, yet do not overlook chart compatibility with cities when astrocartography is showing you locations that are not practical or possible or suitable for your personal life.

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