August 2017 Astrology Forecast

dreams time mediumAugust is going to be our biggest astrological chaotic month of the year. The other month we had with a lot of ups and downs was in the March, April time when Venus was retrograde. However August is also right up there toe-to-toe in terms of a lot of change happening.
There are seven significant events happening in August.

1.) The planet Uranus is going to go retrograde in Aries, this is the last time it will go retrograde in Aries for 84 years. So it’s a big deal. The next time Uranus goes retrograde which is next summer it will be in Taurus. Uranus retrograde is the vibration of change, of wanting something different, wanting to be challenged, being courageous, this cycle it doesn’t complete until January 2019. What comes up now can take a while to manifest as it is a year and half cycle. You may find an urge to change things up in your life and if you feel you are stuck in a rut, this is the month to get out.

life coaching2.) Jupiter is square Pluto, we did have a Jupiter square Pluto in March, as always these squares and opposition’s go back to the conjunction. The beginning of the cycle was way back in December 2007, that’s 10 years ago in the making of this transformational energy of doing something big. The conjunction happened at 28 degrees of Sagittarius which is important because it goes back to the degree that Sagittarius retrograded in April and that is connected the March April time with the Venus retrograde and all the busy ups and downs that we had going on then. If there is an unresolved issue that came up in April 2017 awareness of how to handle it appears.

The cycle between Jupiter and Pluto that began in Sagittarius would see issues on a global level about boundaries. Universal countries extending the ground, the boundaries, traveling between different countries. And also injustice. Anything where things have been going on that where justice has not prevailed. Think the European Union and the ensuing Brexit.

In your own personal life you may look to see what is it that Jupiter Pluto wants for you to do something big and something meaningful. So the square energy urges the question “is my life significant?” “Is what I am doing significant?” “ Is it important to me?” It doesn’t have to be on this grand scale but to have it be important to you that it’s significant to you, connecting with one other person, putting something out there for one other person. Or you can touch their life in a positive way.

dream adventure imagine soar bubble3.) The third important event that we have is the lunar eclipse, and Aquarius, which goes back to of course the New Moon and Leo on July 23rd. The new moon and Leo on July 23rd had Mars with it activating, Leo activating, get off the couch, get off that, don’t is like, why am I even being lazy, where am I in my life, may I be manifesting too much of a problematic side of Leo? Too much drama too much OH why can’t somebody else do it for me? Because Leo, she’s the queen if you were a queen of course you could just snap your fingers and voila, its done. And that’s why a question can persist of why is it that I am not motivated? Mars is motivating so with this full moon and Aquarius there is that motivation factor, how am I doing here? And Aquarius, it’s also about connecting with friendships, connecting finding a place where you feel I belong here, this is where I feel connected, I feel great in my skin, I belong on the planet. Sometimes with the Aquarian energy one questions “do I really belong in here?”. Am I supposed to be on this planet? Weird. So it can bring up those feelings but the purpose of it is activating your will to take action, especially to find joy in your life.

Neptune mercury dreaming of something else4.) The fourth thing that we have is we have an exact semi-square Neptune. Some astrologers would say that this is a minor aspect but when you’re dealing with these other planets that have this huge century long cycles, they are not minor. With Uranus Neptune we go back to the conjunction that happened in 1993, at 18 degrees of Capricorn. And that Uranus Neptune it brings in what is the ideal change to the structures in your life. What can seep into the consciousness or what you see it in the news is that there’s just desire to change some of the structure in life to have things more ideal. What do I mean by the structure of life that Capricorn sends? Well the work that you do is your schedule is that what you want? Is the work you do what you want? Is there any change that you can make where you have more flexibility where it’s more of your vision of how, what makes sense for you to earn your living? Questions and ideas along that line can pop up.

April 28 mercury retro5.) The fifth major energy we have is Mercury going retrograde in Virgo in its rulership. The term rulership in Virgo sounds very strong. So is it strong difficult or does the strength mean it will be an easy retrograde? It will be complicated because Mercury is opposite Neptune. Virgo is about health and work, a rethinking of your work. We may be rethinking our job and routine but with Neptune we may not have a clear idea of how to make the changes. What is being kept hidden and so this going back into your own psyche and to your own intuition to nurture yourself to take care of yourself and to perhaps within Virgo there’s some research, is very intellectual science all allow me, let me just not accept but this professional says about this doctor or whatever let me let me find out what’s right for me and find out what’s hidden. Neptune always likes to obscure things or hide things. This aspect indicates there can be communication that gets lost or disappears and it is a reminder to back up your computer.

solar eclipse purple blue sky6.) The solar eclipse in Leo is at the last degree or Leo, there’s a lot of talk about that. This solar eclipse it is a huge event, it is a total solar eclipse, it is crossing over the majority of the United States. However, and it is a biggie it is a big deal but the positive side it is, is this solar eclipse is not negatively expected with the difficult planets. Astrologers call it afflicted when an eclipse has difficult aspects to the tough planets. This eclipse is not afflicted with Mars or Pluto, actually there’s a flow energy there’s been harmonious energy this year with Uranus and Saturn in fire signs and now we have the Leo Eclipse in the fire sign. So it is about experiencing life. Remember the North node, wherever the nodes are, the eclipse follows. The North node isn’t a planet, what the universe is saying is hey humanity follow your heart, listen to your heart, your heart has a brain as much as your brain has an intellect. There’s an intellect here and perhaps there is a disconnect between the logic in the heart, the intellect and the emotion. Following the heart, following Leo get into your creativity. What is it that you love to do? It does not necessarily have anything to do with paying the bills, but what brings you joy, it opens your heart, it opens that sense of wanting to be alive. This is what this eclipse is about. Now yes I’ll do it solar eclipse and go more into detail and yes there’s some concern for the United States because it is the shadow cross of that. But if your personal chart is not being afflicted, that astrological technical word with transits that are very difficult, then the eclipse is bringing up where our inner chart whatever house it comes is falling in that’s fine joy there, look for joy there open your creative creativity in that area is in your profiles, you know you might paint some wild colors on your wall be creative that way. If it’s in the house of friendships, you bringing some more joy into your life through connecting with your friends accept that.

Zodiac Sagittarius7.) Last but not least is Saturn going direct in Sagittarius for the last time until it returns in 28 years. The next stop, (station) is in Capricorn and those of you who are late degrees of sag, which is if you were born the last 10 days of the Sagittarius cycle will probably be so happy that Saturn is finally leaving my sign, because you know Saturn can be tough. It’s good because it wants you to be true to yourself, true sometimes life is more difficult or you have to work harder for what you want. Yes, but it shows the value of hard work and at some days it’s just about showing up. When Saturn is in your sign somedays it’s just about getting out of bed and doing what you were going to do.

strong boundaries soft kind cancer aura shieldWe end the month with Venus shifting signs. Venus flows through cancer to the majority of August and on the 26th, she goes out of Cancers and into finally Leo, and the same day that Juno the asteroid that represents marriage and keeping family together moving direct. So that energy is going into a loyal time and activating and healthy that’s to support us and the Leo cycle and the solar eclipse and of course by the 22nd, the Sun does go into Virgo and that will be that beginning of that energy back to work, now let’s get back to work. It really isn’t activated totally until the new moon, but that shift is happening.