August Astrology 2022

Mars conjunct Uranus and the north node in Taurus

August begins with a bang. The planets Mars (action) and Uranus (sudden and spontaneous) arrive at the point of the north node (energy moving forward) in Taurus. This vibe is giving us the opportunity to explore what action to take that will bring us the Taurus stability and beauty in our lives. With Uranus the action to take can come on in a sudden or even an unpredictable manor.

Perhaps you have given up on looking for a position and suddenly your dream job is posted. Well this vibe is the opportunity to go for it. Or perhaps finding a new place to live has been fraught with obstacles, and then you hear from someone out of the blue who knows of a great place.

Look to where this combination is happening in your chart, (the house of Taurus in your chart) and you will discover more ways to embrace the opportunities the cosmos is bringing.

The shadow side of Mars Uranus and the north node is disruption on the planet; fires, earthquakes, storm. If you live in a sensitive area to these problems be prepared with the essentials in case you need to evacuate quickly. When you read about Mars Uranus on the web you will be alerted to be cautious in your movements since it is one of the signatures for accidents. If you are traveling at this time it would be in your best interest to be extra careful especially if the transits to your chart are difficult.

Aquarius full moon 2022

The full moon in Aquarius is on the 11th of August. Every year the full moon of Aquarius is about finding our tribe, where we feel connected, and it asks us to seek a deep sense of belonging. We may look for it outside of ourselves initially, however ultimately it is an internal feeling of connecting with all that is. That said, the 3D world of what feels like home, and who we want to be with is an essential part of the journey of the cosmic connection with all that is.  Aquarius full moon lion

This full moon is working extra diligently this year to help us hone in to the where to, what is, and who to be with questions. The moon in Aquarius opposite the sun in Leo are square Uranus, the planet that brings opportunity and impulsive feelings to be spontaneous and make sudden changes. You can think of it as the energy of living in the moment. For example: say a friend has a major breakup just before a long planned and payed holiday and asks you to go. It can be a great opportunity although the consequences of suddenly not showing up at work make the decision complicated.

The full moon is also vibrating with Saturn, with Saturn whispering in your ear, is this really in your best interest? Another cosmic pattern of this full moon is an innate understanding that life is a mystery; and as much as we think we know, or prepare, we don’t really have all the answers. Being in the flow is what ultimately allows us to feel the universal connectedness our higher consciousness seeks.

An everyday level of connecting with this full moon is to reach out to people you cherish as friends. Being with others that accept you as you are and want the best for you even if it is not what they want is super sweet now. The energy can bring to the surface any patterns where you feel unaccepted or frustrated with friends that can’t give you what you want them to. Sometimes it is simple frustration about doing something together when you have the time to and they don’t, or a more wounded feeling from a lack of love, empathy, caring or not having your friend be someone you can truly count on.

The sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd shifting us ever so gently into a back to school mode. Getting back to a work routine at the end of August gears up as people finish their vacations, kids get ready or are already back in the classroom, and the dorms at the universities are buzzing with students. Uranus is stationed (meaning very strong) to go retrograde on the 24th. The week of August 22- the 28th has powerful Uranus undertones. The desire to be untethered and free to create your life as your choosing is palpable. People can suddenly pop in or out of your daily life, especially around your work.

Virgo new moon 2022The new moon in Virgo on the 27th is at 4 degrees of Virgo. The Sabian symbol for this Virgo new moon from M. E. Jones is: A man dreaming of fairies. The Rudhyar version is: A Man Becoming Aware Of Nature Spirits And Normally Unseen Spiritual Agencies.

This new moon will give us the ability to connect with the unseen; whether you relate to spirit guides, your higher self, a guardian angel, or fairies this is a wonderful time to sense and know that what we see and feel is not all there is.

There is a reflection back to the Aquarius full moon as in the new moon Venus is at the same place the sun was at the full moon, which means it is resonating with the planets Saturn and Uranus.

In the Virgo new moon, Venus, the planet of what we love, value, and what will help us create a beautiful life for us, is connected with Saturn the planet that wants us to release all that is unnecessary and focus our attention on that which is most important. Saturn has a reputation of being difficult. The difficulty lies in the pressure of making tough decisions to have what is most important in your life that allows you to be authentic and true to your highest and best self. Sometimes that means letting go of relationships, jobs, and other aspects that brought security in the past.

Venus in the new moon is also connected with Uranus also, allowing for spontaneous openings in what areas of our life that will bring us happiness and joy is another strong message that will reverberate over the next weeks.

August promises to be an interesting month. Enjoy!

August Astrology 2021

August 2020 new

The first of August is a traditional Celtic day called Lugnassa derived from the celestial calendar marking the halfway point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. Always a magical moment.


The month of August greets us with a Sun Mercury conjunction and the cosmic download of insights, inventions, awareness that comes with this configuration we get only 6 times a year. If you have a need for some serious think tank time this is it as Saturn is part of the meeting by opposition to the Sun and Mercury.

The Sun Mercury conjunction is also a time to put in motion something that you need to keep under wraps. Surprise birthday party anyone?

Mars will be in Virgo the entire month of August and along with Venus until the 15th. Mars and Virgo hanging out together while the Sun is in Leo is a time to be particular about what you want to do while having fun. Virgo is a work oriented sign yet the Sun in Leo wants us to delegate the drudgery and kick back and enjoy. See how you can minimize what takes up too much time and effort that you don’t enjoy and put Venus and Mars in Virgo to use in projects you love. In the earth sign of Virgo arts and crafts, harvesting from the garden, herbs, and other creative ventures are time well spent.

The new moon in Leo on the 8th is at 16 degrees. This degree of the Sabian symbols from M. E. Jones: “A non-vested (volunteer) church choir. Keyword: Communion”. This vibe is a continuation to be connected with a common link with others. In that there is a communion, a merging, and from that music, art, something beautiful and meaningful is created together. Venus is opposite Neptune adding to this new moon chance to create something beautiful.

Every year when the Leo new moon comes along it is a time to send out to the universe your wishes and desires that come from your heart. This energy is sent out to create and unfold for the next 12 months until the next Leo new moon rolls around again. Every month forward as the moon reenters Leo will be a time to energize to realize your vision unfolding in your life. Playfulness, love, joy, dance, sing, celebrate, what and how do you want your life to express those ideas?

The Leo new moon is conjunct the fixed star Dubhe which is located it Ursa Major, otherwise known and the great bear. According to Dr. Bernadette Brady this is the star that shows great strength through patience and persistence and in linked to protection of the land. It is a protective mama bear vibe to protect and support those close your heart. 

August 11th Venus meets with the moon at 25 Virgo at the 4th gate of the chakra of compassion and heart, in the return journey of her 584 day journey. The next 584 day cycle is in January 2022.


Venus moves into her domain of Libra on the 16th ready to enjoy good company, pleasant romantic times, and easy going friendships. The desire with Venus in Libra is to have relationships peaceful, kind, and fair. If you are in relationships that don’t express those values the weeks ahead will reveal how out of balance they are, or how much you are compromising your authentic needs in order to keep that person even keel. It will question how much you really are getting from the relationship and whether it is worth it.

Uranus makes its yearly retrograde on the 19th at 14 degrees of Taurus. We are nearly half way through the cycle of disruption in our sense of security ad values. Challenging earth changes continue to be addressed. The degree of the station of Uranus at 14 is the degree of the fixed star called Menkar. This star is about being open to the collective. (More info check out Star and Planet combinations by Brady.) Uranus is tough on the nervous system as it is. If you are very sensitive to the collective unconscious be mindful this day as it can be a major download that can be tough on the nerves. It will be a powerful day of opening channels to the other side if you are inclined towards that.

august aquarius full moonThe August full moon in Aquarius is at 29 degrees, considered a critical degree in certain astrology texts. This is the second Aquarius full moon this year, the first in July at 1 degree of Aquarius. The universe really wants us to get it right about having connections with people that are aligned with our values. The moon is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (sweet) really shedding protection and opening doors to find who we are meant to be with and to locate the place is where we feel we belong. Yeah.

There are two royal fixed stars vibrating with this Aquarius full moon. First is with the Sun at 29 degrees of Leo we have Regulus.  Regulus brings success and recognition and will help you achieve your wishes. Yet if you engage in revenge your success is torn away. The other star is Antares with Juno, the asteroid of marriage and community. Antares is connected with obsession and passion. With this star, be conscious whether or not what you are focusing on becomes an obsession that is so myopic you are missing the pleasures of life.

The sun enters work and school oriented Virgo on the 22nd, and with Mercury having gone into Virgo on the 11th thoughts of learning and work that you enjoy move you to reorient your time towards them.

The last 10 days of August have a lot to do with getting in the grove as we feel the days growing shorter (at least in the northern hemisphere) and the inner knowing that it is time to get on with getting on. Mercury enters fair speech Libra on the 30th. If you were overzealous in singing up for courses, or saying sure I can get those projects handled at work, Mercury in Libra may have you rethinking how to have a conversation about what can and cannot get done in the time expected.

Onward to September



April Possibilities






Reflections on the past planetary patterns reveal how magical the universe acts in our lives.


August Astrology 2020

The first of August has Mercury opposite Pluto a day for meaningful conversations. Or reading a good mystery and catching an intense movie.

The full moon in Aquarius is on August 3rd  and is on Neptunes node; a portal to the realm of psychic intuition and creative imagination. It is an intense full moon as it is squaring the unpredictable awakener planet of Uranus. This feeling will be experienced from the first of Saturday through the weekend leading up to Monday’s full moon.

Mercury has put on its running shoes and is zipping through the sign of Leo from the 4th of August and then in Virgo on the 19th until the end of the month. When Mercury is in Leo it is a time to be generous with your words and compliments. Acknowledge how much you appreciate others and find encouragement from psyching yourself with trust and confidence in what you can do.







august 2020 mercuryThe entrance of Mercury into Virgo brings the capacity to sort through what needs to be done to improve any circumstance. Mercury in Virgo will help you through pointing its way towards practical knowledge that is useful in your daily life or work.

Venus exits Gemini where she has been since April 3rd on Friday August 7th and spends the rest of the month of August in nurturing comfort of Cancer. Love of home, good food, friends that you consider family take center stage.

Mars is especially tricky this month. Mars has entered Aries where it will be until January 7th 2021 due to the retrograde September 9th. Mars in classical astrology has a problematic reputation of causing strife or mischief.  The trouble making times of Mars is August 6th through the 16th as it is aggravating the degree of the Saturn Pluto conjunction we had in January.

In addition this week the south node of the moon, traditionally a difficult point that demands releasing, is conjunct the Galactic center. The Galactic center of our universe is a black hole that sucks everything into it. This week is symbolic of a time when relationships, material possessions, and the thoughts and feelings we have about our life that represent the old self which do not support who we are now or who we want to be is realized.  Then what represented the old you is relegated to the back of a closet or basement. It is symbolic of our personal place where things get sucked into and disappear.

This week the global vibe of the unfolding of the new cycle of Saturn Pluto becomes apparent. News of the state of countries in financial stress will hit the airways. Companies that have not kept up with the evolving times can announce bankruptcy or layoffs. Out of the ashes arises great opportunity that will be sustained for decades to come.

In your personal life contemplate the area of your life that the Saturn Pluto conjunction happened. (Look for the sign of Capricorn in your chart and see which house that is.) The nature of that house, such as the house of career, money, relationships, home, etc. will be nudged to make some change to be stable and secure in your future.


august 2020 full moonUranus has now moved a third of the way through its 8 year journey in Taurus and stations to move retrograde on Saturday the 15th. This stopping point of Uranus charges the days before and after with a deep urge to break out of any static pattern we are experiencing in order to do something different. Any place that you feel obstructed or held back is resisted. The tag line that Uranus is known for is expect the unexpected. This is a turning point that creates movement in life.

Leo New Moon August 2020

The Leo new moon is on Tuesday the 18th at 26 degrees of Leo with a trine (harmonious and helpful) to Mars in Aries and an inconjunct (need to adjust) to Saturn. What this indicates is the importance of following your heart, Leo new moon, finding joy in the experience of living has help from Mars in just do it now Aries. However Saturn in serious what about your responsibilities Capricorn is saying you will need to make adjustments and have discipline in order to have the time and money to prioritize keeping that which makes your heart happy in your calendar of events.


august astrology 2020The sun enters Virgo on Saturday the 22nd and the promise made to the Leo new moon of cramming in fun and joyful activities comes up against the necessities of life that need to get done. Bringing a happy mindset to the chores of life ignite the flame that burns the path to walk in joy. The day that the sun enters Virgo the moon is in Libra, the sign that seeks beauty and harmony in the world.

The theme for the last 10 days of August is to do what is needed to keep life grounded and working (Virgo) yet find time to have fun (Leo) in endeavors that are Libra oriented, (art, easy going friends, pleasing surroundings). Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Cancer the last days will be drawn to making lists of what to get done or accomplished and Venus wants to be with those that are emotionally safe to be around. She also can be making plans for keeping one’s personal space, home, car, office, bedroom extra cozy and comfortable.

The final weekend of August has the inner planets of the Moon, Venus, and Mercury vibrating with Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. It is a weekend that stirs our feelings, desires, and ideas that with confidence, faith, determination and focus we can create the life we are meant to live.

August Astrology 2019

August Astrology 2019 Jupiter Direct and Uranus Retro same day


Dance LaughWe step into August on the heels of the Leo new moon the day before which coincided with Mercury moving direct. This of a ships horn blaring all speed ahead. The planet Uranus is prominent in the new moon chart therefore adding in the unusual is on the menu. What is unusual about August astro is we have two major planets (Jupiter and Uranus) shifting directions the same day in the middle of the month (August 11th). Since there are 365 days in the year to have this happen, and 8 major planets that will either go direct or retrograde the chances of this happening are slim. What this means for August is that it is a month where fortunes can change. Uranus and Jupiter combined have to do with the fortune of life. And this is a month where the direction in your life can suddenly change.

Venus spends the first 3 weeks of August in Leo emphasizing bringing fun into your life. Finding time to laugh, kick back, and celebrate the big and little moments of life is where it is at this month. Sunday August 11th  when Jupiter moves direct,  Uranus stations retro and Mercury moves into Leo will be a day of great expectations and sudden insights. If you are traveling have an app ready to make last minute changes if circumstances beyond your control demand a shift in plans.

The Aquarius Full Moon August 15th 8:29 am EDT

Venus is together with the sun this full Aquarius moon. Keeping your heart open and allowing friendship and love to come into your life without attachment or expectation is the message from this full moon. Venus had just made her conjunction with the sun the day before the full moon, entering into one of her gates. This is a time when she is invisible and she reappear weeks later in September as a morning star. In mythology the descent of Venus to the underworld demanded a challenge and a releasing in order to ascend again to the world of the living. In your relationships, including the one that is most important, the relationship you have with your own life, there is a shedding of the old and even a sacrifice that might be made in order to come into your visibility and be seen for who you are now.

Full Moon August 2019Every year when the moon is full in Aquarius it is a time to embrace and enjoy friendships. This year with Venus conjunct the Sun opposite the moon there is a pull between spending time alone doing your thing versus being with your friends and your love interest. Since Saturn in Capricorn is the traditional ruler of this full moon, all will be well as long as you put it in your schedule and prioritize your time. The vibrational rate of this full moon resonates with the humanity and artistic harmonic. Conversations around what is best for the world and time together arranged around artistic events will find their way into your world.

Mars moves into Virgo on the 18th and Venus follows suit and enters the sign of Virgo on the 20th and the Sun enters Virgo later that week on the 23rd. The fixed star Regulus representing fame and fortune is at 0 degrees of Virgo. It will be a star studded week filled with tabloid news but more important apparently small opportunities that can lead to fortunate outcomes. If you are looking for employment keep your eyes peeled this week.

August 24th heralds a new Venus Mars phase. Venus will be conjunct Mars in Leo and is a new cycle for romance and the things in our life that we value. Set your intentions for what you want in relationships and your desires. The key with this cycle is to be honest about your willingness to do (Mars) what it takes to have (Venus) what you want.

At first glance the Virgo new moon looks ominous as it is with Mars which at times can cause arguments and rash decisions. However this new moon in Virgo albeit with Mars is trine Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. The effort, education and hard work you have invested in the past can quickly pay off when you stay open to the unexpected chance opportunity that Uranus provides. Mercury is the ruling planet for this new moon and is well positioned in its own sign of Virgo. This is another propitious sign that the Virgo cycle has great promise to bring into existence help regarding ones work and health, both Virgo domains.

August Astrology 2018

August 2018 astrology forecast  

august astrology 2018

The cosmic siesta continues throughout the month of August with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde. This does not mean that nothing will get done, well, not quite. It is a cosmic reminder that many aspects of living in this 3D world will best be served with a time out for a reevaluation. August begins with Mars square Uranus; this is traditionally considered the accident configuration. True if you are traveling give extra time on the road to get to where you are going and since Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of technology, and Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, all about gadgets, texting and using the phone while in movement will be the culprit.

The first weekend of August the sun is crossing the node of Neptune making for a dreamy, art filled, get away from reality time. Ceres is in Virgo, the sign for health, and is opposite Neptune for several days in August. Ceres deals with crops and our food supply. Neptune is involved in cover ups. Watch the news to see announcements that have to do with the poisoning of the crops with chemicals and cover-ups involving the use of banned pesticides and herbicides.

Venus enters Libra, the other sign she rules and is very happy in, on the 6th of August. Venus in Libra loves to go to social events and be with people that are easy to get along with. Uranus shifts retrograde on August 7th, at 2 degrees of Taurus, the first retrograde in Taurus since 1942. Learn more about the importance of Uranus in Taurus here.

The beauty of Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus is Saturn is moving very slowly and will station at 2 degrees Capricorn making a earth sign trine. This harmonious aspect is to help humanity get their act together in the physical world. Programs promoted by philanthropist and well known artist that help the less fortunate with basic needs, such as having meaningful work that is sustainable for their survival will be enhanced. In the financially stable countries this may not be as apparent; however it will be for those living in the shadows of the prosperous, such as those living in poverty, war torn countries, without work or money to buy food for their families. In your own life these times are about loving what you have and having what you love which allows you the foundation and freedom to seek higher levels of meaning in your personal and spiritual growth.

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are in harmony for the month of August and into the first two weeks of September. These are very transformational energies. Jupiter is the teacher and in Scorpio it is teaching us to go deep and pay attention to what is really going on, not the surface noise of our mind, such as tv, face book feed or news channels. Neptune and Pluto are agents that strip away the illusion of life, and Pluto pulls us deep into the knowledge that there is no death, everything keeps changing.

The solar eclipse August 11th is at 18 degrees of Leo.  The new moon Leo solar eclipse has a configuration of a Yod, or finger of fate in the chart with Neptune and Pluto. This aspect has the sneaky reputation of taking us to places or connecting with people that we never expected to go, do or be involved with. Stay open to possibilities and see new roads appear. The Leo new moon has another close encounter with Saturn and Venus. The queen within may give a few sighs as she turns over the price tag while shopping and wonder what does money have to get in the way of having or doing what she wants.

Mars moves back into Capricorn on the 12th and is back in his sign of exaltation. This gives the vibe of getting a lot accomplished when you have a plan and a need. Mars will stay in Capricorn for the next four weeks which is plenty of time to focus on projects that you have put aside in the middle of May when he exited.

Mercury moves direct on August 19th, if you are looking for a new job now is the time to submit or resubmit your resume. A few days later, August 23rd the Sun enters Virgo bringing that back to school vibe and urge to get what you need to together to make life be functional.

The last weekend of August shines with the full moon in Pisces at 3 degrees. This full moon infused with the vibration of service and compassion reminds us of the importance of acceptance in all relationships and gratitude for everyday life. The full moon weekend has equal longing to get away and dive into peace, tranquility, music, meditation and the knowledge that the small things in life are calling to be taken care of. This Pisces full moon has a grand earth trine, with the sun completing the Uranus Saturn trine that has been vibrating the whole month. Now is a time when you will see what exactly is missing or needed in order to have the mundane aspects of life fulfilled for you to devote your time to your life’s mission. Venus, Sun and Pluto are in tense aspect with each other. Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn brings out strong desires to life passionately. Relationships have a bit of a wobble time when this aspect is around. If the person you love has a possessive side jealousy can surface. The purpose of this tension is to reconnect with what you are passionate about and push past obstacles in the way.

Mars moves direct on the 27th, infusing the day with tremendous amount of get to it, let’s go vibe.  The month finishes with the moon in Taurus leading into the weekend with a happy groove to enjoy whatever life has brought your way with appreciation and gratitude.

August Astrology 2017

Click here for the Aug 2017 article and predictions


leo astrology2016 The main message for August is about moving quickly through life with an intensity that is focused on what is true and dear in your hearts center. August begins with basking in the full moon light from the day before. The Pisces romantic and emotional moon weekend gives way to serious Saturn stationing direct on Sunday the second.
A heavy vibe can cloud the first weekend in August especially for late degree Scorpios, Leos, Aquarius or Taurus planets. Yet as Saturn begins to move, life begins to move also. The following day Jupiter has an exact square to Saturn, this configuration will reveal conflict between all that you want to include in your life and what is realistic to do. This energy is connected to the conjunction that happened in May of 2000. Ponder what was going on for you at that time the path that you have walked that took you to today. See what you have learned and if there is a course correction needed as you journey towards your future.

Mercury moves from Leo to Virgo on August the 7th. Mercury is in its rulership in Virgo; this makes it a good time to purchase items that are needed for work, studies, and keeping healthy.
Mars, the motivating planet, moves from Cancer into Leo which is a more direct way to ask others to help you. Mars in Leo can be a Lion on the chase, or a Queen sitting on her throne demanding her subjects to do her bidding. If you are prone to taking on more than one person can handle, this is a good time to delegate or hire someone to help you out.

The big news of the month is Jupiter in Virgo on the 11th where it will stay for a year. Jupiter is the planet of expanding, sometimes called the good luck planet and other times called the teacher who opens eyes to a new way of thinking and viewing the world. What will open up for you is different ideas and ways to be more productive, organized and healthy. Jupiter in Virgo will show you the value of knowing where everything is stored or kept. It will also highlight various ways that you can improve your diet with more nutritious food and healthy habits. Of course, whatever house in your personal chart has Virgo, it will bring opportunities along the nature of that house. For example, if Virgo is in your 11th house, then Jupiter moving through your house of friendship can bring a friend into your life that you go to yoga classes with. Or that you buddy up with to encourage each other to stay true to a routine and diet that your body needs. If you have Virgo in your 4th house, then the desire to get organized will become dominant, even if you never felt the need before.

On a collective measure, Jupiter in Virgo will support the working people on the planet, otherwise known as the 99%. Wages will increase, especially for individuals whose wage or salary barely allows them to get by. Benefits of healthcare and healthcare cost will continue to make headlines with Jupiter in Virgo supporting reasonable access for everyone. More organic choices will be seen in markets, and expansion of health oriented businesses will proliferate. Drug companies with patents on high cost of drugs will be pushed to make their medicines affordable for the masses. Emphases on preventative treatment as well as pushing individuals to include exercise in their daily routine.

August Astrology Forecast

The new moon in Leo is on the 14th connecting heart energy and the yearly message to listen to the wisdom in your heart and find the courage to follow the voice within.
Venus (retrograde) is closely connected to the new moon; going into the sanctuary of the heart is occurring as what was available in the past is no longer present. The presence of passing time is making obvious that wishes for now, are different than what was desired in the past.

The closest aspect in the new moon chart (planetary connection) is between the planets Saturn and Pluto. These 2 elements are the under belly of life. The represent the foundation and structure on which you developed your beliefs that govern the unfoldment of your life. Saturn and Pluto are 45% apart, which is a closing factor of a larger cycle that began in November 1982 in Libra. Lessons of love and partnership have been profound, personally and globally over the last 33 years. Now we are entering a time of releasing regrets, or disappointments of relationships that did not work out as planned, or never got into the swing of being equal and fair exchanges of partnerships.

The sun enters Virgo on the 23rd trailing behind Mercury’s and Jupiter’s entrance. Mercury paved the way into Virgo territory on the 7th with the mind being activated to include Virgo propensities, then Jupiter on the 11th entering with a big shout to heed the gifts of routine, rituals, healthy habits, organization, and approaching the work you do in life with quiet humility as you perfect your skills and contribute to humanity.

Mercury moves into Libra the 27th tempering communication by first understand why the other person thinks and acts the way they do.

The full moon in Pisces on the 29th shines her light thought the weekend with lessons of compassion and need to trust processes that you can’t always see or know the logical answers to. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, bringing an I can do anything vibe, along with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, questioning whether one is being delusional in their thinking. The key is always balance. Believe in self, have faith in the process. If you have dug deep into your subconscious and pulled out the weeds from which you have sabotaged your success, this full moon will support you in moving forward towards your hopes and dreams even if others in your circle do not believe you can do it.

August Astrology cliff notes:
1) Focus with passion and intensity on what is most dear to your heart.
2) Life is shorter than we think, live fully.
3) Acquire what you need to be healthy and productive.
4) Be direct and passionate when you want others to support you in your endeavors.
5) Release false ego that keeps you from fulling expressing your heart
6) Make strides and commitments for a healthier lifestyle
7) Your life is your work of art, approach it with faith in self and well as a vehicle that will contribute long after you have left the earth plane.


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