August Astrology 2018

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august astrology 2018


August Astrology 2017

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leo astrology2016 The main message for August is about moving quickly through life with an intensity that is focused on what is true and dear in your hearts center. August begins with basking in the full moon light from the day before. The Pisces romantic and emotional moon weekend gives way to serious Saturn stationing direct on Sunday the second.
A heavy vibe can cloud the first weekend in August especially for late degree Scorpios, Leos, Aquarius or Taurus planets. Yet as Saturn begins to move, life begins to move also. The following day Jupiter has an exact square to Saturn, this configuration will reveal conflict between all that you want to include in your life and what is realistic to do. This energy is connected to the conjunction that happened in May of 2000. Ponder what was going on for you at that time the path that you have walked that took you to today. See what you have learned and if there is a course correction needed as you journey towards your future.

Mercury moves from Leo to Virgo on August the 7th. Mercury is in its rulership in Virgo; this makes it a good time to purchase items that are needed for work, studies, and keeping healthy.
Mars, the motivating planet, moves from Cancer into Leo which is a more direct way to ask others to help you. Mars in Leo can be a Lion on the chase, or a Queen sitting on her throne demanding her subjects to do her bidding. If you are prone to taking on more than one person can handle, this is a good time to delegate or hire someone to help you out.

The big news of the month is Jupiter in Virgo on the 11th where it will stay for a year. Jupiter is the planet of expanding, sometimes called the good luck planet and other times called the teacher who opens eyes to a new way of thinking and viewing the world. What will open up for you is different ideas and ways to be more productive, organized and healthy. Jupiter in Virgo will show you the value of knowing where everything is stored or kept. It will also highlight various ways that you can improve your diet with more nutritious food and healthy habits. Of course, whatever house in your personal chart has Virgo, it will bring opportunities along the nature of that house. For example, if Virgo is in your 11th house, then Jupiter moving through your house of friendship can bring a friend into your life that you go to yoga classes with. Or that you buddy up with to encourage each other to stay true to a routine and diet that your body needs. If you have Virgo in your 4th house, then the desire to get organized will become dominant, even if you never felt the need before.

On a collective measure, Jupiter in Virgo will support the working people on the planet, otherwise known as the 99%. Wages will increase, especially for individuals whose wage or salary barely allows them to get by. Benefits of healthcare and healthcare cost will continue to make headlines with Jupiter in Virgo supporting reasonable access for everyone. More organic choices will be seen in markets, and expansion of health oriented businesses will proliferate. Drug companies with patents on high cost of drugs will be pushed to make their medicines affordable for the masses. Emphases on preventative treatment as well as pushing individuals to include exercise in their daily routine.

August Astrology Forecast

The new moon in Leo is on the 14th connecting heart energy and the yearly message to listen to the wisdom in your heart and find the courage to follow the voice within.
Venus (retrograde) is closely connected to the new moon; going into the sanctuary of the heart is occurring as what was available in the past is no longer present. The presence of passing time is making obvious that wishes for now, are different than what was desired in the past.

The closest aspect in the new moon chart (planetary connection) is between the planets Saturn and Pluto. These 2 elements are the under belly of life. The represent the foundation and structure on which you developed your beliefs that govern the unfoldment of your life. Saturn and Pluto are 45% apart, which is a closing factor of a larger cycle that began in November 1982 in Libra. Lessons of love and partnership have been profound, personally and globally over the last 33 years. Now we are entering a time of releasing regrets, or disappointments of relationships that did not work out as planned, or never got into the swing of being equal and fair exchanges of partnerships.

The sun enters Virgo on the 23rd trailing behind Mercury’s and Jupiter’s entrance. Mercury paved the way into Virgo territory on the 7th with the mind being activated to include Virgo propensities, then Jupiter on the 11th entering with a big shout to heed the gifts of routine, rituals, healthy habits, organization, and approaching the work you do in life with quiet humility as you perfect your skills and contribute to humanity.

Mercury moves into Libra the 27th tempering communication by first understand why the other person thinks and acts the way they do.

The full moon in Pisces on the 29th shines her light thought the weekend with lessons of compassion and need to trust processes that you can’t always see or know the logical answers to. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, bringing an I can do anything vibe, along with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, questioning whether one is being delusional in their thinking. The key is always balance. Believe in self, have faith in the process. If you have dug deep into your subconscious and pulled out the weeds from which you have sabotaged your success, this full moon will support you in moving forward towards your hopes and dreams even if others in your circle do not believe you can do it.

August Astrology cliff notes:
1) Focus with passion and intensity on what is most dear to your heart.
2) Life is shorter than we think, live fully.
3) Acquire what you need to be healthy and productive.
4) Be direct and passionate when you want others to support you in your endeavors.
5) Release false ego that keeps you from fulling expressing your heart
6) Make strides and commitments for a healthier lifestyle
7) Your life is your work of art, approach it with faith in self and well as a vehicle that will contribute long after you have left the earth plane.


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