August Astrology 2023

Aquarius full moon lionStep into the light of the full moon on the 1st of August. Dance with friends, share wild experiences, the full moon in Aquarius beckons us to be worry free of other people’s expectations. There is a perfect combination of being in the flow along with enough pressure to take action to make this a phenomenal full moon time.

The message is to know who you are and what you want, deeply and authentically. Then take action to expand what you love and value into your world. The dissonance comes from old memories popping up that have happy and not so happy emotions attached to them. However the mind will be quick to find solutions that are applicable to who you are now and who you are becoming. This energy helps you release old patterns of fear and trepidation that keep you trapped in an old pattern.


Around the 6th of August Venus will no longer be seen after the sun sets, as she prepares for her next 584 cycle of death and rebirth. She will be conjunct the Sun on the 13th of August in Leo preparing us for a new journey of self-love and exploration of our creative selves. The new cycle of Venus begins when Venus reappears as a morning star around August 20th. Look for her in the early morning before the sun rises and receive her wisdom and help for a joy filled life.

The Leo new moon on the 16th wants us to be unabashedly let ourselves shine with our unique quirkiness. There is a hands on element of creating something, a project, a craft, something that reflects our own style. It is a good time to dabble into a hobby, take up music lessons or a dance class. An unexpected offer can come your way to have fun doing something that you might not have considered before. This is one of those times when saying yes to life is fun.

Virgo The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd, the same day Mercury goes retrograde. There is a back to school and back to work vibe going on along with I don’t want to and I’ll get back into that mindset when I am good and ready!

Mercury is connected with Pluto and Jupiter which is big ideas. Mercury retrograde in its own sign is a powerful placement to figure out problems and find solutions; yet this is a time to take your time, go deep, do research, expand your knowledge and you will emerge with fantastic sense of I’ve got it now. Once Mercury is direct September 15th put your brilliant plans into action.

Mars moves into peace and harmony Libra on August 27th inspiring compromise and working together. Rifts and differences that have come up in relationships during Venus retrograde cycle begin to heal with compassion and understanding of how the other person is wired.

Uranus retrograde on the 28th in earth sign Taurus brings to the forefront the earth changes that are happening. Strange global weather patterns, hurricanes, fires, and quakes continue to be in the news. This passage of Uranus in Taurus creates movement on the planet, whether from mass human migration, animals seeking new habitats, or changes from fires and floods. Uranus brings situation that make evident our need to act fast when emergency situations are close to home.

We have a blue moon this month. Whenever there are 2 full moons in the month the second one is called the blue moon. August 30th the full moon in Pisces has that special status. The full moon is at 7 degrees of Pisces, this is the degree that Saturn stationed at in June. Therefore there is an element of seriousness or even angst with this full moon to fulfill a mission that you believe in. There is a deep urge to live your life fully everyday doing something purposeful and meaningful to you. It is another expression for developing your gifts and talents and seeing projects you have in mind come to completion. There are 5 planets retrograde for this full moon so take your time in making decisions. Give yourself permission to change or alter your course of action if you find that you are stuck in indecision but know in your gut that some decision is needed. Knowing there are options alleviates the pressure of the feeling that you need to be right at all costs. Want not to make a mistake sounds good but creates way to much stress during this Virgo sun sojourn which reminds us to take care of body, mind, and spirit and that perfection is simply an ideal.



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August Astrology cliff notes:
1) Focus with passion and intensity on what is most dear to your heart.
2) Life is shorter than we think, live fully.
3) Acquire what you need to be healthy and productive.
4) Be direct and passionate when you want others to support you in your endeavors.
5) Release false ego that keeps you from fulling expressing your heart
6) Make strides and commitments for a healthier lifestyle
7) Your life is your work of art, approach it with faith in self and well as a vehicle that will contribute long after you have left the earth plane.


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