Birth Chart Rectification

Did you know if your birth time is off by just four minutes, it can make a difference of an entire year in prediction?chart rectification to find birth time

If you cannot find your time of birth, I can help you find it by working backwards through the transits, progressions, and solar arcs that coincided with important life events. This is called a chart rectification. Using this technique, we find the degree of your ascendant and midheaven, and therefore your time of birth. No rectified chart is as certain as a chart with a verified birth time. Nonetheless, the angles of the chart provide important information for any chart reading

Why is the time important? One element within the birth chart is the house positions; these are determined by the time of birth and can shift from sign to sign every 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours. Correct placement of the houses lets you know where you will have energetic activation from the location of the planets, luminaries, asteroids, and calculated points. Certain positions in the chart are extremely sensitive to timing, being off by only 4 minutes is equal to a year in predictive work for when an event will or will not happen. Also in astrocartography each minute will change your planetary lines across the globe significantly depending on the latitude of the location you are interesting in. Extremely important if you are interested in astrocartography and relocation astrology.  


“What if I don’t know my birth time?”

This is exactly what a rectification consultation is for. Before ordering a rectification consultation, consider these steps to get more information about your birth time:


  • Look on your birth certificate. This is usually reliable, but be aware that the birth time on the birth certificate might not be completely correct. Depending on when and where you were born, it might not be recorded at all. If you were born in the United States, a good place to start searching for your birth certificate is through contacting the hospital you were born and asking for a copy of the original birth certificate. Government issued copies, like the ones you get from the court house, normally will not have your time of birth stated.
  • Ask your parents. Even if they don’t know the exact time, they may be able to give you some clues as to what part of the day it was.
  • Look in your baby book. Usually, if your parents kept a baby book, the time is recorded in there.

If none of those steps got you closer to your birth time, you will likely need a rectification consultation.

What is needed when you order a rectification for your birth chart:

  • Your birth date (for example, August 1st, 1975)
  • Your birth place (city, state, country, for example, Queens, N.Y., USA)

The Approximate Time That You Were Born 

Include what you know about your birth time. For example, you know it was only in a certain part of the day or within a range of minutes or hours, or you have no information about it all, etc. Or “in the morning, around sunrise.” Or “in late afternoon, just before sunset.” Or “late in the evening before midnight.” Find out the story around your birth, ask grandparents, your mothers best friend, parents, aunts, or possibly older siblings.

The first step is to find the sign of the Ascendant and as this point also describes your physical appearance to some extent, it is useful if you can provide a clear recent photograph of yourself. You will need to write a chronology of significant events and relationships in your life to find the time that you were born that will match your astrology chart. The more exact the dates the better.

Try to be as exact as possible with the dates when things happened.

  • At least 7 to 10 major events are required to ensure birth time accuracy. The following is a list of the types of events that are necessary in order to accurately complete a chart rectification: Change in career, promotion, arrests, major home moves (relocation), Accidents, Marriage(s), Separation/Divorce, Serious relationship, Lawsuits, Major health issues, Operations, Significant accidents (car wreck, broken bones) Profound loss (loss of job, pet, theft),Death of a family member: father, mother, child, sibling, grandparents, spouse, Birth of Child/Children, Profound increase (new job, inheritance), Violence done to one’s person.


A Chronology of Important Events 

After you’ve done that, then go through each year of your life and write down something you can remember about it. Think about the chunks of time in your life; like the early childhood years, perhaps an important school year when you have a strong memory of good or difficult, or different stages, if your parents divorced, before and after, college years, the traveling years, years of the first marriage, the dating years, the child raising years, etc.  

Once I have this information and payment is completed, we’ll schedule a time over email to speak over the phone, Skype or Zoom for an hour so to go over my findings with you to narrow it down as close as we can, either to the rising sign or the degree if possible (a range of 4 minutes)

The cost of the rectification is $150. email me at for this service and I will send a paypal invoice. This reflects the time spent in the consultation as well as the significant time spent rectifying the chart