Boston Astrology

Boston has a vibrant educational community that is shown in the chart of Boston.   

As with the majority of cities, Boston has a founding date, September 17th 1630 and a date when it was incorporated as a city, March 4th 1822.

When comparing your astrology chart to the chart of Boston, the later date usually holds more meaning, however it is advisable to take a look at both charts in your astrological reading of them to get the most information you can.

The first Boston chart can be seen as the primary personality that the city was built upon and the incorporation chart for Boston as the vibe of the city that it evolved into.

The astrology chart for Boston when it was founded has a strong Virgo and Aquarius characteristic. The combination of Virgo and Aquarius is extremely independent. This is the signature of a city that would value hard work, not necessarily glamorous, but inventive and unique. The individuals who would feel at home here are intellectuals that always want to learn and improve their skills. This chart of Boston attracts people that are not afraid of being different and are willing to interact and connect with people from other cultures. Education is highly valued, it would attract students, teachers, and authors. Having a good time and fun is second to work, yet when it is time to play, effort into hobbies and free time is embraced with much gusto and enthusiasm. Work hard, play harder could have begun its roots in the streets of Boston.

Incorporation as a city (from a town) was approved February 23, 1822, subject to acceptance by the voters at a legal town meeting (1822 January Session, Massachusetts Acts and Resolves, Chapter 111, pp. 734-753). The incorporation charter was approved by the inhabitants at the last town meeting held on March 4, 1822 (Gilman, 1889, p. 422).

The approval by the towns people created an incorporation chart of Boston which evolved into a city with a Pisces Sun and Moon in Leo. There are 4 planets in Pisces, which is known for attempting to be all things to all people and have unclear boundaries. Of course having all that water in the chart next to the ocean would imply the love the residents have of the water and its watering holes. Bars and restaurants would  be important to the culture of the city, having time to be with friends and have a few drinks together is in the fabric of the chart. Pisces energy has a crises of faith, Boston has had its share of scandals stemming from the priesthood. Yet Pisces is more about spirituality than dogma. This can be a place that could feel right for seekers of spiritual truths and love of yoga and rejuvenating retreats.

Boston has its moon in Leo, it is not all sacrifice and piety. The moon iin Leo brings out the fun element. Enjoying time off and making room for celebrating life’s precious moments are also part of the fabric of the personality  of Boston.

Relocation Astrology

Is your chart a fit?

If you have your Sun or Moon between the degrees of 10 – 25 Pisces or Virgo you may feel at home in Boston, or if your Sun or Moon is between the degree of 7-13 Leo or Aquarius.

If your Sun or Moon is between the degrees of 3-8 Capricorn or Cancer it could be a very exciting place for you but your feelings about it could run hot and cold.

If your Sun is between 28 Aries- 2 Taurus, or 28 Libra – 2 Scorpio you will enjoy the goodwill of the Jupiter in the Boston astrology incorporation chart. This helps open up opportunities as well as to embolden you with confidence.

Using compatibility for relocation is just one of several astrological techniques to employ when deciding a good area for you to live. Relocating your chart is essential as well as progressing your chart to analyze the right timing for the greatest success.

Boston Astrologer

As a side note, Isabel Hickey, a very good astrologer, was born in Boston in 1903. She taught many budding astrologers in Massachusetts for years and her books brought a spiritual and humanistic approach to astrology readings.