Cancer 2020 Astrology Forecast



Hello Cancer suns and ascendants, 2020 brings a huge shift of energy for you. The last year or so the node of the moon, and hence the eclipses, have been moving through your sign. In mid-May the north node of the moon leaves Cancer and moves into Gemini. When the eclipses bounce around your planet, life can be bumpy. Situations arise that are sudden or surprising. It’s not completely smooth sailing but the road is smoother and you won’t feel as timid in going after what you want.

Career and Life Desires:

Mars will be spending 6 months, (instead of the normal 2) in a sector of your chart this is about your life ambition and career. Mars will be very strong as it is in Aries, so this is saying, go for what you want with determination and gusto. Don’t fret about whether someone is in your way, you will find how to circumnavigate any obstacle to get to your desired destination.

Love and Romance:

Yes! That really is all that is needed to say. 2020 has Jupiter the planet of opportunity shining across the skies to you from a sector of your chart that is about partnerships and marriage. If your relationship has felt strained understandings will come your way to iron out slights or hurts. Venus, the generic planet of love and romance will be retrograde in Gemini this year. A retreat away from distractions and daily obligations with your sweetheart is in order and will rejuvenate your relationship. If you are seeking a romance, one can come along that you keep secret until you feel more certain that they are a keeper. The Saturn Pluto, Jupiter Pluto conjunctions are happening here, know what you want, the old saying be careful what you ask for…???  Relationships are super connected with this letting go, moving on, and making it happen planets.

Friendships and Connections:

Uranus is making its slow journey through your house of friendships. Eccentric individuals can cross your path. You may not want to invite them home for diner but they can liven up an evening out and bring new ways of viewing life.

Travel and Education:

Intuition is your greatest teacher this year. If you are studying for a degree spending a few minutes in a meditative state of mind before you need to memorize for a test or write a report will be a tremendous help. There is a pull to expand your wisdom and knowledge that supports your faith and spiritual perspective. Travel to places that offer deep rejuvenation are also up for this year. A friend may even suggest traveling to an event that is part vacation and part mind body spirit rejuvenation retreat, such as a yoga course.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

With the exit of the Nodes of the moon out of the Cancer Capricorn and into Gemini Sagittarius the sector of your chart for health will now be the recipient of the eclipses. No worries just do not ignore what you already know you need to do to stay super healthy. Part of keeping your passion and focus strong is mental. Keep the faith that all things are possible and watch your energy level soar.

Finances and Fortune:

Saturn dips into the early degrees of Aquarius in late march through the early days of July. You will be happy to hear this as the get serious planet of Saturn gives you a much needed break. However moving into your eighth house of debts, obligations, and your partners’ money it may stir a few insecurities around future finances. All it means is to pay attention to not being overly obligated, and make a plan to pay off debt. You may even find yourself wanting to renegotiate with your partner who pays for what, and it isn’t always about money.