December Full Moon in Cancer 2020

full moon in cancer december 29 2020The end of the year culminates with a beautiful Cancer Full Moon bringing her light, caring, and wisdom to our thinking process. This year she is connected to Uranus in Taurus bringing awareness to the consciousness of mother earth and finding a path of truth grounded in wisdom from within.

It is a time of nurturing. It is a time of listening to your gut wisdom. It is a preparation time for change that the New Year will bring.

Every year with the Cancer full moon is a time to contemplate the balance between our outer world, the work we do to achieve and provide the material comfort required and our inner personal world of relationships, family life, and emotional needs.

This year, more so than previous years, require us to reassess whether we are taking care of our body, mind, spirit, and home and family responsibilities alongside our career obligations.

cancer full moon december astrology 2020

The moons north node in Gemini points to Mercury in Capricorn for this full moon. This message is asking us to take our time in thinking through what we want to accomplish, and whether what we are doing is still in alignment with the future we imagine. It is not all about the serious side of Mercury in Capricorn (budget crunching.. how will I have what I want thinking) as Venus is helping out with dreams and imagination.

Venus, the attractor factor, is in Sagittarius telling us that we can have and do more than we think we can. She is connected with the south node of the moon, suggesting that we will be reconnecting with people we care deeply about. This signature is being with people that bring a deep sense of belonging, as if we had been with them since the beginning of time. Venus in Sagittarius is also about being with people that believe in you and that you encourage their hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Venus Square Neptune dreamy Cancer Full Moon

Venus is also square Neptune, the planet of mystery, imagination, fantasy, and possibilities. Dream big, says Venus and Neptune, if you can’t imagine it how will it ever become a reality?  Music, movies, and the ideas of what can happen in the future float in and out of conversations. Many times the budget goes out the window when Venus and Neptune vibrate together, a great deal comes along but 2 weeks later the Capricorn new moon puts the brakes on spending.

Meeting someone under the Full Moon with Venus and Neptune is dreamy. Relationships started under this aspect tend to have the proverbial rose colored glasses when forming opinions about who they are or who they can be for you. There is a lovely vibe of accepting someone even with idiosyncrasies.

december astrology full moon cancer vestaVesta, the asteroid of keeping the hearth lit, is also connected with Venus and Neptune. Vesta is the heart of the home, responsible for the flame never to go out in the Temple of the Vestal Virgins. She is symbolic of what is needed to keep the flame lit in our lives and at the heart of the matter. With Venus and Neptune a deep understanding of self for what keeps your inner flame burning that feeds what you love and want (Venus) and what is important to you in your spiritual world meaning the part of your life that doesn’t revolve around the material world.

As beautiful as this Cancer Full Moon is there is a parting is sweet sorrow message as the emotional Cancer moon remembers those who are no longer in your life. Venus with the south node, albeit reconnecting with the past also asks us to let go of that which once was a dream but must be released in order for the new to enter.

Different names of the December full moon throughout history and the world today