Cancer New Moon July 20th

New Moon in Cancer Opposite Saturn Serious Vibe Reality Sets In


gremlin cute dragon saturn tired time The most striking signature in this second Cancer new moon of the year, (the first was the eclipse at 0 degrees at the solstice in June) is the connection with Saturn by opposition.

With the sun and moon opposite Saturn getting our sh*t together is paramount. Saturn is about paring down to the essentials and being willing to put in the effort for the long term benefit. Since Saturn is in Capricorn opposite the Cancer new moon the issues that arise circle around taking care of our well-being, especially our emotional health, and the stressors in life that complicate or pull at us from the outside world.

Cancer New Moon and Work

If you are working a job you detest figuring out what to do next is on the cosmic agenda. If you do not feel the emotional support from your SO, friends or family taking a break and distancing for a little self care time is in the calendar. The tricky part is sifting through what you want to keep and the promises you have made versus a temporary emotional need to detach.

Another words, the old saying about don’t throw the baby out with the bath water is appropriate. Burning bridges now are an issue later on when you are looking for a way to connect to the road ahead and the old support is no longer available. Sometimes you just need to cut your losses and move on; other times sit and sort to get to a decision of no regrets.

Watch out for talking yourself into depression.

This vibe is full of the old Saturn grumpiness of would of, should of, could of. Caution is advised if it only spirals you into a dark space of feeling stuck, victimized, or trapped. Ultimately this new moon is about getting super clear deep in your emotional body to your desired core state of being.

The action to create with this new moon in cancer comes from the help of Neptune. After you have cleared out the emotional debris and drilled down to the core of what is most important for you at this juncture in your life it is time to bring in the help of Neptune.

Better Times Ahead with Imagination with Action

Neptune is about dreaming, imagining, and creating the ideal life. The possibility of what can be and not necessarily of what is appears in front of you. If you are inclined towards meditation or creating a new moon ceremony bring in colors that soothe and music that moves you. With this state of being you are ready to visualize your future with the emotional charge and will to make it happen.


Yes, the Saturn in this new moon is the gate keeper that one must pass by doing the essential emotional work to get to the core essence of what is right for you. However once passed that gate you enter into a garden of possibilities and the price of the support and help from Neptune is having faith in that which cannot be seen or explained.