Capricorn 2020 Astrology Forecast

capricorn 2020 astrology forecast jupiter in capriconr with pluto and saturn demand a year of great progressThe intensity continues for the Capricorn clan as Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter slowly travels across the territory of your sign. Jupiter having entered into Capricorn in December 2019 along with the solar eclipse on the 25th/26th brings a confidence that 2020 will be your year of great opportunities. On January 13th 2020 there is the conjunction of Saturn/Pluto in your sign, the first time these two planets have come together since 1982 so it is a big deal having this in your sign. It is about making changes and embracing a new way of being in the world. In addition you will have three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions interspersed throughout 2020 which is a huge blessing for anyone that has big dreams. The only caution is that whatever you want to do, make sure it is in integrity and in some way is positive for others and not just for you. Otherwise the Jupiter Pluto vibe can implode and self-destruct.

Here are the important highlights of 2020

Career and Life Desires:

Yes, go for it. Whatever you want to do different as long as you have thought through the long term consequences Jupiter has your back to open up the doors needed. You still have a few hoops to jump through but no big deal, you are accustomed to finding the way through obstacles.

Love and Romance

Uranus in Taurus is another one of the slow moving planets trucking through your solar 5th house of love and romance nudging you to shake up old patterns and keep romance alive in your committed relationships. This is not the year to ignore or take for granted your SO. If you have felt a lack of respect or acknowledgement from your partner then you may be the one taking charge and demanding time to enjoy each other. You may also simply desire time to do your own thing and have a comfortable understanding in the relationship that gives you the space to explore new hobbies or other interest that you value.

 If you are single there are plenty of options in the dating scene. When Venus goes retrograde in May she will be spending a lot of time in the sector of your chart for work and daily routines. This can be an office romance that ignites or someone at the gym that catches your eye. Wherever the routine of your life takes you can be where a new love interest happens.

Friendships and Connections:

With Jupiter in your sign and Uranus in Taurus in your house of hobbies and fun more spontaneity is easier this year. You can respond to those last minute request from friends that under past circumstances were in the way of other obligations. In fact with Jupiter in Capricorn you can be the one that is reaching out and happily setting aside the to do list for something more enticing.

Travel and Education:

Since Jupiter is in your sign this year and Jupiter loves to learn and explore, this is definitely a year to embrace opportunities to get out of town to discover new places. Learning for knowledge sake is on the agenda also. A couple of times in the year the yearning to chuck it all and get away will be stronger. One will be when Jupiter stations to go retrograde in the middle of May and the second when Jupiter moves direct in the middle of September. Another time will be late June and July when the eclipse patterns shake life up and urge to get out of the well-worn path you found yourself trudging every day and break loose to unknown territory.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

There are a couple of areas in the chart that represent vitality, one being the first house and the other the sixth house. You have the helpful planet Jupiter in your first house, expanding your energy, and then in May b/c Venus will move retrograde she will spend a few weeks longer than usual in your 6th house of heal and wellbeing. Both benefics, Jupiter and Venus will support you this year in staying healthy through creating a routine that fits into your schedule.

Finances and Fortune:

Saturn, your ruling planet, moves out of Capricorn, yeah, and into Aquarius late March until July. With Saturn, the planet of get serious and do something about it, dipping its toes into your second house of finances if you are not happy with your financial standing you will feel the pinch to make a few strategic moves. Perhaps getting back to a budget and clearing out credit card obligations is part of the plan. Since you have the fortuitous Jupiter Pluto happening, it is also reflective of how much money you need to put forth your big plans.

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