Libra 2019 8th houseCapricorn full moon lunar eclipse: a glimpse into times to come.

This is a very important lunar eclipse. All the eclipses are always important. However this one has an extra punch to it. The more that we can be in tune with these messages from the universe the easier our life will unfold so we are not swept away in chaos, drama or difficulties.

Every year when we have a full moon from Cancer to Capricorn it is intrinsically about balancing between what our personal emotional needs are versus our professional needs;  how we want to be in the world and what we want to be known for in the world. Basically, home life, work life, is that in balance? But this particular Eclipse has deeper meanings as it has the message of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction that will be exact in January 2020.

So, what does this all mean? What in your life are you willing to let go of in order to create something else? The pull is towards a life that has more stability and security but what are those words? What do those words mean for you? Because it’s different for everybody and it certainly is suggesting that there is a new definition of what success is, what security is, and what fulfillment is.

How to work with the vibration of this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

  • Meditate on what true security is, let the feelings of being totally safe and secure permeate your emotional body in such a powerful way you will always be able to tap back into that feeling.
  • Be mindful of what you want to commit to; reexamine commitments and if they are no longer in alignment with your higher intentions have a conversation about letting go.
  • Work on strengthening your mind, body, and emotions through concrete activities and nourishing foods.
  • Eliminate distractions and focus your energy on what is dear to you.
  • Release worry and focus on the present moment.
  • Take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves.
  • Spend time with a loving wise mother/father figure (or spirit guide) that encourages you to be the person you know you can be. If you don’t have a mentor in your life; be your own wise and loving parent to your uncertain side.
  • Empathy without boundaries is self-destructive, care about the less fortunate with actions that uplift.
  • If your goals or your work is building resentment, question why you are hanging in there.
  • Get a few friends together with like-minded beliefs to support each other and hold each other accountable for your dreams and goals.

Let’s dive into what the energetic showers coming down from the universe are saying. The Capricorn moon is conjunct Pluto which is opposite Sun, which is about transformation. That’s a very simple statement and yet, what is going to be transformed? Part of the transformation is our emotional side of what we feel we need in order to have that sense of security alongside of what we want to do in the world to be recognized and/or have personal accomplishment. What is the balance in life between our professional life and our personal life? What else is the most significant aspect of the full moon eclipse?

One of the main things that’s significant, and there are several, is the degree of this full moon eclipse which is twenty-four Capricorn. That is the degree that Pluto will station next year. Therefore not only is the Capricorn moon conjunct Pluto it is opening up a window into the future. So this is a precursor for 2020. Stay open to the premonitions that come in, a lot of intuitive insights and images will present themselves, some of them will be gut reactions and some of them will be a flash of an image of where life is going to take you a year from now or even two years out.

Saturn will also be at 25 degrees Capricorn in 2020. There is a seriousness about this vibration from the universe that says, “Take a look at your life in a deep and an insightful way.” Take time for yourself to go within and challenge yourself to break through any boundaries that are restrictive. Yet also keep healthy boundaries around so are able to spend your time and effort in ways that satisfy your professional aspirations.

“People with closed minds, no matter what the subject is that their mind is closed to, are pretty toxic, over time they will destroy your dreams.”

Venus with Saturn PlutoVenus is what we love and value. She is pleasure and she’s conjunct the North node of the Moon. The north node of the moon pulls us to our future and what is needed to evolve. So the North node of the moon is conjunct Venus. Venus is what we love, what brings us pleasure, what are you going towards? The North node is about going towards something and she’s in Cancer, where do you feel you belong and where’s your family? And it doesn’t have to be your genetic family. Where’s that sense of family for you? There’s a going towards people and places that feel homey and safe and at the same time Venus is exactly opposite Saturn.  Venus doesn’t want to mess around now, she does not want to waste time or energy in relationships that you know are not able to give you what you want. It is an inner knowing- having a deep sense of what is right for you. With Saturn there is work and effort required in order to have what you desire. This combination is like the path of life, it may not be easy but it can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

S Niequist: “When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and grow.”

Jupiter is in its rulership and remember the energy of Jupiter this year is very strong because Jupiter’s in its rulership in Sagittarius, Saturn’s in its rulership in Capricorn, Neptune’s in its rulership in Pisces. Therefore the energy this year has a lot of strength to make things happen, whether for good or whether for problems. It all depends where you’re putting your intention and focus. Jupiter will station in August and sitting at a degree that it is right in between two planetary nodes, one being Venus, and the other being Uranus.

July 2019 Astrology Jupiter freeThere’s also an electrifying energy with Jupiter. Yes, there is the seriousness of Saturn and Pluto and transformation and overcoming obstacles and really knowing yourself and setting goals and boundaries and your vision, and yadda yadda. However over on the side is the heckler Jupiter shouting break free! Break free! Know what you want, come over with me, it doesn’t have to be difficult, life does not have to be a struggle. Be very conscious of the quagmires of life; if there’s struggle around you, how can you lift yourself above the struggle and the stuck-ness and see things differently? Look for the insight that says, “how can I break free from how I normally think that will bring answers to give me a life that is who I am now?’.