Capricorn 2019

Life might be intense this year but oh can it be significant. The year begins with the Sun conjunct Saturn, your ruling planet in Capricorn, and if that wasn’t enough on the 6 of January the solar eclipse with Saturn sends its pulsations out to the world to ride the wave of committing to change. Since the nodes of the moon have moved from Leo/Aquarius into Cancer/Capricorn the eclipse patterns will bounce back and forth between your Sun sign and Cancer, the sign opposite you. This emphasizes once again the importance that 2019 can be for you as the eclipse in your sign is a wake-up call for you to double check if you are happy in the direction your life is taking you and whether you have the right people along for the ride.

Uranus moves direct January 6 in Aries where it will spend the next several weeks before it moves back into Taurus on March 6 for nearly 7 more years. This is a reminder to ‘do your Mars’ which is understanding the nature of how important persistent action is needed in order to move towards the best person you can be and develop your natural gifts and talents.   At times this may feel that you are asking people to get out of the way or demanding from them the understanding of your need to do what you need to do. In the end the momentum of this push forward will propel you into a rhythm that is comfortable for you and your chosen friends and partners. As Uranus moves into your sister earth sign of Taurus tapping into your creative flow is the key. Uranus will be spending the next 6 to 7 years in your solar fifth house of romance, creativity, and hobbies. You will discover a hobby that may in the end be something that brings you a deep sense of appreciation and pride. It may also develop into a side business down the road. In any case, adding fun and romance is on the cosmic calendar.

Mercury will be retrograde three times this year the first being in March in the water sign of Pisces activating your third house of communication. This is a time when it will be extra important for you to be clear in your communication to others. You may feel that what you said was concrete in obvious but it can land on ears that interpret it in a completely different way. The second Mercury retrograde of this year begins in the fiery sign of Leo in your solar eighth house of intuition and what you share with others; then dips back into your seventh house of partnerships. This can indicate a renegotiation between you and a significant other of who does what or who pays for what. The third Mercury retrograde is also in a water sign, this time in deep intense Scorpio. It will be traveling through your solar 11th house of friendships. This will happen in November and you can be engaged in many social events with casual and your closest friends.


With Saturn moving direct in September in your sign and Pluto moving direct shortly thereafter also in Capricorn you will find that September and October are months that you can make significant change. What the change will be is determined from whatever it is that you have discovered is not enough in your life and the change will be to pursue a more fulfilled life.

One of the most significant planetary signatures this year is between the planet Jupiter which will be in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. These planets will square each other three times. The first time that this configuration happens is in January, the second in June and the third in September. These three months will present a dilemma between not wanting your dreams to be limited and the question of whether or not the vision you have is realistic or not. It is a time to set your sights high yet make the effort to do whatever it takes to get it done. The planets are activating your house of solitude and meditation along with the sector of your chart of reading, writing, and learning. This is an excellent time to catch up on your reading, journal, and exploring your spiritual path.


With Jupiter in Sagittarius until December 2019 traveling through your solar 12 house of retreat and spiritual longing you may find opportunities to take time to develop that side. It is also a time when knowledge and information can bubble up from places unknown that will be feel to you information that will help you see that which has been hidden. In other words spirit guides, dreams, or uncanny messages can appear that will not you to pay attention to where you are holding yourself back. In December when Jupiter goes into Capricorn it heralds a new year 2020 where the hard work and discipline that you have done will show the fruits of your labor.


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Dec 31, Saturn opposite Sun

    Frustrations in relationships, particularly with employers, government officials, or other authorities, make this a difficult time period. Your plans, ideals, and goals meet with opposition.

Jan 1, mercury sextile Midheaven

    Making decisions or long-range plans is favored now. Your judgement is sound. Making worthwhile professional contacts, reaching out to others who can help you in your work, and taking care of business in an orderly, clear way are also likely.

Jan 1, Venus square Midheaven

    The desire to socialize, to be friendly, or loved may interfere with getting work done or acting in a professional manner. Scheduling time for recreation or to attend to a relationship is a good idea now.

Jan 2, Sun opposite sun

    This is a time to get others’ opinions and feedback about yourself and what you are doing. Relationships of all types are activated now and cooperation, compromise, and adjustments to others’ viewpoints are key issues that require your attention. You may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life.

Jan 4, Mercury square Jupiter

    Your mind is on bigger issues and long-range plans. You are optimistic and enthusiastic about your ideas, but disinclined to read the fine print or study all the facts, which can result in an error in judgement. Try not to be lax about important details.

Jan 5, mercury trine Mars

    This is a good time to assert your own needs and desires, to communicate to others what you really want. You are sharp, clear, decisive, and articulate. You can’t stand being idle now; you are ready for challenging, intellectual activities and attacking difficult problems on the job.

Jan 5, Venus sextile Mars

    Both friendship and material benefits may well come to you at this time. You feel very sociable and gregarious, and seek conviviality, especially with people who really know how to have a good time. Charitable and philanthropic impulses are stronger now, also, and should be followed with positive action on your part.

Jan 6, Sun trine Saturn

    Today it is easy for you to concentrate on your work, to eliminate what is superfluous or distracting you from what you really need to do. You have the self-control and discipline to apply yourself to tasks that you may have been avoiding. You want to put your affairs in order and have a greater tolerance for tedium than usual. This is a good time to tackle mundane chores and practical business.

Jan 7, Mars square Mars

    At this time you are prone to irritability, temper tantrums, and flying off the handle for slim reasons. You are also impatient and inclined to rush unnecessarily, which can cause accidents or bruised feelings of the part of the people you live with or work closely with. You are in a fighting mood and stand up for your rights more readily than usual, but beware of the tendency to be abrasive and insensitive.

Jan 7, mercury conjunct Moon

    Conversations have a particularly emotional, intimate, or nostalgic tone. Sharing memories and reminiscences, or discussing a very personal topic with someone you feel you can trust is likely now. You may have a significant communication (letter, phone call, or personal discussion) with someone who was once very important to you or with whom you have a long history. This is a good time to reflect, review, and get a perspective on emotional matters or things of the past.

Jan 7, Venus square Mars

    Tangles in romantic relationships are likely now. Your sexual drive is quite strong, and you may be more concerned with satisfying your own desires than in being sensitive to your partner. All interactions with people of the opposite sex are inclined to be tense right now.

Jan 8, Mars square Mercury

    Verbal battles, disputes, and heated debates are very likely at this time because you speak your mind without much forethought, tact, or consideration of consequences. Right now you will say the things you usually only think, especially to people you disagree with. Also, you are quite impatient and easily frustrated, and are inclined to move about too quickly and abruptly, which can cause accidents. Unless you slow your pace down a bit, this time period can be quite a headache.

Jan 8, Mercury opposite Mercury

    Exchanging information, ideas, and opinions plays an important role in your life now. A significant conversation with someone who has a very different attitude or perspective than your own is likely. Try to be receptive and learn as much as you can from others at this time. Also, mental curiosity or restlessness impels you to get out and about, perhaps take a short trip or visit.

Jan 10, Mercury square Uranus

    Flexibility, thinking on your feet, and the ability to accommodate the unexpected will be called for now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in many directions at once, and tend to scatter your forces, jumping from one thing to the next. Positively, you may come up with some fresh, original plan or insight that may seem crazy at first, but which is likely to be quite useful.

Jan 10, Mercury sextile Pluto

    You are fascinated by the mysterious now. Unsolved or puzzling problems and the hidden or behind-the-scenes aspects of a situation interest you most, and you delve and probe until you discover the truth. An interest in psychology or other peoples’ secrets comes to the fore. You enjoy spy stores, mystery, and supernatural stories.

Jan 11, Sun sextile Neptune

    Today you feel less competitive and ambitious about practical and mundane matters. The world of imagination, fantasy, art, music, or mysticism is very appealing to you now, and if you have talent in any of these areas, this can be a creative and fruitful time for you. However, the negative possibilities for you now are being undisciplined, slack, indefinite, and wasting time and energy.

Jan 12, Mars opposite Uranus
    You are very bold and adventurous right now and you cannot tolerate delays, restrictions, or any form of authority that prevents you from behaving exactly as you please. Your drive for personal freedom and insistence on your rights is pressing, and a confrontation in which you have to stand up for yourself is likely. Rashness, sudden acts of anger or violence, and a tendency to try to do too much too fast are tendencies you need to carefully monitor at this time.

Jan 12, mercury opposite Sun

    A short trip, or at least a lot of activity and movement, is very likely now. A significant conversation, learning from another person, and getting your own ideas and perceptions across to others is also likely. You may hear from someone who has important information for you, or feel a pressing need to write or call someone else in order to bring some matter in the open. Communications of all kinds play an important role in your life now.

Jan 13, Jupiter opposite Venus

    You are in a jovial and fun-loving mood during this time period. You are likely to enjoy a wonderful time at a party, and take part in entertaining social events. You can expect lots of laughter, jokes, and happy times with others during this period.

Capricorn 2019 Astrology Forecast

Your sun sign monthly astrology forecast is not the same as a personal astrology reading but it will give you general insight.

One of the issues a Capricorn will face sometime in their life is the concern around their reputation, what they think they ‘should” do or are “supposed” to accomplish, and the ensuing commitments, regrets and resentments. Just as other signs have a fated aspect to their astrology chart, one of the fated aspects for Capricorn is a concern of not appearing as a fool and being respected by people they engage with in their lives. The fear of being caught in a situation they can’t handle can translate into not wanting to take risks to avoid any potential shame or embarrassment.

Astrologers assign to Capricorns the planet Saturn, the planet of duty, responsibilities, and hard work. Many times the Capricorn will have embedded within their belief system that success that comes easy isn’t success; that one must work hard for success and go through society’s standards of what determines success. This can translate into getting a degree from a well respected school. If the Capricorn can not afford the ivy league school or is not accepted into top rated schools they may feel frustrated and notice others who have degrees from the Ivy Leagues appear to have an unfair advantage.

Since Capricorns are attuned to time better than the rest of us they can be good at planning for their future, if they are not in a position to set aside money for their future they will have a tendency to worry about it. This leads to the bag lady syndrome, what if I end up at the end of my life with nothing, like the old lady on the street corner hauling her bags?

Because of the inner conditioning and worry element that is so natural for Capricorn I believe it is imperative that they just cover the bases to give them the feeling of security they crave. This can be done through well accepted avenues such as setting up retirement accounts and having insurance policies for any possible disasters they could worry about so they can set aside those concerns and concentrate on the present.

Capricorn rocks when she is focused on a plan of action and working step by step towards her goal. The crises in a Capricorns life will be when they reach the top of the proverbial mountain they have been climbing and look around and discover it was someone else’s mountain they worked so hard to get to the top of.

Many times the Capricorn adopts the standards and ideals of the society around them when they are young; what mom and dad think they would be good at, what the school counselor tells them they should do, or what appears to be most respected profession from the media. When this happens a crises of faith occurs when they reexamine just whose life they are living.

The inner parent is a constant companion for the Capricorn, what they should or should not be doing. When the Capricorn begins to really listen to their inner voice on a conscious level they will hear a parental voice telling them everything they “should” be doing. It is important for Capricorn to question that inner voice and talk back; why should I? Who are you to tell me what I should and should not do? Many times the answer is an outdated lecture heard over and over from an authority figure from years before.

As a Capricorn commitments take on a whole new meaning, if a commitment is accepted out of duty or obligation then resentment can follow. Regrets and resentments can eat away at the Capricorn who has not examined their life and made sure it was one of their choosing and not one that adopted because it was what was expected of them. A happy Capricorn is one who can look at the time line of life, past and future, yet be grounded in the present with no regrets or resentments.

When you learn astrology you can be your own astrologer and use astrology to understand who you are on a deeper level and guide you towards the life you want.

Being in tune with these messages will help you on the earth plane and supports you in your spiritual evolution and awakening.

Monthly forecast do not replace your individual chart readings that are unique to your birthday, time of birth, year of birth and place of birth but will give information that will help you with the overall picture for you.

 Capricorn 2019 Astrology

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