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In depth chart analysis for compatibility. This relationship astrology reading covers what is working, what could be troublesome, what to expect, how to understand each other, what will need extra attention in understanding, and the overall health and sustainability of the relationship. This includes transits, or timing of events that can be helpful in knowing the relationship status.

The fee for the full analysis is $210 for a 90 minute session of your chart and the chart of your significant other. This also includes the standard session. 

The Astrological Keys to Determine Compatibility

Compatibility between two people is tricky; how does one find someone that fits just right? Our expectations have changed in recent years and as the current 20 somethings move into their 30’s finding a life partner seems to be getting harder and harder. We are evolving as human beings, with more complexity of desires, feelings and emotions. Finding a match that can fill our souls and hearts needs is more complex than in ages past when standards and roles were different.

Compatibility Chart Readings

Astrology is a complex subject yet this basic understanding will help you know whether or not the relationship you are in will be long lasting or short lived. This information can also help you know if the relationship will be able to handle future stress and conflict. A professional astrologer analyzes astrology compatibility to help determine harmonious connections and potential areas of discomfort in relationships. Astrology does not dictate what will happen but gives us a source of hidden knowledge to help us understand ourselves and others.

90 Minute relationship + standard $210. Phone or Zoom consultation or prerecorded Audio sent to you, submitting your concerns and questions encouraged. Please email to find out current availability and wait time for your MP3 or session. Payment options are PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. 

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Please email before or after your purchase to send your birth data and info; it is required for your astrology consultation. Thanks donnazpage @ gmail. com

Seek permission of your significant other (and/or other individuals) that you want to include for their birth data. A common questions is: What if they don’t want to? If they are hesitant to provide their birth info for the astrology compatibility I have found it comes from either:

1) They are nervous the astrologer will tell you something to discourage you in the relationship. Rest assured my role is only in providing information, this is a non advise – non judgmental safe space. Assure them that you have a mind of your own.

2.) They are anti astrology. This is a value difference and in itself tells you there is a difference in what each other has a connection towards, which happens in every relationship- small to large differences.

3.) They are fearful that something will be exposed that they do not want you to know, again this tells you something about the relationship. If the person doesn’t agree, there is plenty of information in your own chart to understand the nature of relationship and the energy around you in moving forward.


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The purpose of chart compatibility is to help you have a better understanding of yourself and the person you are in a relationship with and with this understanding you will create more depth, love, and compassion in your relationship. It will also help you to know where the difficulties will erupt in your relationship. The common belief is money difficulties is the primary reason for divorce, with infidelity in the number 2 spot. Yet astrology will reveal that there are many more sub reasons that can lead to overspending, or infidelity. Having this knowledge can save a relationship and help repair the broken pieces of trust. Sometimes charts have more incompatibility than compatibility, but the tie of what is compatible is very strong. In these cases it is imperative to understand the fundamental differences so as not to end up in a love hate situation.

Perhaps you have just met someone or are considering getting married. With the divorce rate over 50% in the USA using chart compatibility will help you know, upfront, what areas in the relationship you might have to give extra love and attention to.

During certain astrology transits relationships will undergo scrutiny to determine whether or not to stay together, break apart or get divorced. A Saturn return is one of those times. The average age for couples going through their first divorce is 30 years old. Saturn returns are cyclical in nature and impact one from the ages of 28- 30 or 56 – 60. Pluto transits and Uranus transits are another and are not age related but personal to your individual astrology chart.

A compatibility chart will show you what will be easy in the relationship and what will be difficult.

The video below will show you the techniques that I use, as a professional astrologer I am able to use the different charts to get clarity around the needs and ‘karma’ between people. Using the transits will also tell you the timing for when problems may arise, or timing for smooth sailing, romance and happiness. Unless you are an experienced astrologer, the video is quite technical and complex, it is shown for students who want to learn astrology and for you to get a glimpse of what astrologers need to do to give you an accurate astrology reading in your consultation.

Couples Astrology Readings

If you are in a relationship then you owe it to yourself to understand your loves chart and how it interacts with yours. It can make the difference between being a happy couple or having problems. Chart compatibility in astrology can help you know how well you will get along and what possible problems could arise in your relationship. With a little how to knowledge you can understand whether or not the person you are involved with has the potential of sustaining a long term happy relationship. When comparing your chart with another you will want to pay close attention to Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. You can glean hidden information that a professional astrologer knows from looking at how these planets connect with one another.

If you are in or considering couples therapy, having an astrological perspective of your charts is incredibly helpful. If you are in a new relationship timing is important, (Great guy? Bad timing? Good to know.)

This information may be contrary to sun sign astrology compatibility profiles where the suggested harmony is from one sun sign to another sun sign. The Sun quality is important without a doubt, yet the moon rules the night and emotions. It is primarily important that your lover understands you emotionally, how you respond, what hurts your feelings and what you need to feel loved. Mercury is vital to communication, Mars and Venus to sexual chemistry and Venus to mutual likes and interest, all points of tremendous importance when wondering about the long term value of a love affair.

Mars and Venus define the sexual chemistry in your charts. When your Mars is connected to Venus (or visa versa) in your lovers chart then sparks fly. Without a good Mars Venus connection the sex life can be ho hum. Do not despair if you do not see any prominent connection between Mars and Venus; another chemistry producing connection is Mars to Moon, that quality will also create sexual attraction.

When your Venuses are in compatible signs it is a good omen. Venus is what we love and value. If your Venuses are connected then you can share and enjoy similar activities. If your Venus is not connected with your lovers chart then one person may always feel that they are compromising in the relationship to make the other person happy or that they never get to do what is important to them. Many marriages are content with each partner having separate hobbies and not spending free time together, if this is appealing to you then a non connected Venus is fine.

Moon signs in similar qualities are extremely important for long term happiness. If your Moon is in an air or fire sign it is best that your lovers’ Moon is also in air or fire.

If your Moon is in a water or earth sign and your partners Moon is in water or earth this combination creates stability in the relationship. If your Moons are in incompatible signs then extra attention will be needed to understand the emotional makeup and needs of each other.

Mercury connections are vital to communication and understanding your differences. Mercury in a positive connecting position in your astrology charts will help determine how quickly and easily you will be able to overcome misunderstandings.

Having a comprehensive chart compatibility understanding will help in creating and maintaining a loving relationship.

90 minute session Compatibility plus Standard $210. Phone, zoom consultation, or prerecorded Audio sent to you, submitting your concerns and questions encouraged.

Please realize that I am not a “fortune teller”, nor do I tell fortunes or give “psychic readings”. I am very intuitive, as we all have an intuitive side which is heightened or developed more or less according to ones innate disposition and conscious training and meditative practices.

If you are in need of financial, legal, medical, psychological or other professional services, please contact those professionals. Couples Therapy Options 

My purpose is to transmit the information and meaning that your own individual astrology chart has and embodies. This information is fascinating as the symbolic messages have pertinent meaning that apply to our lives. It is your responsibility to use your own free will to make the best choices that help your life reach its greatest potential. There are times and cycles that show positive influences and others more challenging that can be seen through the astrological transits. This information is also available through the astrology symbols and influences that cycle around the chart at various times. As you become more aware of self, you are able to take conscious control of your own life to create your own destiny which is in your hands as you make more aware decisions to overcome problems, challenges and issues that life presents.

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