December astrology 2019

December Astrology 2022


December begins with the cosmos being very busy. You might wake up with your mind racing in all directions with a multitude of ideas. If you keep a dream journal, this morning will be very fruitful.

Venus is opposite Mars testing our resolve to our commitments to act upon what we say we want. The beginning of the cycle when Venus and Mars were together (conjunct) was March 6th, at the same degree (0 Aquarius) that we had the huge shift of Jupiter with Saturn at 0 Aquarius.

Globally this represents a shift towards an intellectual era using artificial intelligence and innovative solutions for factories and energy systems. The war in Ukraine raging in March of 2022 with the realization that Ukraine would not roll over and hand the country to Putin has highlighted the global and especially European need to find alternative sources of energy.

On a personal level this cycle will reveal how much we have accomplished (or not) towards bringing more joy into our life since March of 2022. With the Moon in Pisces and Uranus connected listen to your intuition for sudden insights on how to make shifts towards what you want. Relationships can be a bit wobbly at the opposition; it is easy to fall into an “I’m right” or petty arguing now. Toleration or acceptance of the other persons point of view even if you don’t agree will allow for a better time to find common ground. Relationships that have extremely different values and philosophical differences that pull you down will tend to part under this energy.


Gemini Full Moon

The full moon on December 7th is at 16 degrees of Gemini with Mars. Crazy active minds and being pulled into many directions is this vibe. The 16 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius is connected to the node of Venus; what this implies is this full moon once again has a lot to do with creating a life we love. With Mars connected impulsive decisions are easy to act upon. More than anything the cosmos is prompting us to do more than just think about what makes us happy, but to take action towards it. The moon in the sign of Gemini will lend towards over thinking or being divided between more than one option. If you have clear vision of what criteria is the most important for you then deciding which path to take is much easier.

For the global outlook, religious or political fanaticism is in full swing, with verbal jabs and opinions stated as truths polluting the atmosphere. Keep your cosmic shield up so not to be un-intentionally bombarded with negative thought waves.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter moves back into Aries on December 20th and will race through Aries for the next five months. Aries get your running shoes on! Be super conscious of what is a genuine opportunity for you versus something that sidetracks you from your core self. Then when Jupiter passes over your sun sometime in the next months you will be able to distinguish a true opportunity from a detour. This holds true for everyone, as Jupiter will reflect all of our suns in one way or another (different aspects) during its trek.


Sun in Capricorn

The winter solstice (summer for down under) on the 21st of December is bursting with exuberant vibrations from Jupiter, who wants to give us the encouragement to believe in ourselves and move beyond what we have already done. Uranus is part of the solstice story bringing his twist to get us out of old patterns and bring something new and exciting into life.

This time of year, when the light of the sun begins to grow once again is one of the most fertile times to set your intentions out to the universe. With Jupiter and Uranus infusing this time what an incredible opportunity to project desires without limitations.


Capricorn New Moon

The new moon December 23rd at 5:17 am EST is at 1 degree of Capricorn carrying through the energy from the solstice 36 hours earlier. The shift of the moon in earthy no nonsense Capricorn brings with it the support to bring together friends in your world that are of like mind. Saturn is the planet that rules the Capricorn new moon and since Saturn is in Aquarius, the desire to be with people where you feel you belong is prominent. There is a sense of less is more vibe with this new moon and that can carry into January and your New Year intentions. Quality and items that last will be preferred.

Mercury Retrograde

The year ends with Mercury retrograde on December 29th in Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn. Mercury connected with Venus is a great time to have pleasant conversations with old friends. Mercury, the planet of the ideas and words with Venus, the planet that wants us to enjoy life, will certainly nudge us to spend quality time with people we care about and also quality time alone to ponder the year ahead.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve on Saturday has the moon in comfort loving Taurus. If you have a party to go to there will be plenty of scrumptious food and drink. Don’t skimp on the gift for the hostess, a smaller version of something really excellent will be received with great joy.

If New Years Eve is a night to stay at home, let the Taurus delights come out and put your comfy clothes on and feast on your favorite food and drink while totally enjoying the last hours of 2022.


New Moon in Sagittarius Intentions

The yearly new moon in Sagittarius is a time to set our intentions for all things Sag. What do you want to learn? Rethink around your belief systems. Where do you want to visit? Time of cultivating confidence. What do you want to share with the world? What are your opinions and where do they come from? How do you want to help bring justice to the planet? The solar eclipse simply gives an extra push in saying that these areas of life really want to be looked at and made solid.

Setting your intentions for the Sagittarius new moon will be valuable when you are connecting with the realm of what Sagittarius is all about.

Create affirmations that set a positive vibration for what is important for you.

Consider taking classes or courses in subjects that are of interest.

Reexamine your thoughts and beliefs, let go of prejudice and judgment

Expand your boundaries beyond your comfort zone.

Take a foreign language class or if that seems too formidable check our exotic cuisine.

Plan travels, the more wild and adventurous the better.

Take a journey of the mind, or better yet travel to the amazon with a guide for shamanic healing.

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