December astrology 2019

December Astrology Forecast 2023

Capricorn SolsticeDecember is upon us and it is a time to reflect back and look forward. Mercury moves into Capricorn on the first of December and will slow down as it approaches its station to retrograde on Wednesday the 13th. Mercury in Capricorn helps us to prepare and plan. It is pragmatic thinking. Mercury will dip back into Sagittarius on Saturday the 23rd setting aside practicality for ideas that are far reaching with possibilities.

Venus shifts into Scorpio on the 4th where she loves to go deep into understanding what is going on below the surface. Relationships go under scrutiny to understand the level of trust and sharing between partners.

The first week of December has a strong Neptune flavor as Neptune stations to move direct on Wednesday the 6th at 25 degrees of Pisces. This brings the energy of Neptune, (dreamy imagination, uncertainty, desire to connect to a side of life that is beyond the ordinary) to infiltrate our thinking and what we desire.




The Sagittarius new moon on Tuesday the 12th @ 6:30pm EST is the annual reminder to embrace your truth and live your life for what is possible. Examining personal belief systems is part of the message, is what you think and believe supporting you or is it limiting? Where do you want to grow and expand? What else do you want to know and learn? Where do you want to travel? What new adventure calls to you? Who can you help by sharing your knowledge?

This new moon does have explosive vibration underneath the surface along with Neptune whose shadow side is delusion. Weather patterns can be wacky and unfortunately extremist can cause more pain and suffering through their actions. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts the Sag new moon brings is faith. Have faith and believe that even if you cannot see how what you want will manifest in your life having a core belief that it will heals the fear or uncertainty that holds you back.

The solstice on December 21st when the sun enters Capricorn has been a day of celebration for thousands of years. Astrologically it gives us a chart to peek into the year ahead.

The moon is at 0 degrees of Taurus exactly trine the Sun, where she is very happy and content to kick off the Capricorn season. The main message of the solstice chart includes creating harmony between your outer professional life, (Sun) and your inner personal world (moon). Venus is opposite Uranus which indicates change in values and financial instability. Not necessarily bad but unstable, whether through changes in your income or concern related to what is on the news.

The strongest vibration pattern is a 23rd Vibration. This is an energetic pattern that indicates in the year ahead we will embrace going our own way even when people close to us are surprised in the choices we make.


Winter CapricornThe Cancer full moon on Tuesday the 26th reminds us to include self-care, nurturing, and creating safe spaces for communicating your feelings. It is a time to assess the polarity between the Sun energy in Capricorn, which is your job, what you do out in the world, and the Moon energy of Cancer, what brings you emotional comfort, healing, nurturing, and an overall sense of security and safety. This time allows us to embrace the fullness of life and all that it can be.

The year ends with a wonderful gift from Jupiter in Taurus stationing moving direct of Saturday December 30th. Granted it is very easy to overdo everything with this powerful vibration shining down from the cosmos. But more than anything the message from Jupiter is to move into the New Year with enthusiasm, faith, and trust that you can grow and move into the vision you have for your greatest and best life.

New Moon in Sagittarius Intentions

The yearly new moon in Sagittarius is a time to set our intentions for all things Sag. What do you want to learn? Rethink around your belief systems. Where do you want to visit? Time of cultivating confidence. What do you want to share with the world? What are your opinions and where do they come from? How do you want to help bring justice to the planet? The solar eclipse simply gives an extra push in saying that these areas of life really want to be looked at and made solid.

Setting your intentions for the Sagittarius new moon will be valuable when you are connecting with the realm of what Sagittarius is all about.

Create affirmations that set a positive vibration for what is important for you.

Consider taking classes or courses in subjects that are of interest.

Reexamine your thoughts and beliefs, let go of prejudice and judgment

Expand your boundaries beyond your comfort zone.

Take a foreign language class or if that seems too formidable check our exotic cuisine.

Plan travels, the more wild and adventurous the better.

Take a journey of the mind, or better yet travel to the amazon with a guide for shamanic healing.

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