December astrology 2019

December Astrology 2022


December begins with the cosmos being very busy. You might wake up with your mind racing in all directions with a multitude of ideas. If you keep a dream journal, this morning will be very fruitful.

Venus is opposite Mars testing our resolve to our commitments to act upon what we say we want. The beginning of the cycle when Venus and Mars were together (conjunct) was March 6th, at the same degree (0 Aquarius) that we had the huge shift of Jupiter with Saturn at 0 Aquarius.

Globally this represents a shift towards an intellectual era using artificial intelligence and innovative solutions for factories and energy systems. The war in Ukraine raging in March of 2022 with the realization that Ukraine would not roll over and hand the country to Putin has highlighted the global and especially European need to find alternative sources of energy.

On a personal level this cycle will reveal how much we have accomplished (or not) towards bringing more joy into our life since March of 2022. With the Moon in Pisces and Uranus connected listen to your intuition for sudden insights on how to make shifts towards what you want. Relationships can be a bit wobbly at the opposition; it is easy to fall into an “I’m right” or petty arguing now. Toleration or acceptance of the other persons point of view even if you don’t agree will allow for a better time to find common ground. Relationships that have extremely different values and philosophical differences that pull you down will tend to part under this energy.


Gemini Full Moon

The full moon on December 7th is at 16 degrees of Gemini with Mars. Crazy active minds and being pulled into many directions is this vibe. The 16 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius is connected to the node of Venus; what this implies is this full moon once again has a lot to do with creating a life we love. With Mars connected impulsive decisions are easy to act upon. More than anything the cosmos is prompting us to do more than just think about what makes us happy, but to take action towards it. The moon in the sign of Gemini will lend towards over thinking or being divided between more than one option. If you have clear vision of what criteria is the most important for you then deciding which path to take is much easier.

For the global outlook, religious or political fanaticism is in full swing, with verbal jabs and opinions stated as truths polluting the atmosphere. Keep your cosmic shield up so not to be un-intentionally bombarded with negative thought waves.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter moves back into Aries on December 20th and will race through Aries for the next five months. Aries get your running shoes on! Be super conscious of what is a genuine opportunity for you versus something that sidetracks you from your core self. Then when Jupiter passes over your sun sometime in the next months you will be able to distinguish a true opportunity from a detour. This holds true for everyone, as Jupiter will reflect all of our suns in one way or another (different aspects) during its trek.


Sun in Capricorn

The winter solstice (summer for down under) on the 21st of December is bursting with exuberant vibrations from Jupiter, who wants to give us the encouragement to believe in ourselves and move beyond what we have already done. Uranus is part of the solstice story bringing his twist to get us out of old patterns and bring something new and exciting into life.

This time of year, when the light of the sun begins to grow once again is one of the most fertile times to set your intentions out to the universe. With Jupiter and Uranus infusing this time what an incredible opportunity to project desires without limitations.


Capricorn New Moon

The new moon December 23rd at 5:17 am EST is at 1 degree of Capricorn carrying through the energy from the solstice 36 hours earlier. The shift of the moon in earthy no nonsense Capricorn brings with it the support to bring together friends in your world that are of like mind. Saturn is the planet that rules the Capricorn new moon and since Saturn is in Aquarius, the desire to be with people where you feel you belong is prominent. There is a sense of less is more vibe with this new moon and that can carry into January and your New Year intentions. Quality and items that last will be preferred.

Mercury Retrograde

The year ends with Mercury retrograde on December 29th in Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn. Mercury connected with Venus is a great time to have pleasant conversations with old friends. Mercury, the planet of the ideas and words with Venus, the planet that wants us to enjoy life, will certainly nudge us to spend quality time with people we care about and also quality time alone to ponder the year ahead.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve on Saturday has the moon in comfort loving Taurus. If you have a party to go to there will be plenty of scrumptious food and drink. Don’t skimp on the gift for the hostess, a smaller version of something really excellent will be received with great joy.

If New Years Eve is a night to stay at home, let the Taurus delights come out and put your comfy clothes on and feast on your favorite food and drink while totally enjoying the last hours of 2022.



Past Decembers to see how the cycles brought change and growth into your life. Some say the past predicts your future, recognize the patterns from past years and the cycles of the cosmos unfolded and see what revealed itself to you. The wisdom of the universe supports transformation and growth- to move beyond the unwanted repeat of past responses into an enlightened free destiny. 

2021 December Astrology

Wow, Neptune is stationed direct on December 1st making everything a little rosier, fuzzier, and confusing and/or revealing around situations kept hidden or not decided upon. What a way to begin the month. When there is a strong Neptune, sometimes the desire to stay away and chill overrides the you just got to do it even if you don’t like it principle. It is a great vibe for imagining, poets, and other activities to call upon the muses. The New Year is just weeks away and we can anticipate fresh starts and new opportunities.

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse New Moon

The Sagittarius new moon on the 4th is a solar eclipse ready to reveal the truth of situations. Think about what a solar eclipse is, the light of the sun is blocked momentarily and then the light returns. We see things clearer we something is removed that we expect to always be there. In Sagittarius what is revealed are our beliefs, if they still represent our personal truth. The eclipse opens the door to the urge to get moving in life and embrace what is important before it is ‘too late”. There is a feeling of urgency with the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, as if one must take a chance in case the chance is not there in the future.

On December 6th  Venus will make her last conjunction with the moon at 24 Capricorn before she goes retrograde preparing to disappear from the sky as she travels with the sun before her next 584 day cycle in January 2022.

Venus in practical hold on and think about it Capricorn is at the midpoint between Mars and Neptune. Relationships get murky, are you really there for me? Not just romantic, even uncertainty around your end of year bonus or other places where there is talk but no concrete action. The positive side of Venus negotiating with Mars and Neptune is beautiful decorations for the season. Your craft skills are in high gear and admired.

Saturn is the midpoint between Jupiter and Venus. One might say this is a good energy for the holiday season to be reasonable in spending habits and Jupiter and Venus when they are together do not like to be limited and Saturn is the reminder to put the brakes on. This is in a lot of areas of life, from taking it slow in a new romantic relationship, to allowing only sooo much candy and cookies to tempt you, to pausing before paying full price on an expensive new coat.

New Moon in Sagittarius Intentions

The yearly new moon in Sagittarius is a time to set our intentions for all things Sag. What do you want to learn? Rethink around your belief systems. Where do you want to visit? Time of cultivating confidence. What do you want to share with the world? What are your opinions and where do they come from? How do you want to help bring justice to the planet? The solar eclipse simply gives an extra push in saying that these areas of life really want to be looked at and made solid.

Venus in CapricornVenus in Capricorn, who is moving slowly, is approaching Pluto always the reminder to value what you feel most passionate about and release that which no longer serves you.

Mercury shifts into pondering Capricorn on Monday the 13th, the same day Mars moves into Sagittarius. There is a huge shift in energy this week as we approach the full moon in Gemini in the upcoming weekend. Mars in Sagittarius adds a lot of kindling to the Sag lunar eclipse fire to get us into action in making big life decisions that are scary but have huge rewards when they work out.

Gemini Full Moon at 27 degrees on the Galactic Center

The Gemini full moon on Saturday the 18th is carrying with it the essence of Venus retrograde several hours later. The Gemini moon at the Galactic center is tricky. Stay centered or be thrust into a cosmic swirl that is ultimately fine for our ascension but hard for our human desire for comfort. The symbol full moon is at 27 degrees of Gemini according to Muir is “One who understands that self-mastery is the greatest force for betterment and who studies the wisdom of the ancients with this end in view.”  The full moon between the sun in Sagittarius which is btw conjunct the galactic center, and the moon in Gemini is the axis of seeking and sharing knowledge and wisdom. It is a cycle, learn and teach, teach and learn. In this the spiral towards greater awareness continues in its never ending pattern of growth.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn December 19th 2021

Venus is retrograde at 26 degrees of Capricorn on the 19th, just hours after the intriguing Gemini full moon replete with alternatives and concepts.

This Venus retrograde cycle is part of a larger Venus cycle as she outlines a pentagram in the sky. There is an ancient myth on the Goddess Inanna is connected to the Venus cycle, this retrograde at 26 Capricorn is the last phase of the 584 day cycle that began in June 2020. She is preparing to disappear as the evening star before her rebirth in 2022 as a morning star. What makes this passage so incredibly significant is she is conjunct Pluto, who plays a part in the myth of her death and rebirth in the underworld.

Much of what you no longer need in your personal life will go through a process of releasing. In doing so the intent is to become stronger in the core essence of who you are to embody and fulfil your intentions.

Capricorn Solstice Reckless Exuberance and Uninhibited Celebrations

Sun in Capricoen 2021As the sun enters Capricorn marking the winter solstice (northern hemisphere) honoring the longest night of the year and the return of the Sun. Celebrations of the winter solstice go back 5000 years according to archeologist. In astrology the chart for this time reveals a peak into what to expect in the upcoming year. The Celts had a multi-day Yule festival as the apparent motion of the sun stood still.

There is recklessness and lawlessness to be expected as the Sun is with the dwarf planet Ixion. You will most likely see this in certain companies being called out for breaking environmental and worker laws. Another sense of lawlessness stems from fragmentation of society where the urge is to group together with like-minded people and isolate from others who don’t fit in, don’t agree with their point of view, are not wanted, or are seen as not belonging. Cancel culture will be loud and active.

Saturn square Uranus

astrology 2021 december solstice new pathSaturn square Uranus is alive and very active flipping from wild enthusiasm for the multitude of tremendous possibilities to Saturn’s pessimistic thinking of obstacles and obstructions. Stay aware of the cosmic argument going on. No need to get caught up in depression or mania. Receive the gifts of each and step into 2022 with deep seated knowing of opportunities supported with strategic thinking. The date of the exact square between Saturn and Uranus is on the 24th of December, it isn’t a one day thing, it is exact on the eve of Christmas day and is emphasizing the deep desire to be with your community, whether it is family, friends, or nature.

Jupiter in Pisces

December 28th Jupiter checks back into Pisces where he hung out in the between Mid-May until July 28th. Jupiter loves loves loves being in Pisces as that is his ancient home for centuries. (Old rulership versus Neptune that was attributed to Pisces in the last century, still debated.) What it means for Jupiter to close out the year is it brings hope and faith that all will be well. Jupiter in Pisces shows the way to a fulfilled life through having faith that with listening to your intuition you will be at the right place at the right time. Your inner guidance system gets connected with your higher self to shine a light on the road ahead.


Reflections on the New Year Predictions


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December Astrology 2020

cute look deep astrologyMercury ushers in December by entering the tell it like it is sign of Sagittarius. The month moves at lightning speed as Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius are hammering in the message to keep moving forward. There are the same 24 hours in the day yet the mind and ideas of closing out the year and beginning a fresh start has us stumbling into the future. No matter if a few mistakes are made along the way, the gift of Sagittarius is the ability to pick oneself up and know that the experiences in life are our human class room.

December has one of the most important astrological happenings

The solar eclipse new moon on December 14th is at 23 degrees of Sagittarius and cracks open fundamental chasm of how we perceive the future. On one side is doom and gloom and the other side is seeing possibilities of reinventing one’s life and hope for a better world.

Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius and therefore rules the solar eclipse. Jupiter is in the last degrees of Capricorn which by nature is a worried sign and how it operates is through thinking of the worst case scenario then preparing for it while hoping, but not necessarily believing for the best. Further Jupiter is bumping up next to Saturn in Capricorn at the last degree giving a hint of just how well one has or has not prepared for rainy days. However both of these planets are at the border of a new sign, new beginning in Aquarius a time when the light is growing and the vision of a better future for humanity awaits.

Mars has four more weeks in Aries, where it has been since June 30th and is at a critical point reflecting back to March 2020 when much of the world went into isolation due to Covid-19. The death toll and long term repercussions are in the news this week as is a collective anger of what could have been different.

Venus is with the asteroid Juno, the goddess of marriage and community in the solar eclipse chart. Wanting to be with our partner and in shared community with like-minded beliefs is strong.

Venus joins the Sagittarius party on December 15th dreaming of places to go, new experiences to have, and happy days ahead.

december astrology saturn jupiterSaturn moves into future oriented, virtual world Aquarius on December 17th where it will stay for the next 2 years and Jupiter enters Aquarius two days later on the 19th. Saturn and Jupiter will come together on the solstice in Aquarius, an air sign marking a new 200 year era. Jupiter and Saturn new cycle is every 20 years, however they will stay in the same element (either earth, air, fire, or water) of their new cycles for 200 years with a teaser once before the new 200 yr cycle begins. Meaning that in 1981 there was a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in the air sign of Libra, the teaser that the world is changing rapidly then in 2000 the conjunction of Jupiter Saturn was back into the earth sign of Taurus. The last 200 years have been about building our material world, all things of the earth element. The next 200 years are in Airs signs, focusing on intellectual development. Having the eclipses this year and into 2021 is a push to stay informed and relevant in your knowledge so not to become redundant and unemployed.



Mercury had just entered Capricorn and is with the Sun, this is a symbol of keeping your own consul. Only sharing your vision with those you completely trust or keeping your vision under wraps until you see it begin to unfold is best when Mercury, the planet of ideas, is under the beams of the sun (next to the sun we can’t see it in the sky).

Mars in Aries is with Eris, the goddess of discord and they are exactly square Pluto the planet of death and rebirth. There is a rage or anger that is stirring against Pluto, demanding the letting go of the old and being in the unknown before the transformation begins. There is an internal power struggle between hanging onto the old life and birthing a new beginning.  Releasing the struggle helps. Raging against Pluto is like swimming against the oceans pull when you get caught in a rip tide. To get to shore you find a way to go with the current until you are released and then you can make your way back.

Winter Full MoonThe beautiful full moon in nurturing protective Cancer on Tuesday the 29th has Venus in hopeful Sagittarius vibrating with dreamy Neptune. There is a powerful signature of releasing the past that no longer works and focusing on faith that whatever you want or need as long as you can hold the vision it is only a matter of time before you meet it. People will show up as anchors that are supportive and helpful with inspiration that is of practical use. This full moon reveals what is needed in small or large changes that will bring you more emotional contentment while still being mindful of your material and physical needs.

The year ends with the moon in Leo a true celebration to herald in 2021 as a year of more joy and willingness to follow your heart.

December Astrology 2018

Winter Full MoonWe welcome December on a lovely weekend with the Moon in relationship friendly Libra and Mercury and Venus both slipping into Scorpio adding to the planetary water elements as Mars is in Pisces for December. With 3 of the personal planets traveling through water signs this month emotions can be all over the map.  All might be laughs and smiles and pretty clothes on the outside, on the inside our detective antennae is alert to what is the meaning is behind every sentence and wondering what the agenda is from the person checking us out.  It is a dynamic way to begin the fun and festive holiday month. The Sun is square Mars this weekend supplying plenty of energy to compensate for all the promises made to make the scene at all the invitations received.  

Mercury moves direct on December 6th the day before the new moon. It will not pass the degree from which it went retrograde until the 24th, known as the shadow point, but will help with deliveries from the online shopping sprees from the last week in November. If you recall, when Mercury went retrograde it was square Neptune, it goes direct in Scorpio therefore be very mindful of using your credit card and keep an eye out for fraud. Neptune can be fraud, Mercury is the merchant planet, and Scorpio has to do with money and credit. Stealing cc info may be rampant under this Mercury retrograde. This will be especially significant if you have a Venus Neptune transit happening in your personal chart.

The Sagittarius New moon

The degree meaning of the Sagittarius New Moon according to Rudhyar is Seagulls watching a ship. If you ever watched the fishing boats out at sea you will see the seagulls fly to the boat for a free lunch. This Sagittarius season, with Jupiter ruling the new moon in its own sign is suggesting there will be many opportunities to enjoy the bounty and abundance that surrounds you. Just pay attention to your environment and notice when and where the offerings are available to participate. With the Sun, Saturn and Pluto at the same declination in the new moon chart an intense awareness to make the best of life is palpable. Jupiter in Sagittarius with the Sagittarius new Moon desperately wants us to pay close attention to how our mind and beliefs alter our view of the world and impact our experience of life. Believe in your capabilities and challenge the negative programing that lurks in the corners of the subconscious.

sagittarius imageThe Sagittarius new moon on the 7th is a breath of encouragement and optimism as it is the first Sagittarius New Moon with the ruling planet Jupiter in Sag since 2007. The only downside is over confidence in far reaching schemes that have a bit of the gamblers bet riding on them. Caution aside, the Sagittarius new moon is a time to set your intentions in far reaching possibilities that you don’t have a clue how it is probable, but know it is possible. It is a time to reach out to those who believe in you and help you stretch beyond your comfort zone of what you think and believe you can do and challenge you to do more than you think you can.

Challenge yourself to reach the proverbial impossible dream. Find out where the new moon in Sagittarius falls in your chart that placement will be the house and area of life that will be activated. With Jupiter in the same sign for the next 12 months take advantage of the support from the universe to expand that side of life. You may find blessings and opportunities coming your way where doors have been shut and locked previously. Another challenge presented from Sagittarius surrounds what we believe and our opinions. It will be a time that your world or inner voice can nudge you to rethink what you always thought was true. Is it really true that old dogs can’t learn new tricks? That after a certain age it is hard to ……. You fill in the blank. If the old belief doesn’t support who you are and who you want to be, out it goes and in comes another belief that is supportive. Mars is exactly conjunct Neptune; energy levels can be depleted if you are partying to hard. For the global view, Mars with Neptune is problematic for shipping, the Navy, and pollution in waters. There will be undercurrents that threaten peace at this time. Connect with the light and know that the spiritual warrior within is activated during this cycle.  

The Capricorn Solstice on December 21st at 5:23 pm EST heralds in the suns journey for the next 6 months. This is an important solstice as the eclipse patterns have moved into the Capricorn/Cancer axis. The charts of the equinoxes and solstices are the foundation for Mundane astrology.  Set the chart location for the capitol of the country that you want to know about. I set it for Washington, DC for the USA forecast.  This chart shows the news anchors pontificating their opinions with such furor in relentless manner it will be hard to distinguish the difference between a view point and a fact. Young people will rise to have a strong voice especially in regards to their education. The most challenging aspect is Saturn at the Sun/Pluto midpoint. Tension between the president and the other branches of government continue to be strained. According to Ebertin, Saturn at the Midpoint of Sun/Pluto represents the use of government controlled sectors, such as the police, to carry out the orders of a controlling person in power as the negative side.  The positive manifestation is methodical effort to accomplish an all-consuming passion. Pluto has once again returned to its own node emphasizing the nature of Pluto and the depth which it will go to uncover hidden resources and elements. This isn’t such great news for the earth and it represents taking from her the resources hidden within. Of course if mankind can mine for oil, minerals and the rest in a respectful way perhaps she is happy to oblige. However greed can be an element of the Pluto side and not bother with the extra expense to care for the environment.

WinterThe Cancer full moon Saturday the 22nd is at 12:49 pm EST less than 24 hours after our winter (summer down under) solstice. It brings into the weekend the deep desire to connect with those you love and feel comfortable around. Food and cozy will be the key words. It may be a bit on the emotional side for those who are lonely or feel distraught over not being able to get everything the way one wants before the last week of the year settles in.  Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, which can be interesting for travel,  Mercury with Jupiter square Neptune represents many people on the road or in the air however the closer we get to the exact Square on the 24th the more likely it will be to miss connections or have unforeseen circumstances interrupt your route.  The Cancer full moon always is about finding a balance between your responsibilities and duties in life while taking care of the inner and emotional needs. Christmas and Boxing day, for those who celebrate should be quite joyful with the moon in Leo. That also bodes well for the children opening gifts.

The year ends with Mars moving into Aries giving plenty of enthusiasm to say out with the old and hurrah for the New Year. In addition the Sun is with Saturn exact the next day, January 1st 2019. This is an excellent signature for planning and setting your intentions for your new year. Granted, if you over did New Years Eve with one too many glasses of wine, it is a sign of regret. With the Moon in Scorpio presiding over New Years Eve it can be a time of deep meditation, intuitive recognition of your new year ahead. Many people may choose to spend the evening alone or with a significant other releasing the past and preparing for a year of transformation and accomplishment in 2019.

Happiest of Decembers, with Love Donna 




December Astrology 2017

Astrological Events for December

December begins with Venus moving into Sagittarius as the moon is growing to its full phase.Woman Venus Goddess full Intense

The important events astrological of December are:

  • Jupiter trine Neptune from Scorpio to Pisces
  • The super full moon on the 3rd  Square Neptune
  • Mercury retrograde at the last degree of Sag the day of the super moon
  • Saturn or Mercury as the  void planet in Sag until  the 19th
  • The Sagittarius new moon on the 18th conjunct the Galactic Center
  • Saturn moving into Capricorn on the 19th for the next 2 ½ years
  • The winter solstice on the 21st  with the Sun conjunct Saturn
  • Mercury direct on the 22nd
  • The New Years eve and start of 2018 with the Moon in Gemini conjunct the fixed star Polaris, Venus shining brightly with Facies, the star of energetic impulses, Uranus stationed creating excitement and the Sun with Lilith conjunct the node of Jupiter intensifying primal desires.

Nov 25 Full Moon WaterThe first days of December intensify towards the full moon on the 3rd which is the only super moon of the year, when the moon is closest to the earth at full phase and will appear larger than normal. This full moon carries with it Mercury stationed to retrograde who is together with Saturn at the Galactic center. This point will be revisited with the new moon on the 18th.

This full moon is the only super moon of the year, when the moon is closest to the earth at full phase and will appear larger than normal. This full moon carries with it Mercury stationed to retrograde who is together with Saturn at the Galactic center. This point will be revisited with the new moon on the 18th.

The full moon between Sagittarius and Gemini is a time of revisiting your thoughts and beliefs. This is a great weekend to connect with others that are interested in exploring ideas with gusto and willingness to develop concepts that can be put into action for the betterment of local communities or beyond. It is also a great weekend to get away on a spiritual retreat as Neptune is part of the mix shining its vibe with a desire to merge with the infinite. Music and parties are certainly going to be plenty, with the Sagittarian Centaur in full swing of imbibing in earthly pleasures. In fact this is strong throughout the month. This full moon has been called the Full Cold Moon, Full long nights moon, Oak Moon, and the moon before Yule.

Mercury retrograde the day of the full moon can bring pause to travel plans.  Mercury conjunct Saturn on the 4th 5th and 6th can have a serious time in deciding  what to do, where to go, or what to buy. For those in the University setting it is a tough cram time. When exams are in the mix, skipping the study or required effort is a sure bet for unhappy marks.  As for other results from exams, health, and such, the first week in December can result is funny numbers, with Neptune strong and Mercury retrograde test results are nearly guaranteed to be requested again. As for signing up for health insurance or other binding legal papers Mercury Saturn suggest to think it through very carefully before you sign the dotted line and hand over your hard earned cash.

Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Uranus will be the void planets this month (with a day and a half given to Mars). Mercury at the start of the month ends the day with the mind working overtime seeking knowledge and truth, Saturn from the 6th to the 19th leaves us second guessing if we are making the right choices, and from the 20th to the 25th Venus takes center stage for the void position sending us to sleep with happy thoughts, and from the 25th to the New Year Uranus takes over and our true selves emerge to let loose.

Meditate peace purple raysJupiter will trine Neptune for the first time since July of 2013, due to the nature of the transits the trine was completed only once that year, Dec 2017 is the first of 3 Jupiter Neptune trines, with the second happening in May of 2018 and the third in August 2018. The December trine will give us a hint of how to access the nature of Jupiter in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces. This is an extremely potent time to develop your intuitive skills and further your path along spiritual development. Caution is advised when listening to Gurus who might not be true teachers but more interested in elevating their status.

The Sagittarius new moon at 26 degrees 31 minutes is conjunct the Galactic Center.  According to Philip Sedgewick  “The Galactic Center is  an intense compact radio source and a supermassive black hole at the center  the Milky Way which our sun revolves around. It-* opens up the subconscious mind. This opening asks us to release and forget emotional trauma. Of course, this also means relinquishing your greatest emotional grievances. Perhaps this contributes largely to the popular metaphysical model of cellular reprogramming. Second, IFR blasts open the root chakra in the energy system. This chakra releases the old, regenerates our energy, and lifts us off our duffs with renewed inspiration and a sense of real progress.”  (

This is an incredible blessing to forward us to catapult our spiritual progress. Setting your intentions for the Sagittarius new moon will be valuable when you are connecting with the realm of what Sagittarius is all about.

Create affirmations that set a positive vibration for what is important for you.

Consider taking classes or courses in subjects that are of interest.

Reexamine your thoughts and beliefs, let go of prejudice and judgment

Expand your boundaries beyond your comfort zone.

Take a foreign language class or if that seems too formidable check our exotic cuisine.

Plan travels, the more wild and adventurous the better.

Take a journey of the mind, or better yet travel to the amazon with a guide for shamanic healing.

The new moon is trine Uranus and Pallas Athene in Aires giving a send off of encouragement to be true to ones core values. Granted the Sag new moon is a few degrees from Saturn who is at the very last moments of being in Sag, and square Chiron, which brings an emphasis of being serious about having what you want, a plethora of aha moments that bring to the surface the cracks in your life where you feel you have been unfaithful to the truth of your being.

Paris Eiffel Tower in Winter SnowThe winter solstice (or summer down under) is the day that the Sun and Saturn form a new cycle. This is the first time in 28 years that the yearly sun Saturn conjunction is in Capricorn and we will have two other conjunctions in January of 2018 and 2019. In essence three chances to set our intentions for accomplishments and long term goals, along with mastering discipline that it will require to do so. Do you want to climb Mount Everest? The time is now to create the routine of exercise that will support you in that goal. How about that home you want? Or a trip around the world? Or the family you want to start? This solstice chart with the sun conjunct Saturn opens the door to help us obtain what we need to have what we want. Venus in the solstice chart is at the same degree that the Sagittarius new moon occupied; this new phase of sun Saturn reflects back to help with the intentions set on the new moon. The moon will be in Aquarius on the day of the solstice, perfect for gathering of friends and celebration of the Yule and Saturnalia. Saturn having moved into Capricorn on the day of the solstice and will spend the next 2 ½ years in the sign tht it rules allows for Saturn to proceed without obastacles. How this will impact you is if you are willing to plan, put forth the effort, and discipline your time to focus on your highest intentions the universe will help you along the way.

Mercury moves direct on Friday the 22nd and last minute shopping for presents shower in rapid motion. Mail seems to come all at once and last minute arraignments for the holidays are confirmed. The moon will move through Aquarius to Gemini from Friday the 22nd to New Years Eve, a time when many people will be on vacation. Saturday and Sunday the 23rd and 24th  and the 25th  moon will float through Pisces; a time that will remind us we are all one and emphasize peace on earth and love to all. Venus shifts into Capricorn on the 25th, respect of others values will save the day at Christmas dinner time with family members that don’t always see eye to eye. Tuesday and Wednesday the moon in fiery Aries can be super busy cramming in trips and events that you love to do.  Thursday and Friday the moon in Taurus life slows down to relax and enjoy, while Saturday and Sunday the 31st with the moon in Gemini is another surge of activity and connecting with friends and fun.

Northern lights mistThe New Years eve and start of 2018 is with the Moon in Gemini conjunct the fixed star Polaris (Alpha Ursae Minoris in the constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear). Polaris is the celestial North Pole, or the point in space where the earth’s axis intersects the Celestial Sphere. Polaris may be perceived as a focal point of condensed energy connecting our Earth to the  greater cosmos. This is a beautiful symbol from which to contemplate our place in the vastness of the universe, and how our light, if only for a brief moment of time we are on the planet, can shine its brightest.

December Astrology 2019

People Wild JupiterThe end of the year is here and the month begins with Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity leaving its home territory of Sagittarius and entering into a new sign, Capricorn. When Jupiter is in Capricorn it is a bit like a purple spiked hair, tattooed body, leather mini skirt, nose ring jeweled biker walking into an old schooled country club where the admittance demands a certain dress code and it isn’t what you are wearing. In other words, Jupiter is out of its natural habitat. However the good luck charm Jupiter floating through the next 12 months in Capricorn will open new doors and help with the changes that are destined to be in old established businesses and institutions.

On a personal side this vibe can be used to develop your own career objectives. Ever think of having your own business or a business on the side? Jupiter in Capricorn will help you find the answers to what you need to know in the fundamentals of business ownership. It is a time when developing your character, or the person you want to be known for is strongest.

The full moon in Gemini is on the 12th of December with a deep longing to break free of chaos and to find a place of refuge where intelligent conversation, laughter, and a wise perspective of life exist. The full moon is connected with Neptune, a great full moon on which to meditate, journal, lucid dreaming, and simply to share ideas that if implemented would make the world a better place.

Venus, the planet of what we love and value, is caught between two of the heavy hitters in the zodiac; Saturn and Pluto. If the foundation in your relationship life has cracks in it, this Gemini full moon demands a serious conversation on how to bring more communication and mutual understanding and respect back into the day to day interactions.

Since Venus also has a say around our financial world making responsible (a Capricorn Saturn thing) decisions in shopping is part of the picture also. Bottom line on the money side, whatever you spend, make a promise to self that you won’t regret it when the bill comes due.



Venus shifts into friendly Aquarius on the 20th. Just in time to emphasize friendships and opening up to new experiences over the winter holiday season and into early January. Venus in Aquarius loves to mingle; put your extrovert cap on for the next few weeks as there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and greet interesting characters.

The solstice on December 21st at 11:19 pm EDT ushers in the turning of the sun. Our days in the northern hemisphere now begin to grow once again as the sun begins it journey towards the summer solstice.




There is an exact square between Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus this solstice. This indicates that for the next three months, (until the spring equinox) there will be an underlying desire to separate from those who do not understand or agree with  you and to cement stronger ties with friends that think the way you do. It is also represents more opportunities to learn about subjects that are considered out there. Conferences, workshops, courses on UFO aliens, astrology, crystal healings, and new innovative methods of healing or creative living situations will be more prolific over the next three months.




The Capricorn new moon is a solar eclipse on December 26th at 12:13 am. The new moon is conjunct Jupiter in this eclipse, offering protection and confidence to ring in 2020 with hope and enthusiasm. That said Jupiter does have a side to it that can over do. It will be easy to over commit, over spend, over eat, over exercise, and more. Think about what you want in your life and stretch it to the limit. This is a great new moon for manifesting; put it all out there on your vision board, all you want to do, have, accomplished, and more. Jupiter wants us to do more than we think we can as its message is in only giving it a shot will you know where your limitations are and we can be more than we think we can.

The year ends and rings in 2020 on a Pisces moon with Neptune. Expect plenty of party goers on the road if you plan on being out as with a Moon and Neptune together on New Year’s Eve, the mind body altering substances make more of an impact than usual. If you are more of the home body type and leave the public celebratory gatherings to others, Neptune Moon in ringing in the New Year also carries with it great imagination abilities, wonderful for deep meditations, music and movies.

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astronomy galaxy photo
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