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december astrology

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December Astrology 2016

Capricorn Solstice




The year is rushing to the end and at a collective consciousness level preparing for 2017. The cycle of the Sagittarius new moon from November 29th is unfolding throughout the month until the Capricorn new moon on the 29th. There is a strong live have fun atmosphere as well as the desire to peek into the possibilities of what the future might bring.

The theme of the month is friendship and acceptance (not necessarily agreements) of people’s opinions and personal beliefs. There is an amazing amount of grace that can be channeled this month. The universe is setting up the energy for 2017 in the last weeks of 2016.


  • In late October (10/23) Jupiter was connected to Neptune, the message of connecting with our spirituality.
  • November 24th Jupiter square Pluto, inspiring to go for it in life.
  • December 24th Saturn trine Uranus, help to manifest the change you want.
  • December 26th Jupiter Opposite Uranus Wild enthusiasm for freedom and independence.

All of these combinations will be playing out in 2017, therefore your meditations, thoughts, and ideas that you are contemplating in December will be extremely important. This is definitely a time to heed the old saying, “be careful what you wish for”. If you consciously set your intentions for what you want to have unfold in 2017 there is great support from the universe to guide you in helping you make it happen.

On the second of December Mercury moves into Capricorn where it will spend the next 6 weeks due to the retrograde that begins of the 19th.  Might want to make sure you keep your receipts for your xmas gifts since the retrograde goes through the holiday week. Lots of returns probable.

venus aquarius

venus aquarius

Venus moves into friend loving Aquarius on the 7th in the sign that Mars has been hanging out it; this brings joy in gathering with friends new and old. The full moon on the 13th is a beautiful harmonious inspiration that is teaching us to be with what is, and in doing so we are able to flow into a direction towards more happiness and success. This does go back to the new moon vibe of developing your spiritual side and releasing judgment. Once accomplished the resistance in life disappears and miracles can show up.

The full moon of Gemini is another precursor of the wave of 2017 with 5 planets in harmonious connections with each other in air and fire signs.  This is quite unusual and when you allow your mind to imagine and connect with your hearts passion the inspiration and motivation you need to create your destiny is supported by invisible help from universal source.

The day that Mercury shifts retrograde, (19th)  Mars moves into Pisces where it reflects how easy it can be to scatter ones energy, make promises to meet up with friends, help out those in need and then find oneself over committed and exhausted. Keeping promises to a minimum and extra time allowed to get places alleviates the stress. Feed Mars in Pisces with uplifting music, meditation, and yoga. Mercury stops just short of Pluto before it turns away, carrying with it the desire to think deeply about the important issues of life.

The winter solstice on the 21st heralds the return of the sun, the longest night of the year is over and the light begins to grow once again. (Of course it’s flipped for down unders.)

Capricorn New Moon

The last week of December is perhaps the most significant as the planetary harmony is given a huge lightning bolt boost with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter in agreement supporting change in a way that is real and authentic. In addition the New moon in Capricorn on the 29th has an extra jolt of power to create as that is the same day that Uranus, the planet of sudden change is at its strongest position of the year.

new year astroNew Year’s Eve is spectacular to celebrate with friends and the moon and Venus are sharing space in the sign of Aquarius, a reminder that in the end, our connections and true friendship is what matters most.





New moon rituals for manifestations.

Capricorn New Moon and Solstice

The new moon in Capricorn is especially significant this year as it is on the day of the solstice. The solstice energy is connected to a symbol of universal knowledge. A deep desire to know more and to explore a set of principles and truth to live by will be present. The shadow side of this is that individuals can use their faith as a justification to harm others. Yet the purpose is for us to find our inner faith and truth and live by our highest principles.


Each new moon brings an opportunity to focus our intention to manifest that which we want to create in our life. When we are in the Capricorn cycle the universe is bringing messages for us to embody the gifts and qualities that are inherent in the sign of Capricorn, working towards something that is meaningful and patience towards the steps needed to achieve the task.


This new moon in Capricorn is our opportunity to master fear and procrastination. It is the time to be conscious of your goals with purpose and to look towards your future while working productively in the present.


During the Capricorn cycle we are given the opportunity to eliminate any shame or guilt from past actions or regrets of not doing something. It is the month to master time and learn how to use time wisely.



What the planets are asking:

1.) Master the principles of time management.

2.) Respect all living creatures and the planet.

3.) Life your life as what you want to be known for.

4.) Conduct yourself in such a way that no one can harm your reputation.

5.) Set and keep boundaries with kindness yet being firm.

6.) Acknowledge your responsibilities and embrace them as a choice.

7.) Eliminate resentment and guilt.

8.) Cultivate patience, know that the day by day work you do are steps on a path, and that path leads you to a destination that you want.

9.) When obstacles or difficulties happen know that it is how you respond to them that makes the difference in inner peace.


Listen to your inner voice for suggestions on how to master these Capricorn principles.



Each new moon in the different signs have special significance to bring forward the gifts of that sign. Every year there is a new element of the new moons as the other planets are in different positions, helping to surge the energy for growth



How to work with the energy of the new moon.


  • Set your intentions for the New Year.
  • Create a vision board for your wishes.
  • Create healthy boundaries around you.
  • Reconnect with relationships that are filled with mutual respect.
  • Fearlessly enter the realm of what you fear and release old patterns.
  • Let go of past hurts and resentments.
  • Acknowledge time passing, vow to make your time count.
  • Honestly evaluate where you are stuck and free yourself from bondage to materialism that does not reflect your true self, longings or values.
  • Eliminate the shoulds and suppose to’s and have to’s in life to reorient your life. time, and finances to an authentic reflection of your life’s purpose.



Welcome the the Sagittarius New Moon.
How to work with the energies of the New Moon in Sagittarius
Working with the new moon cycles is a chance to reconnect with what you are intending for you life once a month. With the Sagittarius New Moon it is about all things Sagittarius; learning, traveling, beliefs, education, training, teaching.
1) Dream big, write down your dreams and what you want to be, have and do.
2) Take out a big map of the world and plan for an adventurous trip.
3) Expand your horizons, learn something new about a different culture.
4) Sign up for a course.
5) Eliminate negative beliefs and replace with positive affirmations.
6) Try out new exotic food.
7) Take a trip.
8) Share your ideas with someone who is hungry for knowledge.
9) Be confident, examine your beliefs and know your deepest truths.
10) Take a risk, honor your life and follow your path with confidence.

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