Astrology: Relationships and Divorce

divorce breakup in astrologyAll relationships, even caring and loving marriages, experience challenging times. Whether these difficult times will end up with the couple staying together or splitting up can be discovered through analyzing their astrology charts. In a natal chart if it’s inherent that the life path of a person will include having multiple relationships, this could result in the difficult times causing enough stress that the couple splits up. If the individual’s life path in the astrological chart doesn’t indicate relationship problems, then stressful life situations could revolve around other kinds of factors. A person’s fate sometimes is not having relationship problems, but stresses around career, money or children issues, while relationships remain strong during stressful planetary periods.

When people start to learn about astrology, one discovery that is surprising is some of the same indicators in astrology for getting divorced are the same as for getting married.

At first this doesn’t appear to make sense. Then you start to realize that planetary influences center around making relationships decisions. When an individual is in a relationship when there are difficult energies prompting the person to ask themselves what they need to do to be happy, many times the answer is to make changes in their life. If the individual is in a relationship, the change is often to separate. If an individual is single, on the other hand, and his or her planetary influences are encouraging them to make different decisions in life that will bring them more joy, then the answer could be to choose a committed relationship.

Whether you should divorce or not is a very serious decision that has major life changing consequences. If you are faced with having to decide whether to get a divorce or not, analyze your astrology chart. It will provide you with the answers you need to help with knowing where you should put your energy and effort for having the best outcome possible for your future and happiness. You need to perform a chart compatibility comparison whenever you would like to know if you have a compatible relationship using astrology.

A compatibility chart can show you the things that will be difficult in a relationship and the things that will be easy. If you want to know whether your relationship is going to survive challenging times or not, look at your chart first to find out what the difficult experience is meant to teach you. Learning from your problem might not save your relationship, however it can help you to resolve this issue within yourself and help you not carry it over into your next relationship.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the divorce rate for first marriages is at approximately 50 percent. When it comes to second marriages, they are even more vulnerable. The failure rate is 60 to 67 percent. For individuals on their third marriages, only about one out of four marriages will last. The facts indicate these individuals haven’t been able to identify exactly why they end up attracting relationships that don’t last and end up in yet another marriage they need to get out of. With these horrible statistics in mind, it is recommended that you seek out information that can help you overcome what looks like marriage based on chance so that you can have lasting happiness.

To find out whether or not a marriage or long term relationship is going to last, look to the fate in your astrology chart first to see if the individual you are wondering about has long term relationship qualities. These factors are found in fixed signs like Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius, along with personal planets, particularly the ascendant, Venus, Moon and Sun. Next, determine if the 7th house ruler of partnership and marriage is a planet with a fixed sign. Also check to see if it is afflicted or not. If it is an afflicted planet, this is indicative of more complications with long term partnerships and love life. As an astrologer, your role is also to determine what the health of Venus is, the love planet, and whether it is afflicted or not.

When an individual’s astrology chart is complicated in terms of the relationship planets, this indicates that it will be complicated trying to keep a relationship together. Affliction is the technical astrology term for when one planet is connected in difficult patterns with other planets. The way you can determine an affliction is when a planet you happen to be looking at has difficult aspects. In this particular case, it is the planet ruling Venus and the seventh house. When your Venus has a connection with Pluto, Neptune, Saturn or Uranus, that lends the relationship a quality that can potentially cause relationship problems when there is stress in Venus.

One way of getting answers for whether or not your relationship is going to last is determining your astrology weather forecast. This refers to upcoming transits to the ruler for your house of partnership and your Venus. If your Venus has difficult transits to it, your astrology can let you know how long they will continue, what looks out of balance, and also what is being indicated by the astrology that needs to be addressed in order for your love life to have harmony and peace once again.

Usually, astrological time frames for hard times in an individual’s life are eighteen months. For one month at times of transition they are three times prominent to change patterns that make you happier. This is sometimes a difficult phase for a relationship where you are working through issues and sometimes it’s a permanent break up.

Astrology can help with letting you know when there will be difficult times in your life, as well as whether the compatibility between your lover and you is strong enough for weathering the astrological factors. As you learn about patterns and forecast in the chart, it can help you know what you are able to do so that you respect the necessary change for more happiness and harmony. When you become more knowledgeable about astrology and are able to be your own astrologer, at that point you have the necessary wisdom and tools for understanding difficult phases of your life as well as the best way of working with the planets energy in order for your life to be what you want.

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