Astrology constellation Gemini

New Moon Gemini June 4th and 5th

June is a culmination of planetary energies that have been flirting with each other since November 2015. Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter have been dancing together on and off for months, and the Gemini new Moon along with Venus completes the pattern to create a grand cross in the sky.

While this combination can cause problems in certain circumstances, notably disappointment stemming from plans made that didn’t turn out as expected, the energy holds promise to recreate future plans for many years ahead.  Neptune wants the ideal, Saturn wants it to be real, and Jupiter wants you to believe it is all possible. Therefore the message this month is to release the past and clear the space to create a wonder filled life that stretches your imagination, challenges your practical side, and inspires you to take action.

gemini new moon astrology

The Sun Moon and Venus are aligned in the sky at the node of Uranus, which is the doorway to the realm that Uranus lives. Think of it this way, the Sun, the essence of our existence, what we have come to earth to do and express, along with the Moon, the feminine archetype of mother, the nurturer and place of safety and home, and Venus, the female energy of love and desire are huddled together having a conversation on how to work together to create a life of purpose, comfort, and love. All during this conversation they are standing at the portal, or doorway that enters into a world of unpredictability, change, and uncertainty- BUT extreme adventure, excitement of personal growth by leaps and bounds.

Does one stay safe and live out the predictable? Or do you step outside your comfort zone and challenge your life to be beyond your limitations of your, and societies making?

This month’s new moon messages can be summed up with the famous quote from Helen Keller

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

The new moon is exact @ 11pm Eastern time on Saturday the 4th

Saturday the 4th 8:00pm Seattle

Sunday the 5th 3:00 am London

Sunday June 5th 1:00pm Melbourne Australia

Want to know the secret in manifesting with the new moon? Set your intentions for the area of life that each moon represents.

You wouldn’t go to a bicycle shop and expect to purchase a fancy dress; focus on what will bring more fulfilment into your life from the offerings each sign has. It takes a year to travel through the gamut of all that is possible, but you will find in one years time more success.

Manifesting with Gemini New Moon

  • Journal, write down your thoughts and ideas: Especially the fleeting thoughts that easily come and go.
  • Plan your weekend get away times. Gemini is good for short trips, where would you like to go for weekend adventures, especially those visiting friends that love to chat.
  • Find new ways to stimulate your mind.
  • Catch up on your favorite novels and other more serious reading.
  • Organize your papers.
  • Meet people in your neighborhood, attend a town festival.
  • Get your wheels ready to travel, bicycle, car, and other modes of transportation.
  • Consider upgrading your phone and computer.
  • Rethink your transportation, do maintenance on your car, bike, and other ways of getting around.
  • Learn a new software program.
  • Lighten up, remember to breathe as you move through situations that are tough.
  • Keep affirmations handy that are loving and supportive
  • Share time with those that have a sense of humor.
  • There is always an option, discover alternative life possibilities.


Happy New Moon in Gemini