February 2023

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How to work with the Full Moon in Leo to bring more joy into your life.

1.) Balance the mind and emotions. – Listen to your higher consciousness, the wisdom that is streaming in, and your emotional needs will be balanced.
2.) Find time to play, open your heart to joy and happiness.
3.) Acknowledge and let go of old wounds, especially those that were no fault of your own.
4.) Meditate on your highest greatest good, fill your heart chakra with luminous light and a silver chord of grounding from the base of your spine to the top of your head and beyond, channeling in cosmic awareness and all that you need to know.
5.) Listen to your mind and heart; distinguish the difference between an emotional drama, and true intuition.
6.) Honor your friends with universal love and nonjudgmental acceptance.
7.) Listen to the inner rumblings that are shaking you up to make
changes. Honor the changes that further your path.

Past February Astrology 2021

The Aquarius Party with Saturn square Uranus being the main headline

Saturn Square Uranus February 2021

Saturn square Uranus is exact on the Christian holy day of Ash Wednesday the 17th of February. This faceoff between two contradictory planets not only dominate the month of February they create the theme of contention in 2021.  Read more about it here. Basically it is a conflict between finding and creating security based upon what we have learned from the accepted past (think old school)  and a new perspective of life (and way of living) because of recent changes and ever evolving technology.

The dominating vibe of February is an Aquarian party with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, (Venus until the 25th) Jupiter, and Saturn spending the month in socially connected land of Aquarius. The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th which adds intuitive awareness to the stellar Aquarian crew emphasizing time to detach from unhealthy emotions, people, and situations to take a new look at life from a detached viewpoint.

This is a month to be mindful of the chatter of the mind and not be pulled into the dialog. The Aquarian line up brings the opportunity to understand life from the perspective of the higher self without the automatic ego conditioned response we are used to. It is very helpful if there is or has been an emotionally charged dilemma that requires a decision to move life forward yet you have felt stuck in knowing what or how to respond.   (looking for March Astrology?) 

Aquarius New Moon February 2021

The new moon on the 11th of February is at 23 degrees of Aquarius. This is with a fixed star called Deneb Algedi and is associated with justice and protection yet will create havoc for those who are involved in criminal or harmful activities towards others.

Venus is with Jupiter in the Aquarius new moon vibrating on the south node of Neptune bringing a dreamy desire for a love that is beyond human capacity and exists in the experience of cosmic consciousness. This is a very powerful new moon to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, angelic beings, whatever you relate to beyond self that is a bridge to higher consciousness that leads to an enlightenment experience.

On an everyday mundane experience this new moon with Venus and Jupiter together with Neptune is a phenomenal time to dream up the vision of your fantasy life. It helps with design and creativity and a surge of inspiration to write, be musical, dance, paint, and more is showering down from the cosmos.

The 18th of February the sun enters Pisces, heralding in what is known as the Pisces season. One looks the chart of the exact time when the Sun stepped over the cosmic border into Pisces to determine how the month ahead will be. All of the planets are contained within 120 degrees, between Pluto in Capricorn trine Mars in Taurus. When there is a preponderance of planets all grouped together understanding different views is difficult. It also represents feeling contained, in your own personal corner of your world. There is an element of self sufficiency in it yet one can be blind to an easier way of getting something accomplished when one does not go outside of what is already known to get answers from  those who have been done the same path before.

The 20th of February Mercury moves direct at a degree in the sky vibrating with the node of Neptune. dreamy, idealistic, fantasy prone Mercury is ready to conjure up ideas beyond ones wildest imagination. It is the perfect day to let your inner muse run wild with pen and journal in hand.

Virgo Full Moon February 2021

The Virgo full moon on February 27th at 8 degrees of Virgo is spilling into all aspects of the desires in life. Whatever you are longing to do, have, or be, different there is an urgent desire to go after what is next for you.

The sun and moon in this full moon chart are both vibrating with the Saturn Uranus square engaging in the push pull between the old paradigm of existing and thinking and the new paradigm that can be felt yet doesn’t exist quite yet. The key is connecting with your intuition and having faith that even if you can’t see how your vision will happen, or don’t know what to do next, keeping your heart open to inner guidance will reveal your next step. Compassion and service are the underlying message being shared with this full moon. Yet it is not in a sappy way, where your heart is broken from the atrocities and tragedies against the unfortunate. The gift of this full moon comes with strength that you have seen in brave individuals who in the moment of a terrible crises is able to think clearly and take action to save a person, or an animal, or divert an on coming accident in process with what we see as a hero acting bravely and they respond that it was an automatic response to a situation that required help.

There is no need to have a terrible crisis to test the new skill. Any situation in your personal circle that touches your heart that can use support will do. Through simple yoga breath work and focused attention your intuition will guide you to how you best can contribute to uplift and bring useful help with compassion to a person or cause that needs help.

compassion to a person or cause that needs help.

February 2020 Astrology

Before we jump into the astrology for February here is a quick note on the corona virus and the astrology behind it.

Part of the major astrological signatures this year is a calling to accountability government responsibility to its citizens. Viruses are connected to Pisces and the planet Neptune.  A quick answer to a long explanation is Neptune is very strong now in the sky and the chart of China, (yes, countries have their own charts) is being impacted severely with the last new moon in Aquarius which has the shock Uranus things not going as expected vibe.

The intensity of Neptune and Pisces, the symbols for spreading unseen diseases among other areas of life, will continue to increase throughout the month of February with the Mercury retrograde in Pisces. There is a very powerful full moon in March that is intimately connected to the planet Neptune which is symbolically connected to the virus spreading as Neptune knows no borders.  It is easy during this time to psychically pick up the emotions in the atmosphere on the planet. Be mindful of this if you begin to feel emotional chaos, it may have nothing to do with reality and more to do with imagination, which is also a Neptune attribute.

The last week and now the asteroid Hygiea, the asteroid connected to health, well-being, or lack of it, is now conjunct a fixed star called Algol, known for losing one’s head over something.  It will most likely come out that many people who did not properly report or do their duty in maintaining health standards in the markets or other areas will be severely reprimanded, hence losing ones head and a reminder for clear heading thinking when it comes to protecting the citizens of the world.

February Astrology

February will bring us the first of three Mercury retrogrades of 2020.

Even before Mercury moves retro on February 16th you will get an inkling of what will need extra attention the last two weeks of February. Basically the universe has us in a high speed fast lane since the second week of January and by the time mercury shifts retrograde we will be ready to step off the runway to catch our breath.

The most important point of February is learning and accessing our deep states of consciousness and tapping into the universal mind to receive answers to complex circumstances.

Mercury shifts into Pisces on the 3rd and will stay in dreamy visionary mode until March 4th when is temporarily returns to the Brainiac domain of Aquarius as it prepares to move direct. For all intents and purposes Mercury in Pisces for the month of February is asking us to get answers to any issue or dilemma we may have by first going into a state of relaxation in order to tap into our deeper brain waves where the answers bubble up from the subconscious or from the cosmic consciousness.

February Leo Full Moon

The full moon on the 9th is in fun loving Leo at 20 degrees. With the exception of the Sun and Moon being opposite each other, the Sun is not making any other connection to planets. This configuration brings a burst of exuberance to remove the restrictions of external obligations except to the Moon who in Leo says live life to its fullest and have enjoy. This is an excellent weekend to for parties, connecting with friends, or simply to take time off to enjoy whatever it is in your world that you love to do.

Venus moves into fiery Aries on the 7th and is shining bright in the skies in the evening. Venus as an evening star carries more wisdom. Therefore Venus in Aries will be adamant, determined, and quick to go after what she wants. Yet as an evening star she has the wisdom to distinguish the difference between whether she wants the object of her desire for the thrill of the chase or if it is truly something dear to her heart.

The sun moves into Pisces on the 18th or 19th (time zones thing) and the new moon in Pisces follows on the 23rd at 4 degrees of Pisces at the midpoint of Uranus and Mars. Sweet Pisces new moon that wants nothing more than to cover the world with a blanket of compassion and empathy is sandwiched between Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn. The reality that the world is changing and that we are no longer able to pretend it isn’t is palpable. This new moon will be on the heels of news pertaining to the health of the planet, global issues and lay out the work that will need to happen to arrest further deterioration, especially for the oceans and creatures in the sea, which are in the realm of Pisces.

Mars enters Capricorn the day Mercury moves retrograde on the 16th. Mars works well being in the sign of Capricorn.  In Capricorn it uses its motivating and pushy qualities into down to earth ambitions that yield material results. Need to finish a task? Mars in Capricorn will help.

The last week of February starts off with the Pisces new moon, continues with a Mercury Sun conjunction on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) which is a cosmic download of information. Whenever Mercury and the Sun are exactly together is opens up a line to cosmic consciousness. Sudden insights stream in. Saturday the 29th finishes our leap year with the moon in Taurus mulling over the previous days Venus Pluto combination that reveals where we can be wanting to hold onto or change a situation that in essence we have no control over. The wisdom that is revealed moves us into a space of letting go and trusting that the universe has our backs and all will be well.

February 2019

The shortest month of the year will zip by not only b/c it is a couple of days shorter than our other months, but because all of the planets are now in direct motion putting a strong wind to our backs hurrying us along our respective paths of life.

Imbloc also known as Candlemas and has morphed into ground hogs day was originally a Celtic festival usually celebrated on or around February 2.  It is a cross quarter day which marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Astrologically speaking the cross quarter day is when the sun is at 15 degrees of Aquarius (exactly the midway point between 0 Capricorn and 0 Aries). This year we have a treat as the new moon is at 15 degrees of Aquarius which makes this time very potent to set forth your intentions.

Aquarius New Moon February 2019

To make this time even more powerful the new moon is also at the midpoint between Saturn at 15 Capricorn and Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces. This means four of the 10 traditional planets are resonating together. As we spiral to new heights of awareness each new moon brings a special gift we can use to help us evolve faster. This new moon in the intellectual air sign connected to Saturn and Neptune helps us bring into our world insight and knowledge that is metaphysical and practical. If you feel caught between the demands of your job and bills and your desire to walk the path of the artist or mystic you are feeling the vibe of the planets.

The key that brings the aha moment of what to do will come from quieting the mind to receive inspiration from cosmic wisdom. It may come to you through dreams, or at the oddest moments when you least expect it. Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Vega, the 5th brightest star in our sky. This star enables one to bring order and peace when embroiled in chaotic or turbulent circumstances. This is especially helpful in bringing success to pursuits that require imagination and creativity.

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 3rd and spends the month in the territory of Capricorn that is sensitive to time, boundaries, and respect. Honoring others through respecting their personal needs and time will be deeply appreciated. Venus will be at the midpoint between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn at the new moon. She is the go between for negotiating freedom, travel, and strong opinions with time tested and accepted expectations. If what you want seems unattainable Venus in Capricorn will be busy biding her time as she figures out the plan of action.


The wisdom you will be tapping into during this cycle of the new moon will bring you a glimpse of what the future will hold in 2021 and beyond. We are at the end of a 200 year cycle that has been earth oriented, which has seen us through the industrial age, the age of building and manufacturing and about to enter a 200 year cycle in Air, intellect and wisdom. This long cycle (Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in air) has not happened since the 13th century. The Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in air will continue every 20 years until 2219! This will be a major shift with humankind towards a more inclusive world that values knowledge.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 10th of February bring creative flow to our thinking processes followed by Mars in Taurus 4 days later on Valentine’s day. Mars will be in Taurus for 6 weeks bringing the tenacity to work on projects until they are completed.

The sun enters Pisces on the 18th (at 6:04 pm EST) of February with the full moon in Virgo the next day on the 19th @ 10:54 am EST. The Virgo full moon expresses the deep longing for a purposeful life well lived. There is a pull to seek meaning in the work one does, or the time one has on the planet that will make a difference. What is special about the full moon this year is Venus, the natural seeker of pleasure and happiness, is caught between Saturn and Pluto. Venus in Capricorn traveling from Saturn, being serious about what one wants, moving towards Pluto, who always demands some type of transformation is suggesting that much of what was important to us in the past may no longer bring the same satisfaction and we will be embracing something that will hold more meaning in our lives.

Mercury is with Neptune this full moon, a time when connecting with cosmic wisdom is greater. Music, meditation, and general alpha state day dreaming brings deep intuitive knowledge to the conscious mind.


Chiron enters Aries on the 18th and will remain in Aries for the rest of the year. You may begin to feel impatient with getting over difficulties from the past. As if there is a voice within that screams, enough already, let it go. The upside is moving beyond people and situations that no longer serve you or are harmful to your emotional well-being. The downside is friends not being quite as sympathetic to your laments about being mistreated in professional or romantic relationship, echoing the get over it vibe and move on with your life.

The positive vibes of February move us into March with greater clarity about who we are, what we want, and how to get there.

Monthly Astrology for February

February  Astrology  2017 is a packed month of many twists and turns creating the perfect soil to instigate changes.

The month begins with Venus entering into her shadow in Pisces, the point from which she will move direct in April. Venus will shift into Aries on the third spend the whole month of February in this special place. What this means is rethinking what brings us love and pleasure in life.

February is our Eclipse month, eclipses shake things up so we SEE, so we become more aware and conscious of what we already know. Not the knowing from the outer, but the inner knowing of the heart and the wisdom from our higher self.
The Lunar eclipse in on the 10th at 22 degrees of Leo, emphasizing the message of following your heart and your hearts wisdom. This eclipse is a precursor to the nodes of the moon shifting in May when the north node of the moon enters into Leo. There is a harmony showering down from the universe prodding us to find internal and external harmony in our personal world. The message is to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Mercury is flying through the zodiac this month, starting its journey in Capricorn, running through Aquarius from the 7th to the 24th then entering into the land of Pisces on the 25th. This suggest that we will go through many ideas and change of thoughts this month. Communication can come flying to us at every angle wanting response. Everything from planning, work related projects, communication with friends and acquaintances, and conversations that expand the mind and give fodder to creative ideas.

The solar eclipse on the 26th is at 8 degrees of Pisces, the last of the Virgo Pisces eclipse pattern we have been experiencing for the previous 18 months. The solar new moon eclipse is an explosive eclipse that can rattle the inner warrior to come alive. The energy of the solar eclipse awakens the spiritual warrior within to take a stand for what you believe in and be willing to fight for the underdog. The sun and moon are conjunct Neptune either pulling one down into self-illusion and putting ones head in the sand regarding problems that appear overwhelming or stepping up and committing to a higher purpose regardless of the personal cost of time and effort. Issues across the globe can arise where the strong and able are asked to help the downtrodden and helpless.

This energy also is a not so gently reminder to give up the “woe is me” and move past the hurts and wounds suffered along your path in life. A great healing energy is being channeled at this time with Uranus Jupiter and Mars aligned. The portal of expanding healing at lightning speed, miracles is happening on the new moon solar eclipse. It will be a time that the healing arts, such as reiki and other hands on or off healing is very effective.

Wishing you a month filled with heart centered joy and peace.

Important astrology days for February

Feb 1, 2017 Venus in Pisces crosses her shadow
February 1 Mercury Capricorn, Mars Aries
Feb 3, 2017 Venus enters Aries
Feb 6, 2017 Jupiter retrograde in Libra h rx
Feb 7, 2017 Mercury enters Aquarius
February 10 Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 22 degrees Leo
Feb 11, 2017 Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra
Feb 14, 2017 Jupiter Quincunx Chiron in Pisces
Feb 18, 2017 Sun enters Pisces
Feb 21, 2017 Mercury Aquarius Trine Jupiter Libra
Feb 22, 2017 Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
Feb 25, Mercury enters Pisces
Feb 26th 2017 Solar Eclipse in Pisces 8 degrees
Mars in Aries Conjunct Uranus in Aries and Eris
Feb 27, 2017 Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries
Feb 27, 2017 Mars opposite Jupiter



The messages this month from the cosmos deal deeply with the matters of the heart and caring for the betterment for humanity. Venus conjoins Pluto in the first week of February, a yearly event of import as this is the time of connecting what we love and value with what we are passionate about.

Venus with Pluto in a personal chart can be challenging, as there is a deep inner desire for a profound intimate relationship. One seeks it first from another person, seeking ones soul mate. Yet ultimately the relationship of inner depth is found within oneself, whole and complete immersion and trust.

Therefore this new beginning is a new start for love of self, as the conjunction happens in Capricorn the key to self love and awareness is through self respect and appropriate boundaries. Initially it may feel tough or hard, especially for others around you that have their own expectations of the relationship with you. However with love and empathy relationships transform that support each others path towards fulfillment.

The new moon in Aquarius on February 8th is super charged with electrical current to catapult us to think different, and once again it is pointing having healthy relationships. Venus, on the day of the new moon, is at the same degree as the previous new moon in Capricorn, which coincidentally, (if coincidence it is) is on the node of Pluto reverberating the theme of Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. New beginnings in relationships, personal and professional, that are founded on core values and include respect and healthy boundaries.

Mars is connected with the Aquarius new moon, pushing one to stop procrastinating, get off the couch, and get things done. This is an action oriented time move beyond thinking and into doing. Granted the Aquarius new moon has a plethora of ideas and concepts, and will serve you well to meditate and allow for an incredible influx of solutions to any complex situation that begs to be resolved. Yet the Mars in Scorpio square the Sun/Moon will act as a restless friend who has run out of patients and pulls at your arm to get a move on.

You may experience this as an inner feeling of not wanting to expend the energy verses knowing nothing will change unless you do something different.

Late Saturday February the 13th Mercury will pass its shadow of its last retrograde. Issues from January find resolutions now.

When the sun slips into Pisces on the 19th and the moon is waxing towards full, emotions run deep. The full moon is exact on the 22nd at 1:20p, (EST) in Virgo. It is a good time to reevaluate how well your spiritual life is balanced with the life that happens to take care of your day to day responsibilities. This full moon incorporates the essence of compassion and service, to self, family, humanity and the world. Make a commitment to do whatever you can, however small or grand that is of service to others and commitment to your souls path towards enlightenment.

The month closes out on the 28th with a Sun Neptune conjunction, a dreamy vibration. What is your perfect life? What would you do? How would it look like? These are a few of the questions that Sun Neptune conjunction considers. A deeper level of Sun and Neptune together in Pisces is the immersion with cosmic consciousness. Mystics who speak of enlightened states of being share an experience of oneness. The sun Neptune in Pisces is a day very conducive to go deep into a mediation experience and emerge with a heart filled with compassion, knowing the interconnectedness of all.


Sending love and light for a beautiful heart filled month.


Venus conjunct Pluto February 5th

New Moon Aquarius February 10th 9:39am 19 degrees

Mercury passes shadow February 13th

Venus enters Aquarius February 16th

Sun enters Pisces February 19th

Full moon Virgo February 22nd

Sun conjunct Neptune February 28th

2015 We step into February with a conjunction between Venus and Neptune in Pisces, along with the asteroids Psyche and Eros, and Mars conjunct Chiron. A wave of clearing out old wounds, especially around lost love or any psychic wounds from a disappointment in not having something in your life that was near and dear to your heart.
The full moon in Leo is on February 3th at 6:09 pm EST. Uranus is with the south node of the moon and square Pluto. Even with the Moon with Jupiter in fun loving playful Leo there continues to be a deep rumbling from the inner core that urges freedom with the undercurrent of Uranus conjunct the south node. Mercury continues its inward journey of rethinking and contemplation until February 11 when it moves direct at 1 degree of Aquarius.

There is a second new moon in Aquarius on the 18th at 29 degrees, just minutes before the Sun and Moon shift into Pisces. This double new moon in Aquarius, the first being at 0 degrees of Aquarius in January, emphasizes the importance to get it right and get it handled around the concerns that Aquarius carries.
What is right for the collective whole? Shifting from the perspective of individual to a collective perspective of taking care of everyone is part of the unfolding. Connecting with friends that allow your own unique characteristics while being supportive is part of this message.

Mars shifts into Aries on the 19th with Venus stepping in right behind Mars on the 20th. While Mars is in Aries, in its ruler ship, chanting to get off the couch and get things done. Venus in Aries is a forceful placement for her. Going after what one wants regardless of the consequences will feel right, and sometimes we need the courage that Venus in Aries brings us to push us outside of our comfort zone to take a chance.

Venus and Mars are conjunct in Aries on the 22nd beginning a new cycle for love and romance. With the new Mars/Venus cycle in Aries, it is a time to set some goals on what you want to go after that you want and love. This will be the first of three Mars Venus conjunctions this year. The first at 1 degree Aries, the second in September at 14 degrees of Leo and the third at 24 degrees of Virgo in November. In essence there are 3 time distinct times from which to focus your intent on what is important to you to have in your life. The first conjunction in Aries will help you get started, and gather courage to take a risk. The second in Leo is to open your heart to give and receive love. The third in Virgo is to take practical steps towards embracing and cultivating what is near and dear to your heart.

The first new moon in Aquarius is at 0 degrees, just a few short hours after the Sun made its yearly entry into the sign. Tomorrow Mercury shifts retrograde in Aquarius and will travel back to the degree of the new moon. What comes into your life today and tomorrow can take a few weeks to unfold.

In fact if you take a few moments to laser point your mental and emotional body to send out a vision for your future, then when Mercury moves direct at the point of this new moon on February 11th it will bring you the insight and knowledge you need to move your vision forward.

We have just experience a Mars/Neptune conjunction, a cycle that occurs about every 2 years. If you are feeling a bit uncertain over your life direction this is understandable with this energy floating around. The purpose is to stay in the possibilities while allowing for the vision to come into focus.
How best to connect with the planetary energies to help you.

1) Settle your mind and connect with universal source.
2) Discover where you feel you belong, and where or why you feel
disconnected- then heal the cords of disconnection
3) Mercury retro in Aquarius is stepping back towards embracing new
4) Find your place of how you can contribute to humanity
5) Feel the resonance that even in individuality all is
6) Read a book that is on the cutting edge of new thinking.
7) Connect with an organization that you can add your contribution.
8) Challenge yourself to try the new and different
9) Immerse yourself in an artistic endeavor from another culture.
10) Cherish your friends.