February Astrology 2024

New Era Begins

Aquarius New Moon


Aquarius New MoonThe Aquarius new moon in February is the first new moon with Pluto in Aquarius in our lifetime. This new moon on the 9th is closely connected with Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprises. The desire to free ourselves from restrictions can suddenly erupt and give us the courage to break away from situations that are not in support of our personal path and expression.

The taste of Pluto in Aquarius last year gave a sense of anticipation, excitement and threats of new technology out pacing our ability to keep up is front and center.

Perhaps the most significant happening is Mars conjunct Pluto in Aquarius on the 14th.  The last time Pluto and Mars met up at 1 degree in the sign of Aquarius was in December of 1779 and they keep connecting every couple of years for the next 20 years. The same is true for the next 20 years for us. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius there were years of social upheaval, new contracts between governments and the people, and industrial revolution.

Pluto MarsPluto Mars is an explosive energy, mars wants to take action and Pluto wants to go deep and go big. In Aquarius it is fueled through ideas and inventions. This is a time to learn something new that supports a future you envision.

Paying attention to your community is vital during this month, who and where do you want to be?

Where do you want to live? And who do you want to be connected to? Seeking a place where you can be yourself of likeminded individuals is super strong this month.

PiscesThe Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th at 11:13pm EST. The Pisces season moves us towards feeling our way through the world. Pisces is a water sign, water does not argue with the boulder in the river being in its way, when water encounters an obstacle it finds the easiest route around it to be on its way. This is a time in our life to examine where can we find answers and solutions that come from unseen places. Our inner intuitive guidance system becomes activated and information is channeled during our dream state and meditative state.

Venus and Mars come together in Aquarius on February 22nd beginning a new cycle for friendships, intellectual pursuits, and creative and innovative life pursuits. This cycle allows us to develop positive social networking and the ability to create community based upon shared ideas. The desire to be with others that have a similar belief system and mindset urges us to consider changing jobs or even where we live to achieve a sense of connectedness and belonging.

The Full moon in Virgo on the 24th has the element of Saturn reminding us to get to the core of what brings emotional fulfillment in our everyday life. The moon in Virgo teaches us to pay attention to our routines and note whether or not they are supportive to our overall wellbeing. There is a compassionate helpful side going on now; a friend in need can reach out for assistance. Venus and Mars are still hanging out together for this full moon and vibrating with every expansive Jupiter urging to take risks in going after that which brings you joy.

The month ends with leap year with the Sun sandwiched in between Saturn and Mercury. The sun symbolizing self-expression is being influenced by Mercury the idea planet and Saturn. This is a great day to study a situation that has perplexed you and find solutions that work.

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