To learn astrology begin by studying your own astrology chart. Fill out the form below and I will send you your chart. In addition if you are completely new to astrology and need an interpretation I will send you a pdf file with some basic definitions of your planets. Also you will be signed up to get a monthly newsletter so you can know how the major shifts and changes taking place will impact you. (unsubscribe at any time easily.) Welcome to the fascinating world of astrology.

I will get back to you as soon as possible, I must create your chart then email it to you. It is one of the easiest astrology charts to read, in the sense that the symbols and the houses are very clear and have a legend.

If you need a chart immediately go to They have a system that is completely computerized whereas I must manually create the chart for you within the software program I use.

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To interpret the chart for romance, money, or work there are articles on what to look for.

To be able to interpret the chart as an astrologer, begin with some helpful hints to interpret your chart and begin to learn astrology and more info on how to read your chart here

Your natal astrology chart will show you the placement of your sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, your ascendant, MC and nodes of the moon (lunar nodes) and more. Notice the degrees of each of your planets and follow along with the monthly astrology newsletter and videos for your sign. When the new moon, full moon, or planetary station happens on the degree of one of your planets that is how you can predict your future. This will be in accordance to the overall natal chart interpretation showing fate and fortune along with knowing the symbols and meanings of the planets aspected and the house that the planet rules.

Once you have your astrology chart there are several articles that will help you learn astrology.

How to read your chart 

Transits in the chart will show you how to know what will happen when.

An inexpensive astrology transit report is an excellent way to understand how the planets influence your life

A more comprehensive How to Learn Astrology

If you are serious student then attending astrology conferences and connecting with groups and organizations are fabulous way to get your feet wet and enjoy fascinating lectures.

Are you looking for a personal astrologer? Read How to find an astrologer, seeking someone that you resonate with and has experience is essential.