This week in the astro weather forecast the star of the show will be the full moon at 29 degrees of Libra and happens on the very last day that the sun is in Aries.

The Full Moon Vibe is all about bringing into the world honesty, harmony, change, and compassion. 

Feeling ready to make changes? Wanting to break free from old patterns that no longer serve you? Wishing for more peace and harmony? Wondering how to make room for more creativity and romance? Desiring to feel not judged but loved and appreciated for who you are?  The help from the universe is shining down this week.

The week begins with the moon in Virgo, known for its desire to have work that is meaningful, health, and routines that serve one’s lifestyle. However the moon is in a Gibbous phase with the Sun and this is about fun and expressing the joyful and playful side of life. Finding time for laughter in the midst of getting your work done is the key early week.

Mercury moves into Aries on Wednesday and a more direct approach in communication is welcomed. The full moon is officially Friday the 19th at 7:12 am EDT although the intensity is felt from Thursday through Sunday. The Moon enters Scorpio on Friday and stays in Scorpio increasing our emotional depth and intuition until Sunday at 12 pm EDT. The desire to share with the people you love and trust is strong while insights reveal the true motivation behind what moves you.

Saturday the 20th the Sun moves into Taurus and Venus moves into Aries. With the Sun in Taurus the desire to slow down and relax is strong but with Venus in Aries the willingness to take a risk for what you want rises to the surface and you can find yourself deciding to make changes that have been brewing for some time.

If your birthday happens to be on the full moon this year, then your solar return energy, (the theme for your birthday year) will include the planetary vibrations of making room for fun in your life, seeking balance between personal time and time spent with those you love, developing your creative and intuitive side, having more compassion for self and the foibles of being human.