The full Moon in Aries Profound Times of Change

What do you want? What do others want from you? Where do you compromise with others because the fight isn’t worth the battle? Under which circumstances do you need to draw the line and argue for what is best for you?

These are a few of the questions and concerns that this full moon in Aries brings up.

Rainbow Peace LibraThe sun in Libra, moon in Aries is configured with several planets making this a complicated energy.  The full moon is connected with Pluto, the planet of intense change, and Neptune, the planet of compassion.

Understanding the complexities and what the message is from this time requires us to explore what it takes to walk a tight rope where one foot is placed on the rope firmly from free will and the other is guided by fate.

The line between fate and free is a blurry one and this time is no exception. Understanding that forces that are beyond our individual self is at work during this full moon. Pluto and Neptune connected to the lights, which are the sun and moon, reminds us that in order to not suffer, being with what is- is the way out of suffering.  And with the ability to be with what is, will bring the empowerment that Pluto promises and the intuition and inner peace that Neptune offers.

This can be a very good time to talk things through as Mercury is with the sun opposite the Moon.  Mercury in Libra wants to speak with kind words but opposite the Moon in Aries your intention of what you want to say and how somebody responds to it can be two different things. However since Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception, which means they can help each other out, getting to the bottom of differences is available now.

Mars and Venus Conjunct in Virgo

together puppy dog cat love harmony sleep caringThe new cycle between Mars and Venus starts on this full moon. It is a time when you can push the reset button on relationships for them to work better together, especially in every day matters of getting along and sharing the responsibilities of life’s practicalities. It is also a good time to find a study buddy, or relationships that is mutually beneficial, romantically or business wise. This new phase between Mars and Venus in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius, this means that it is important to know how you want to define the relationship, the little things that are important and be mindful of not falling into a pit of negative criticism. This full moon in Aries can bring to the surface all the little annoyances that irritate you in regards to other people. This is not only about your significant other but also with people you work with, friends and family members.

The full moon in Aries will enable one to remember to use free will to walk away from situations or people that are harmful to your well-being, and to see that fate brings people and circumstances into life. The balance and harmony sought now will come from your inner wisdom that knows when to take action and when to be still.