The moon is full and is in the sign of Cancer on January 17th

The moon in Cancer in January is traditionally called the Wolf moon, the howling of the wolf against the cold moon lit night.

This year we all may feel a bit of the wolf energy within, howling against the night sky, as this moon is connected to Pluto, the planet aligned with deep desire to seek understanding especially in matters that are out of our hands.

The image of the lone wolf, howling, speaking, communicating with the goddess of the moon, requesting support for all things within the domain of Cancer: to be safe, to be nurtured, to be understood, to be cared for.

This is a time where we can reassess the basic necessities of life; do we feel protected from the elements of the outside worldly influences? What can we let go of and have enough time, energy, and resources to take care of what is most important?

The full moon in Cancer is a yearly occurrence that pulls us to reconsider the balance, or lack of it, that we have between our professional life and our personal life. It helps us distinguish the difference between what we want and what we need. It is a time to determine what is most important to focus on so at the end of the day we know all is well and life is good.

Uranus, the great awakener, is about to move direct shaking the ground beneath our feet. It brings a knowing that change is underway whether we are ready for it or not. Venus is still retrograde about to be in a harmonious pattern with Uranus, ideas, thoughts, and inner aha moments will arise that bring clarity to the questions that stir within during the full moon phase.

astrology 2021 december solstice new pathThe north node of the moon, think- point of destiny or where we are collectively moving towards, is at the very end of Gemini. The north node in Gemini is completing its 18 month cycle, not to return back to Gemini for 18 years. The next new moon, in Aquarius, will inaugurate the north node in Taurus for its 18 month sojourn. What this means is this is the last full moon which the universe is pointing to Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) to lead us to the future we seek. With Mercury being retrograde in Aquarius it is suggesting that the answers to fulfillment are found by going back over information that you sought before. Yet it is information of a brainiac sort, concepts that are a bit ahead of their time and are seen, known, and understood from outside of an old or even currently accepted way of thinking or living life.

There is a continuing essence of breaking free and going in a new direction. Yet at the same time being able to bring into your future all that has been positive and good from the past while letting go of what no longer serves you.

With love, light, and gratitude,