Leo Full Moon February 9 2020

This is a wild Leo full moon that is a reminder to open your heart and allow for time for fun friends, generosity, and the appreciation of the simple pleasures in life that bring joy.

The February 9th full moon with the Sun in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo is a yearly reminder to listen to your heart center. Sure, it can be about loving your sweetheart and your friends, however underneath it is self-love. And this year the universe has an extra dose of elixir to help understand how important healing the heart will be for embracing the path you were meant to walk.


The full moon is in fun loving Leo at 20 degrees. With the exception of the Sun and Moon being opposite each other, the Sun is not making any other connection to planets. This configuration brings a burst of exuberance to remove the restrictions of external obligations except to the Moon who in Leo says live life to its fullest and enjoy life. This is an excellent weekend to for parties, connecting with friends, or simply to take time off to enjoy whatever it is in your world that you love to do. Ecstatic gatherings, dancing and chanting, sufi dancing, drum circles, sweat lodges, any conscious gatherings  creates a collective energy that raises the vibrations for the planet.

Leo Full Moon February Healing Heart Wounds

What makes this Leo full moon exceptionally prominent this year is Venus is in Aries next to Chiron in Aries. This combination is a volatile combination that rips off a Band-Aid that was covering up scars left from past programming that has left you wounded or feeling incapable in some way.  Venus, along with the moon, has the purpose of bringing of bringing pleasure and contentment into our lives.  Yet with the Venus Chiron conjunction in Aries relationships that diminish the core of who you are, whether romantic, family, or in the work place will not be tolerated.

healing white light

Any type of put downs, shaming, bullying, or harassing will be seen for what it is and be challenged. This will be the beginning of a larger trend where individuals will be fleeing old school management style corporations and moving towards companies with progressive thoughts, environmental consciousness, and deeper respect for individuality and personal time. 

What Is The Leo Full Moon About?  

The main message for this Leo Full Moon?  Get in touch with the playful inner kid within that is full of love and reactivate that vibrational rate. If you want to go deeper go into a relaxed state and regress in time to the age you were when  you naturally had love for humanity and embodied joy in the moment. Slowly progress in the time line until you were shut down, and see who, what, why it happened, then imagine a different scenery as  you  feel your emotional body heal. Continue to move up in the time line whole and filled with love and joy until you reach the age you are now.


This full moon is bringing the possibility of reconnecting with that part of ourselves that is a pure expression of love and authenticity.


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