Full Moon in Libra Astrology Forecast March 2018

Libra Full Moon-Loving self and others


aster island sunriseOur weekend will be filled with the strong vibration of the full moon shining in Libra, the sign that wants peace, harmony, justice, fairness, loving and kind relationships.  March ends with a full moon, as if the trumpets are announcing April with fanfare. Pay attention is the message; pay attention to what you need to do for yourself and what is just and fair for others in your life.

Seeking out where you have or don’t have peace and harmony in your life is part of the quest. The duality is between Aries, needing to follow ones own path, and whether or not relationships in your life support your path or take away from it is present.

There is an underlying tension occurring with Saturn, (the planet of slow down and figure out what might be a problem, then plan for it) is connected with this Libra full moon. Saturn is in its rulership in Capricorn, quite strong and able to function well. If you listen to your inner voice during this time you will receive guidance on just what is required for you to accomplish whatever it is you want. Mars is also in Capricorn, in its exaltation, (a strong placement where it can do its thing) alongside Saturn. This is a new cycle of doing with intention.

Even though the full moon phase is not a time traditionally to set intentions, rather a time to see and reflect, when planets conjoin, (like a new moon) as Mars and Saturn are doing it is a time to set forth your intention for anything that is helpful to have discipline and motivation for. (Healthy habits perhaps? Saving money for that special trip? Morning meditation anyone?) The conjunction of Saturn and Mars happens to be on a fixed star, Facies, which has a bad reputation of ruthlessness. Granted this may bring violent attacks on innocent victims someplace on the planet. However I like to interpret the ruthlessness for our individual benefit with ruthless determination to put into life a new routine that in the long run will be very helpful. Think of it this way, you want to get to the morning yoga class that will require you to get up earlier, and you are sleeping so comfy when the alarm goes off. The perpetrator will be that ruthless voice within that tells you to get your ass out of bed and go to class.

Venus has entered into her home territory of Taurus. She loves being in Taurus, it is her Queendom. This will lend an attitude if I want it I deserve it and I will have it. Why not? She Venus in Taurusreminds us to appreciate life and the offerings that the planet has. A stroll in the park, a yummy meal, an outfit that looks great on you, a splurge on a massage, just because it feels good. Perhaps Venus in Taurus most of all demands a healthy relationship that can show you, in tangible ways, about love and being loved.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is hanging out with the Sun; ideas and inspiration can come very quickly, keep a notepad handy to jot them down as they can zoom by so fast you can be left with “what was that brilliant idea I just had?”   Granted, Mercury in Aries can be a sharp tongue so  wield the sword of words carefully or you just might cut down a perfectly good relationship over a callous remark.

On the other hand, if you are by nature shy and reluctant to speak your mind this vibe will encourage you to tell others your position and set boundaries that might have been good to clarify a long time ago.



Full Moon LibraThere is a harmonious aspect between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto want to do something BIG. Coupled with the new phase of Mars and Saturn, this reflects a dynamite time to get back in touch with what touches you deeply. What has moved you that were you have said, “ I wish I could make a difference” ? What inspires you enough that when you are doing it all sense of time and other obligations fall to the background? When planets are in a harmonious aspect to each other it is a time to catch the wave and ride the current. Revisit what you are passionate about and you just might find the joy of intensity that fulfills that part of you that rises up and says YES! “I was waiting for you to recognize me.”


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