Gemini 2020 Astrology Forecast



Hi Gemini, 2020 is a sweet and fun year for you as Venus will be retrograde, and thus spending 4 months in your sign, from early April until the first week in August. She usually jogs through each sign in a short 3-4 weeks so take it in that you will be looking and feeling good this year.

Career and Life Desires:

No doubt about it, with Venus spending a third of the year dancing back and forth over your sun luck seems to be on your side. It is more about being flexible and open to different possibilities that a determined headstrong force to make something happen. Getting to the core of the various pieces of life’s puzzle that make you happy is essential. Once you see all the pieces in front of you then you will know exactly how they fit together and which job will be most fulfilling.

Love and Romance:

It is pretty obvious that with Venus in your sign, retrograde or not, for four months this will be a very romantic year for you. Granted, you might have second thoughts about the person you are with, the grass is greener syndrome. Spicing up your life is the ticket. Having time to spend on other interest will make your love life more interesting. If you are not in a relationship and want one, then the April- August time is very strong to meet someone that can be an important person going forward. Take your time to get to know how they think, otherwise the retrograde can turn into a classic, changed one’s mind and no longer interested scenario.


Friendships and Connections:

Sweet connections are yours for the asking this year with Venus in Gemini for 4 months. However even more stunning is Mars, the planet of action, will also be retrograde spending 6 months hanging out in your house of friendships. This is all about making the effort to connect with others. You may find that it being the assertive one at events and parties will be the key to opening up discussions that lead to connections. With the retrograde passage, friends from different times and places seem to find their way back to you.

Travel and Education:  

Saturn dips into your sister air sign of Aquarius in late March and will spend a few months giving you a teaser for more travel and learning to come in 2021. 2020 can bring a vacation that lights your passion for travel and with promises to self that you will find a way to have more in the years ahead. New and different ways of doing things present themselves and you end up teaching others how to save time with a few short cuts you learn.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

Mars is the natural ruler of your house of health, and Mars being in Aries, its rulership, for 6 months and retrograde in your house of friendships, having a pal to keep you accountable for a health routine is in your best interest. Since Neptune, the planet of day dreaming and lack of energy has been square Gemini for quite some time, you may find that 2020 is a year to overcome indecision and focus more energy on keeping your flame and will strong. In addition the transition of the north node of the moon in Mid-May switch from being in Cancer to your sign Gemini. This is another push to look and feel you best which gives you the fortitude to go after what you want.

Finances and Fortune:

The eclipses have been bouncing back and forth between your money houses, the second and the eighth and still have a bit of emphasis reminding you to take care of your financial world. The good news is Jupiter will be in Capricorn nearly the whole year cruising through your eighth house of other people’s money, loans, inheritances, and basically how others can bring you fortune. If you need a loan this is a good omen, although the Gemini in you will want sufficient expendable income for spur of the moment opportunities of fun and adventure.