Gemini Lunar Full Moon Eclipse

Life is a mystery and it is time for fun and games so says the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini. New perspectives on life and situations emerge as we enter into the last month of the year.  Gemini full moon wisdom: we are only visitors traveling through time and space for a short time; make the most of it. Life is a game and do your best to learn how to play it.


gemini full moonThe full moon is connected once again to the maverick unpredictable planet Uranus. This connection is off kilter and wobbly. Plans that you thought were set in stone aren’t and adjust to changing circumstances. Ideas and opinions surround us as if we were caught in the middle of a swamp swatting incessant mosquitos. Don’t let the irritation ruin the fun. Gemini time is when we learn to banter back and forth for mental stimulation.


Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Covid fatigue is combatted with the lively Gemini eclipse. Many opportunities present themselves for an interesting line up of what you want to learn or engage in for the next 6 months (when the next set of Gemini eclipses comes around).

The last new moon in Scorpio Venus was bound up with heavy serious planets of Pluto and Saturn. The eclipse she is with Uranus- enough of controlling worry vibe over life, time to get not take it so serious and bring in lighter connections w/o heavy expectations.


As much as the Lunar Gemini full moon eclipse is pulling us to get out of any muck and stuck we might be in, she is working hard against other planetary patterns. In the midpoint structures (halfway points between planets) we have Saturn and Neptune bothering the Sun and Moon. Saturn Neptune when they get together can be bummers. Saturn points out what we can’t do, and Neptune brings the woe is me why not vibe. Of course the high side of this energy is to put form and structure (read make time for) positive Neptune attributes, using your imagination and creativity to envision learning, adventures, travel, and fun.


Saturn is also at the midpoint between Venus and Mars, what we want and what we are willing to do to get what we want. Saturn points out the effort that is needed. This can be a good vibe if you have commitments to a desire or goal that requires discipline to get off the ground.

Full Moon Meditation Contemplation


Catch the wave of the full moon energy by:

  1. Watch comedy or laugh out loud show.
  2. Choose 2-3 new topics to read and learn about.
  3. Stock up on winter reading books.
  4. Reach out to friends you haven’t heard from for a while.
  5. Make plans for day trips.
  6. Have a good debate w/o emotional attachment.
  7. Learn what more your phone and computer can do for you.
  8. Get a 2021 calendar and jot down ideas for next year.
  9. Master the mind chatter and open to universal wisdom.

mind chatter